Podcast Episode 5: To iTunes and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!

Lot’s to talk about this week but first some new business and a big announcement!

We are on iTunes.

Yeah!  That just happened!

Go to iTunes and search for unfiltered and unfettered and you will see our new logo. Click the show and enjoy.

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Oh yeah we have a new logo.  Tony redesigned the site for a more grown up look.  Tell us what you think in the comment section below or the show’s email: theunmail@yahoo.com

Ok on to tonight’s show.  Some great topics, here’s the tease.


I'll have an L8 and a side of wontons.

I’ll have an L8 and a side of wontons.

Kim Jong Un: Premature Retaliation?!?

Threatening to preemptively nuke the U.S., DoD Secretary Hagle responds by ramping up missel defenses in Alaska and on west coast.





Fun at parties plus he knows how to make falafel.

Fun at parties plus he knows how to make falafel.

Hamid ‘crazy legs’ Karzi

Not sure if he’s vouge-ing or harlem shaking here, but the Afghan President’s accusations of a U.S./ Taliban alliance are off the hook.




Bros before...well you know the rest.

Bros before…well you know the rest.

Bushwacker! Going for the Trifecta?

Jeb makes the UN UF 2016 Big Board, but can he make the big leap from the Florida State House to the White House?

We report, you decide.




All this, plus a new bit where Tony once again tries to reveal my meager knowledge of all things cool and hip.

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