UF/UF 139: To Boldly Go

Fitting this podcast comes out the very day Star Trek premiered it’s very first episode so long ago. Why? Well we find out today that Nano-tube technology is being perfected, thus providing the infrastructure necessary for machines to take over. I for one welcome it. With machines and complex communication nets required to maintain their dominance comes massive amounts of air conditioning.

That’s right you heard it here first. The HVAC industry will become the greatest department in the new machine run government. Can’t wait.

Also, Hillary’s staff destroyed 14 of her Blackberries and iPads, using hammers. But that’s not important.

Until then, click and listen. You’re welcome.

UF/UF 139: To Boldly Go

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Blackberry, iPad what difference does it make now!

Blackberry, iPad what difference does it make now!


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