Podcast Episode 4: As the Worm Turns

Another great show for you tonight.  Episode 4: As the Worm Turns goes all over the map to bring you the hottest stories from the political, societal, and cultural corners of life and then explains them all.  Take a look at some of the topics we hit tonight.

Now it's a party!

Now it’s a party!


Kim Jong Un gets nukes and now a visit from The Worm. Un tells Dennis Rodman to pass Obama his digits and have BO call him, maybe.





Senator Rand Paul (R) Kentucky

Senator Rand Paul (R) Kentucky

Paul gets randy

Rand Paul starts a filibuster 7 hours before we recorded this podcast.  He went 13 hours.  He didn’t read phone books folks.  Paul talked Presidents’ drone program policy for 13 hours. Even at 13 hours of standing and talking he was 5 hours shy of the top five filibuster times.

Better luck next time bro.




Jean Luc Picard - greatest of all time? (yes)

Jean Luc Picard – greatest of all time? (yes)

President he is.  Sci-fi geek he is not.

President crosses streams between Star Wars and Star Trek.  Jean Luc weighs in.

Is the President a Vulcan or a Jedi?  We report, you decide.








Nightmare on Pintail Rd?

Hupp sees a phantom in his dreams – Guess which one





These stories and more in tonight’s Podcast.

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