UF/UF 307: Sedition by any other name…

Editor’s Note: At the time of the podcast the Supreme Court had not yet ruled and we reported they would do so on Monday the 14th of December. They made liars out of us by ruling Friday night, the night we recorded this week’s episode, that the case is without merit and would not be heard at all.

Thus ends the attempts to subvert a legal election and remain in power. Or does it?

UF/UF 307: Sedition by any other name…

Well we warned you. We have been saying for a while now Trump will not go quietly into the night. I am surprised by the lack of violence so far, although it’s starting to ramp up a bit now.

we’ll break down the case brought by Texas against the 4 battleground states along with the number of Governors and members of Congress who have signed on to this seditious document. Again this occurred as we were taping. Since that moment several members of congress have back tracked or have tired to make excuses for why they singed on to subvert another state’s election.


This is where the fun begins.

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So much for frivolous lawsuits.


UF/UF 217: Confirmation Consternation

EDITOR’S UPDATE: At the time of the taping of UF/UF 217 the Browns and Jets were about to take the field. We discussed this at length in 91 Seconds of Sports and the 5 Questions segments. After falling behind early to the Jets, rookie Baker Mayfield entered the game for the Browns and engineered their first victory in 2 years. 

You read that right. BROWNS WIN! BROWNS WIN!

Carry on.

Liberals see doomsday on the horizon. Conservatives sense victory and possible chance to overturn Roe v Wade finally.  It’s she said/he said time in the Senate conformation hearings for Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee.

Does he get confirmed? Does she derail the Republicans march toward a conservative court for the next 40 years? Does it matter what really happened 36 years ago at a high-school party where all parties were, by their own admission, drunk as to cloud their memories?

We report you decide!

UF/UF 217: Confirmation Consternation





Is there still a seat for Kavanaugh?


Podcast Episode 12: The Supremes’ Greatest Hits

Another busy week at UF&UF.  The NFL is dealing with two accused murderers, the highest court in the land goes on a bender, and of course the Russians are still giving us the Who’s On First routine about the location of one Edward I’m not a traitor I just play one on TV Snowden.

All that and more on Episode 12: The Supremes’ Greatest Hits.  episode 12

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On to the tease.

Nice robes

Nice robes

You Keep Me Hanging On

All kinds of judicial activity by our Supreme Court.  No longer just 9 angry white dudes, this group has soul. They’re edgy.  And they make rulings. Striking down the Voter Rights Act and the Defense of Marriage Act begs the question; Does the Supreme Court hate straight black people?



Russian President Vladimir Putin during his KGB days

Russian President Vladimir Putin during his KGB days

Come See About Me

Snowden is still on the run.  1.5 million photos show Snowden at the Moscow airport.  Putin says, “Never heard of him.”   Me thinks Mr. Snowden may be regretting his decision to flee into the waiting arms of the KGB.  Them fellas angry.  UF&UF poll results showed public split down the middle on courageousness/rightness of Snowden’s actions.





Whovian_demUndergroundBack in My Arms Again

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!.  Rick Santorum is running for President again.  He makes the UF&UF Big Board.  First Trump and now my good buddy Rick.  This election season couldn’t get any better unless Newt decides to go for it again.


All this plus the great Cap n Crunch debate.  Real Captain or poser embarrassing our military?  Take the poll, tell us what you think.

Nice uniform Commodore

Nice uniform Commodore

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Episode 12: The Supremes Greatest Hits  episode 12

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