Pitching or Catching? It shouldn’t be on my dime…


You should pick one before you get here.

Bradley Manning was convicted in July on 22 counts against him, among which was violation of the U.S. espionage act, and was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Now he wants to become a woman. Named Chelsea.

Unfortunately there is some legal precedence for treating prisoners with Gender Identity Disorder (GID).

In 1990, Robert Kosilek strangled his wife. He was convicted to life in prison in 1993. In 2012, a federal district court held that prison officials had violated the eighth amendment by refusing to provide gender reassignment surgery, thereby causing “cruel and unusual punishment.” That’s what the court concluded, you can read it below. Part of the issue was that he’d tried to commit suicide twice, and also tried to hack off his junk.  Trying to hack of your junk has consequences, possibly similar to the ones you inflicted on your murdered wife.  He murdered his wife, Cheryl, and left behind his 15-year old son, Timothy. I linked below that GLAD (Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders) came out in defense of convicted murderer Robert (wanting to be Michelle) because we wouldn’t want him to have any discomfort serving his life sentence.  This is part of your agenda? Then you suck. I’ve linked to a few of the significant articles below, if you’re interested.

It’s a long, tedious, ridiculous legal argument, in my opinion.  In the trial, GID was actually described as a “medical condition,” as if we could compare it to appendicitis. Anyway, Kosilek denied his wife the right to live as a woman, and then wanted the same right for him self. Maybe you should have thought of that before you strangled her with a wire. And, as if it’s not ridiculous enough, you can click on the link below about going back to court to get electrolysis to get rid of facial and chest hair. Here’s a tip, you’re ugly as a women, and I don’t think it will help (I didn’t post a picture because I didn’t want his face on the blog). (excuse me, her face, or… well, you know). I’ve heard that prison has its share of guys that are used to having sex with individuals with facial and chest hair.

So, back to Manning. I don’t know anything more about this than what we’ve probably all read in the news.  Without going into any of the potentially endless arguments about what he did, I say again, you should’ve thought about this before you committed the offenses. Maybe even before you got into the Army. Because now, somehow this is going to become everyone else’s problem? Something everyone else has to pay for?

In what’s becoming our increasingly insane, twisted world, here’s my unscholarly take. The transgendered issue is nothing new. If you’re a man and want to live as a woman, ok. However, in these cases, these men committed their crimes as men; they should serve their punishments as men.  As soon as you get out, you then have the freedom to do what you like.


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