UF/UF 248: Mars Attacks

A very unsettling UF/UF program for you tonight.  A handful of Navy pilots and some other officials reported seeing Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs the other day. Some of the pilots went as far as to say the movements made by these objects could not have been performed by human pilots.

Is this the beginning of the end? Will aliens beat the animals or AI in the race to destroy humanity?  Who knows. But click the link and we’ll give you our two galactic credits worth.

UF/UF 248: Mars Attacks



Mars Attacks

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UF/UF 154: UFOs, Wire Taps, and Ashley Judd.

We’ve got it all this time folks. Mysterious vacation cloud formations chase Hupp back to Tennessee. Mysterious wire taps chase Pres Spokesman Spicer from the podium, and mysterious threats chase Ashley Judd from a selfie. Gettin crazy here people. Click and we’ll explain.

UF/UF 154: UFOs, Wire Taps, and Ashley Judd.

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Moons over Miami? We report, you decide!