UF/UF 275: Lighten Up Francis

It was a banner week if your name was Francis.  I’ve almost made it back from the dead or “The Flu” as they call it down here. The Nobel Prize winner in science, Frances Arnold, could not replicate her conclusions and retracted her paper, Pope Francis 1st smacked an old lady, and Francis Moore was finally honored for his role in the actual Tea Party some 250 years ago.

So it appears only the dead guy named Francis had a decent week.

That’s a lot of F*&kin Francis’ in one podcast.  Go slow, breathe deep, and we’ll talk you through it.

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UF/UF 275: Lighten Up Francis




Say what you want but Pope Francis is using the force!

The IRS Has Fudge Leaking From Their Mouth


Your IRS hard at work


When my sons were younger we used to go to my sisters for Thanksgiving. Now, my sister would make some ass-kicking fudge for Thanksgiving. We looked forward to it. Aunt Kimmie’s fudge. Oh yeah.

So, this particular year, Josh, my oldest, about 3-4, talking pretty well, and we go to Aunt Kimmies. Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, we’re sitting in the living room watching TV, and Josh is missing. His Mom calls out for him, “Joshua, where are you?” So Josh comes walking into the living room, little pretty toe-head, and his checks are bulging. BULGING. His Mom asks him “Josh, have you been into the fudge?” He shakes his head “no” and murmurs “nuh-uh” without parting his lips. Meanwhile, fudge is starting to leak from the corners of his mouth. As we start to cover our mouths from laughing, his Mom says “Are you sure?” He shakes his head “yes,” murmurs “yuh-huh” while chocolate fudge is starting to stream from the corners of his mouth. His mom got up to take care of it and I rolled of the couch in full hysterical laughter, one of those situations where the comedy rolls over any discipline required.

So let’s just be clear, because it seems no one knows this. (Perhaps it’s because the media’s not reporting it?) There’s no question the IRS targeted conservative groups. If you’re not aware, read the Inspector General for Tax Administration Report” linked here. It’s not a debate, it happened. I’m still amazed how many people don’t know this. To me, that fact should make this issue non-political. The most powerful bureaucracy in the United States targeted groups based on political affiliation. Politicians, regardless of their side, should be willing to find out what happened in support of the American people. That ain’t happening. And if you don’t care about that simply because you belong in the other group, you’re an idiot with no clear idea about the United States. Stop reading and go back to your idiot life.

So, I watched CNN this morning to see how long it would take for them to mention the Senate hearings on the IRS scandal. After 45 minutes I had to stop and go to work. You know, pay taxes.

So I looked on their website to see if I could read about it. The only article they had was an editorial titled “Top IRS official beats back Republican barrage.” The IRS is cheating and lying, and CNN calls it a Republican barrage. Oh my God.

So, now the questions are; who did what? Who knew about it? How high did it go?

Well, the IRS has fudge leaking from their mouth. While they shake their head “no” fudge is pouring from the corners. Lerner takes the fifth, twice.

Ok, she can take the fifth, let’s just get her e-mail. When e-mails are requested, they gasp and say, “nuh-uh,” they’re gone. Oh, you’re naughty, you’ve got fudge streaming down your face.

Do you believe this? Are you ok with the IRS lying about what they’re doing? If you are you should be ashamed of yourself. Wrong is wrong, there comes a time when politics has to play backseat. Nixon had to go.

During Senate testimony, David Ferriero, Archivist of the U.S., said when pressed of the IRS “”They did not follow the law.” Which, to most people, means “They broke the law.”

In case you didn’t watch any of the Senate hearings, which I did, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen acted like a smarmy idiot who had no intention of answering any questions honestly. He told the committee “All the emails we have will be provided. I did not say I would provide you emails that disappeared. If you have a magical way for me to do that I’d be happy to know about it.” He added, “I never said I would provide you emails we didn’t have.”

In other words, he’s saying I’m not going to mention emails that have disappeared, these are the only ones we have. Apparently Koskinen went to the Clinton school of testimony. He’s a liar. He needed taken out, slapped around by the Macho Man, (RIP) and be told to go back in and try to tell the truth. You’ve got fudge running down your face, John. You’re a public servant, you ass. The IRS is supposed to be apolitical. This is about taxes and you’ve shown no effort to show any accountability. None. Unbelievable. (Koskinen, in case you’re wondering, is a Democrat who’s made huge donations to the Democratic party. I’m not sure whether you needed me to say that, but there it is).

Are you tracking with this? I’m not a lawyer, but I know liars when I see them.

The media, and Obama supporters, better wise up. This can’t stand. Fix it before it turns on you.

Regardless of your politics, the IRS is lying to us. One of the worst organizations that could lie to us, is lying to us.







Podcast Season 2 Episode 50: Down goes Cantor! Down goes Cantor!

Whoa nelly, take me home! I know enough to know I have seen too much!

Republican Majority Leader in the House of Representatives Eric Cantor loses his primary election against Republican Tea Party challenger David Brat. Yeah you read that right. The most powerful Republican in the House will no longer be in the House, no longer be the Majority Leader after getting pounded by an economics professor from Randolph-Macon College in Ashland Virginia.

The effects of this are yet to be seen. Is this the start of a run on establishment Republicans by the Tea Party? Has the Tea Party come back from the dead? Were they ever dead to begin with? Is this just another battle in the civil war raging inside the Republican Party? Is this good or bad for Republicans, Congress, the country? We’ll talk, you listen, then make up your own mind.

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 50: Down goes Cantor! Down goes Cantor!

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On to the tease…

Do you know this man?

Do you know this man?

David Brat orders a De-Cantor 

Nobody from nowhere that no one saw coming beats top House Republican. Sounds like Mr. Smith goes to Washington right? Has to be a movie script right? Wrong. David Brat, school teacher, spender of no money, takes down Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader in congress. Cantor’s internal polling people had him up by 34%. Cantor lost by 11%. Do the math, don’t do the math, that’s huge suckage on an epic scale.


Wasn't me bro!

Wasn’t me bro!

Hagel takes the Hill…

…alone. All alone. DoD Secretary Chuck Hagel testifies in congress over the Bergdahl incident. As we’ve seen over and over, the Administration is lacking in what you would call full throated support of one of it’s cabinet members. Hagel is not going down alone though. He made it clear who was calling the final shots and it wasn’t him.


Here we go again.

Here we go again.

Turn out the lights. The party is ….over?

Apparently not. The reports of the Tea Party demise was greatly exaggerated it seems. After not winning one primary election in early April, they win a big one last night. Taking down the Majority Leader was a big surprise, but really how much did the Tea Party have to do with that? They’re taking credit but Brat’s not crediting them very much. This story within the story may have legs. Stay tuned.


All that plus a second rendition of our new segment “Oh No You Didn’t!” Click the link and find out what the 50th episode of a podcast sounds like.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 50: Down goes Cantor! Down goes Cantor!

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Podcast Episode 27: Habemus a Budgeteum!

Release the white smoke! Habemus Budgeteum! We have a budget! Plus we have a podcast; episode 27 to be exact. You want to hear what we have to say, then follow instructions.

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Episode 27: Habemus a budgeteum!

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On to the tease…

Kiss the Ring!

Kiss the Ring!

Homo ex annum

Yeah the literal translation doesn’t work so well. No matter. My namesake, Pope Francis 1st, is Time’s Man of the Year for 2013. From the ridiculous rouges gallery of finalists including Syria’s Assad and Edward Snowden, who did you think it would be. This guy sneaks out in the middle of the night, shakes his security detail, all to feed the poor in the streets. Are you kidding me!





Lookin good Helen!

Clearly these three are a threat to freedom.

Praesidis sui photos

Latin makes anything look good, well except man of the year. But it does wonders for phrases like Presidential Selfies. Fox news goes batcrap crazy over a selfie pic by Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt, British PM Cameron and our President, taken during Mandella’s memorial. No matter that Madiba’s legacy was trying to bring people and cultures together. Fox spends day and a half of coverage bemoaning the President’s actions. Dopes.



This handshake deemed Ryan unclean.

This handshake deemed Ryan unclean.

Habemus a budgeteum!

We have a budget! Paul Ryan and Patty Murray finally get a budget hammered out. 1st one in the history of this administration. Problem – Ryan is an R, Murray is a D. The conservative criticism led by Hannity and Limbaugh was fast a furious. The bill passed the house in overwhelming numbers. Ryan missed it all though. He had to hustle back to Wisconsin to prepare for the primary challenge he’ll face from the Tea Party wing of the his own party.


All this and a bunch more on tonight’s episode of UNfiltered & UNfettered – The world explained, by us.

Episode 27: Habemus a budgeteum!

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Podcast Episode 21: A tangled web.

“O, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott had no idea he was talking about Obamacare, but he nailed it.

Tonight we breakdown all things healthcare.gov.

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Episode 21: A Tangled Web:

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Can Obama escape the web of his own doing?

Can Obama escape the web of his own doing?

Web Slinger’s Delight

Intentional or not, the disaster that is the health care web site has a lot of people asking if the President knew how bad things were before the roll out of Obamacare. If he did not, then why not? If he did, why not delay?




Who has two thumbs and is an old douche...

Who has two thumbs and is an old douche… We report, you decide!

Father of the Frankenstein? 

Karl Rove and John McCain have been on the offensive AGAINST the Tea Party lately. But does the guy who spiraled up the tea party that gave us Christine O’Donnell and the guy who almost made Sarah Palin Vice President have a right to attack the very thing they asked for?



Good for some - not so good for others.

Good for some – not so good for others.

Shutdown Splashdown

The Government shutdown probably won’t effect the 2016 Presidential race, but 2014 Senate seats and 2013 Governor races are definitely in play. Find out who wins and who loses in our new segment Rising and Falling.





All this and more on episode 21 of UF/UF. Don’t miss it!

Podcast Episode 21: A Tangled Web:

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Harry Reid vs. the Anarchists


Those damn anarchists

So, Harry Reid called members of the Tea Party “Tea Party Anarchists”  and said, “Obamacare has been the law for four years. Why don’t they get a life and talk about something else?”

Harry, are you talking about the bill that your colleague said “we have to pass so we can know what’s in it?”

Are you talking about the bill in which this administration has missed half of its own legally imposed implementation deadlines?

Are you talking about the bill that, according to a Rasmussen poll, 50% of the people disagree with and oppose the individual mandate? You mean that bill?

Please tell me you’re not talking about that bill, because if you are, anyone that picks up a newspaper would think you’re an idiot.

In his speech, he talked about the middle class “turning on the news to see elected officials playing silly games.”  Yes Harry, you’re talking about yourself.  He went on to say that the “Tea Party anarchists” basically “don’t represent anyone, but have the ability to stop us from doing anything.” If they’re so insignificant how could that be?

Harry Reid is the senior U.S. Senator from Nevada. He has been the Senate majority leader since January 2007. Previously he was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. So here’s a lesson, Harry, those Tea Party Anarchists are engaging in a process called Democracy. Apparently, you only bitch about it when it doesn’t work in your favor. That’s not nice, Harry.

And, if you are unable to get anything done, perhaps it’s because you’re bad at your job. Or, perhaps it’s because you continue to support a piece of bad legislation strictly on party lines, without regard for the people you say you represent.

There are a lot of things that give me faith in America. The fact that Harry Reid keeps getting re-elected isn’t one of them.

Do us a favor and retire Harry. Maybe you could get your friend Nancy to retire and you two could hang out. Whatever, just get of the way. Get some sun for goodness sake. Cause, damn, dude.


Retire Harry. Take it easy. Get a makeover for goodness sake.


Unpublished CRS Memo: Obama Administration Has Missed Half Of Obamacare’s Legally Imposed Implementation Deadlines


Rasmussen poll


Cliff diving II: What happens when you hit the water or While you were drinking….

Nothing good ever  happens after mid-night.  I think that’s how the saying goes.  Don’t know who said it, don’t really care.  That person might be wrong in this case.

This is not necessarily a response to Hupp’s Cliff Diving piece as much as it is a follow on. Hupp used a fancy picture of a cliff diver, ironically in mid dive.  He had left the cliff but not yet hit the water.  Knowing Hupp, this was most likely on purpose.  Cause guess what, the diver still hasn’t hit the water.  In fact he really hasn’t moved much from his current position.  He has no clue what awaits his finely quaffed gourd once he breaks the surface of the beautiful blue water.  Here he is again.

What's under the water? "I dunno let's just jump!"

What’s under the water? “I dunno let’s just jump!”

The choice to jump is/was tempting.  Much like a baptist minister when he talks about the beauty of sin.  If sin was ugly and we saw how it really looks, we wouldn’t be tempted by it.  It has to look inviting or we wouldn’t do it.  Well that water must look pretty damn inviting for us to leave the safety of the cliff.

And left we have.  At 2:00am on December 31st 2012, yeah 12 short hours ago, the Senate passed, by an 89 to 9 vote, the fiscal cliff deal designed to avoid the extreme tax and spending cut measures that would hurtle our economy back to the stone age.  At least that’s what the pundits are saying.  Did the stone age have an economy?  The deal to avoid the cliff was conjured by that wizard Mitch McConnell (R) KY and Crazy Uncle Joe (VP) planet Krypton.  But in essence we still jumped.

Want to see what’s under thew water, really?  Click the link.  Go ahead.  I dare you.   I’ll even break the eternal school yard bro code etiquette and go to the dreaded triple dog dare.

Read the deal here.  Look out below! 

We’re not done yet.

While the Senate passed it just about unanimously, we’ll talk about the 9 dissenters in a minute, the House will be a tougher sell.  Congressmen and Women answer directly to people, unlike Senators.  They have a distinct district where people have direct access. That equals consequences at the polls on election day.  Don’t be fooled, even republican politicians, who run their cake hole about smaller government, still want to be part of that government.

So the House convenes at noon today.  Like the Senate vote the House vote will be on C-Span.  But the vote might not be until late in the evening, possibly between the 7 and 9 o’clock hours.  We’ll see hoe the House folks do with a full day of work.  I was surprised at how engaged and energetic those old white dudes in the Senate were at 2:30 in the morning.  There were a lot of good speeches after the bill passed.  McConnell led the way with a sobering but logical speech around 3am.

The issue in the House is this, the bill could get scuttled by either side.  Boehner is up for reelection to his speakership in a few days.  That has to weigh in on how hill frame this bill to his party before the vote.  Some ultra liberals my undercut the President because it only taxes people who make over 400,000 and 450000 for couples.  The republican base may burn the House down because ultimately it is still a tax hike.

When No votes mean Yes – the dissenters

So 9 senators voted no on the bill.  Ladies and gentleman, your 2016 Republican Presidential Primary candidates.  Rand Paul, (R) KY and Marco Rubio (R) FL didn’t just vote no, they voted Hell No.  Of course their courage came well after the bill passed, so their votes had no bearing.  Very brave guys.  However had they voted Yes it most likely will be used against them in the 2016 Presidential primaries, or so they thought.  Paul and Rubio are saying all the right things to keep the Tea Party on their side.  McConnell has pretty much just retired.  He will be primaried by his own party for his Kentucky senate seat in 2014.

Orrin Hatch (R) UT who successfully courted the Tea Party in 2010 to keep his Senate seat may have just forfeited it by voting for the bill.  He barely won his primary last time. He’ll not be the Senator for Utah in 2014.

Richard Shelby (D) AL also voted against it.  He’s not running for President, so he either believes the bill will help not at all (full disclosure, that’s my view as well) or he’s just a crabby old man and likes to piss people off (more likely and also my view).  Which he did. Either way, good for you Rich.

In case you haven’t guessed, this is like College Bowl Season for me.

Will there be a last second 50yd field goal, or a dream crushing interception in the end zone with no time on the clock.

Hard to predict.  That’s why they play the games.

Just ask USC and LSU.

Happy New Year!