The United States of the Offended. (Victoria’s secret and racist lingerie)

A slight diversion from the usual political post.

So, Victoria’s Secret released some photos of their upcoming show that included one of their models in mismatched Native American garb. Native Appropriations, a Native American blog, posts about how offended they are.  Victoria’s secret offers an apology and withdraws, the, uh, get-up (check it out here).

I’m not out to offend anyone, but really? You’re going to list every corn meal can with an image of a Native American as offensive to you?

Here’s a clue. Victoria’s Secret is about LINGERIE. Lingerie, dude. One of the photographs had a picture of a young lady in lingerie in angel’s wings (an oft-repeated theme). As an American male, I’m offended, because I don’t want to be thinking of angels when I’m looking at young, emaciated women in lingerie.

Here’s a statement from the blog.  “Besides the daily harm of these ongoing microaggressions for Native folks, the sexualization of Native women continues to be an ignored and continuing epidemic.”

Wow. Good luck with that. Daily harm? A women in a headdress in a LINGERIE show is causing daily harm in the Native American community? Where is your head at, dude? Unfortunately I think I have an idea. You know, instead of spending your time and energy complaining about a headdress in a LINGERIE show, maybe you could be spending some time and effort working on real problems in the Native American community, like unemployment and rampant alcoholism. I’m sensitive to the plight of Native Americans, not sensitive to misplaced bitterness about silly stereotypes in a lingerie show.

My mother, her lovely 89 year-old self, loves to read romance novels. Her particular novels of choice always involve Native Americans. I don’t read them, I just look at the covers, and there’s always a half- naked Native American, looking buff. I’ve asked my mom about it, and basically, she’s says that’s her fantasy. I don’t ask for any more details. She’s my mom and she just turned 89, today actually. Happy birthday mom. Just wonder if mister blogger would be offended. I think the Victoria’s secret model was on one of the covers.

Anyway, it’s the United States of America. Among other things, you have the right to be offended. Get over yourselves. So few understand the ramifications of free speech. I thought Larry Flint solved all this? Gross miss-characterizations can be offensive. You will be offended. You also have the right to voice your opinions, no matter how ignorant they are.  Hey Francis, how many movies portray the Italians in a negative light? I’ve never heard you complain, paisan. (I’m sure I spelled that wrong).  Or Leprechauns. That’s offensive to the Irish. You know who you are.

America baby. We’ve all got the right to be offended. Get over yourself, start dealing with things that really matter, and understand in a free speech society, we’re all going to be offended once in a while. You can’t eliminate all characterizations in society and think it will make it ok.

Anyone see where I put my white Russian? Game’s coming on soon.