Code words and a poverty of intelligence


It started with Richard Sherman and his on-field remarks after the NFC championship game. Some called him a “thug” which was then labeled as a code word for the “n” word.

Now there’s another controversy involving “code words.”

This controversy began on Wednesday after Paul Ryan said on William Bennett’s talk radio show, “Morning in America,” that there was a “tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value of work.”

Representative Barbara Lee of California, extreme liberal and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, called Ryan’s remarks a “thinly veiled racial attack.”

“Let’s be clear, when Mr. Ryan says ‘inner city,’ when he says, ‘culture,’ these are simply code words for what he really means: ‘black’,” Lee said in a statement.

Um, really? You know what he “meant?” What, exactly, do you think? That he was just dissing black people? Really? Are you that ignorant?

I’ve put the section of the conversation at the bottom of this post. It’s also linked.

The next day, Ryan said he was “inarticulate.”

Now, Ryan should not have invoked Charles Murray, the Author of “The Bell Curve.” That irritated the left. Not a great move.  But, really?  Actually, I’m more concerned that fifteen of the poorest counties in America are rural and Ryan is talking about the inner city, but who’s going to start making sense now? Just in case you don’t understand the left, here’s one of their headlines, from, a liberal website. “Ryan Claims Black Men are Lazy and the Cause of Poverty in this Country.” Yes, this headline is the result of the above comments by Ryan. They are that stupid. You can read the rest of their trash linked below. I wouldn’t if I were you, but unfortunately, I already did.

Ryan later said that “I was not implicating the culture of one community, but of society as a whole,” Ryan said. “We have allowed our society to isolate or quarantine the poor rather than integrate people into our communities. The predictable result has been multi-generational poverty and little opportunity.”

Undeterred, the left marched on:

On Wednesday, a man confronted Ryan in a Wisconsin town-hall meeting saying “You meant black.”

Representative Marcia Fudge, chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, and Representative Gwen Moore, also from Wisconsin, sent Ryan a letter in which they called his talk radio remarks “highly offensive” and invited him to a meeting of the caucus to discuss ways to eradicate poverty.

Hey, Moore-Fudge, you really think that was “highly offensive?” Because he mentioned the inner city and culture? As a white politician, is he supposed to expressly point out that he’s not referring to  poor blacks? That he’s only interested in helping poor whites? I think not.

Ok, Lee-Moore-Fudge, what do you want him to say? If we’re going to have people always correcting other’s speech and assuming code-speech, why don’t you offer suggestions on what he’s allowed to say, or what he should say.

Have you heard any of Bill Cosby’s speeches? I’ll bet you hate those.

Perhaps Ryan should preface his comments with “Please be mindful, when I’m talking about the poor, I’m only referring to poor whites, not blacks. Poor blacks will have to be taken care of by Moore-Fudge.”

Ryan, why don’t you just concern yourself with the poor whites in all those rural counties? Oh, that’s right, that have black people too. Well, you know, you could always just say “screw the poor,” right? But that would probably be a code word for “I don’t care about black people.”

Moore-Fudge is not a code word for anything. I just thought those two names put together in that order was funny. It’s juvenile, I know. But it was fun.

Poor people come in all shapes, sizes, colors, geographic locations. You should quit making assumptions about what people mean. Engage in some meaningful conversation. When you invoke code words, you sound ignorant and racist.

By the way, Lee, when you say “Thinly veiled racial attack” I think that’s a code word for “I don’t like white people.”

Here’s the context of the conversation.

Bennett: We had a report yesterday, Paul, from the Pew (Research Center) people on the millennials. We’re setting records in terms of people not working. Part of it is the economy, part of it is policy. But there’s a cultural aspect to this, as well, right? Boys, particularly, learn how to work. Who teaches boys how to work? You lost your dad at an early age. Who taught you how to work?

Ryan: Mentors and my mom. My dad’s friends, his buddies taught me how to hunt and taught me a lot of things, and my mom. And so —

Bennett: Hunting is not working, is it?

Ryan: Well, no, but you can learn — by the way, you can teach your kids character in the woods. A lot of good life lessons are learned in a tree stand, Bill.

Bennett: You still haven’t sent me that ad, but I know. But the fatherless problem is a big one. This has something to do with people’s attitudes. I asked my boys the other day, you know my guys, what do you remember me saying most often? And of course, they gave me a bad time and said lately it is: “What’s that? What’d you just say?” Pretty funny, but they say: “Do your job, do your job.”

Ryan: I remember more my mom was: “Suck it up, deal with it, and tough.” Those are the things I remember her saying to me a lot.

Bennett: Suck it up, deal with it, tough – Betty Ryan. But I mean, a boy has to see a man working, doesn’t he?

Ryan: Absolutely. And so, that’s this tailspin or spiral that we’re looking at in our communities. You know your buddy (conservative scholar) Charles Murray or (public policy professor) Bob Putnam over at Harvard, those guys have written books on this, which is we have got this tailspin of culture in our inner cities, in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work; and so there’s a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with. Everybody’s got to get involved. So, this is what we talk about when we talk about civil society. If you’re driving from the suburb to the sports arena downtown by these blighted neighborhoods, you can’t just say: I’m paying my taxes, government’s going to fix that. You need to get involved. You need to get involved yourself – whether through a good mentor program or some religious charity, whatever it is, to make a difference, and that’s how we help resuscitate our culture.

Podcast Episode 27: Habemus a Budgeteum!

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On to the tease…

Kiss the Ring!

Kiss the Ring!

Homo ex annum

Yeah the literal translation doesn’t work so well. No matter. My namesake, Pope Francis 1st, is Time’s Man of the Year for 2013. From the ridiculous rouges gallery of finalists including Syria’s Assad and Edward Snowden, who did you think it would be. This guy sneaks out in the middle of the night, shakes his security detail, all to feed the poor in the streets. Are you kidding me!





Lookin good Helen!

Clearly these three are a threat to freedom.

Praesidis sui photos

Latin makes anything look good, well except man of the year. But it does wonders for phrases like Presidential Selfies. Fox news goes batcrap crazy over a selfie pic by Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt, British PM Cameron and our President, taken during Mandella’s memorial. No matter that Madiba’s legacy was trying to bring people and cultures together. Fox spends day and a half of coverage bemoaning the President’s actions. Dopes.



This handshake deemed Ryan unclean.

This handshake deemed Ryan unclean.

Habemus a budgeteum!

We have a budget! Paul Ryan and Patty Murray finally get a budget hammered out. 1st one in the history of this administration. Problem – Ryan is an R, Murray is a D. The conservative criticism led by Hannity and Limbaugh was fast a furious. The bill passed the house in overwhelming numbers. Ryan missed it all though. He had to hustle back to Wisconsin to prepare for the primary challenge he’ll face from the Tea Party wing of the his own party.


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He will read your mind.

These are not the droids you’re looking for.

T-nak the magnificent debuts on UF/UF.

Hupp proves his ESP abilities in an amazing display akin to a Jedi controlling the force.







Hey I like to hug.  Sue me.

Hey I like to hug. Sue me. Yes Bob I think we will.

Hey I’m just a hugger!

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner accused by 13 women of sexual harassment and assault. 8 of those are former military. His go to move, directing his staff to come to work not wearing panties.







Who me?

Who me?

Yes, he’s a drugger. (and a cheater, and a tool, and a liar)

Yankee 3rd baseman suspended 122 games for using human growth hormone and anabolic steroids.  All a set up he says.  Not here to talk about that he says.  Will fight for his life he says (while chasing salary checks to the tune of 61 million).  He’s a cheater I say and worse, he’s a dope.  You don’t have to go home Alex, ya just gotta get up outta here.




"Yeah a #5 oh and a #6, supersized.  Gimmie a diet coke, gotta cut back a bit."

“Yeah a #5 oh and a #6, supersized. Gimmie a diet coke, gotta cut back a bit.”

The blubber mounts – Chris Christie’s Lap Band installed backward!!!

The NJ Governor/would be 2016 presidential contender had Lap Band surgery late last year to improve his health.  The picture left is from a few weeks ago.  You tell me, did Christie eat the cast from Jersey Shore?




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Podcast episode 15: A hugger, a drugger, and a blubber – 

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OK, so now what: election observations and other things

Most of the time it’s easier to get a lay of the land after the dust settles.  It’s been a week and we should be able to see clearly, but that might not be the case this time.  But, we here at UNfiltered and UNfettered are committed to routing through and explaining all the facts, while making up the stuff we can’t figure out.  So here now are some observations of America’s political process in all it’s freedom loving glory.

In Rove we trust 

Man, if you weren’t watching the election results on Fox at the moment the election was called for the President, you missed a doozy.  Fox News’ election team was Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly on the main desk, with Chris Wallace, democratic strategist Joe Trippi, and The Wonder Boy Karl Rove, Bush 43s former chief of staff and campaign manager at the “Decison Desk”.  Rove and Trippi were dissecting the numbers as each state was called for it’s respective candidate.  Fox was the first network to call Ohio.  When they did, Kelley and Baier looked up and sheepishly and disbelievingly said, “well that means the President has won re-election.”  Easy guys, don’t pop a vessel.

The party started, everywhere, except in Rove Land.  Alert reader Laurie Halsey hit me through FaceBook to say, not so fast Junior, Romney team is not conceding Ohio.  She was right.  So I quick-like switched back to Fox just in time to see Rove going after Megyn Kelley and Brett Baier and their journalistic ethics for calling a state where so many votes had yet top be counted.  Rove wasn’t hysterical but his boiler was definitely reaching maximum pressure.

Oh, you expected results?!?

Rove doesn’t care who’s President.  In fact it’s now more lucrative for him if  a Democrat is in office. There-in lies the problem.  His super pac raised millions, boarding on billions, over the last four years to defeat the President and some Dem Senators.  None of that worked out for Rove or his super pac and he was clearly feeling the pressure of his big pocket donors.

A member of the Fox News production crew recorded some behind scenes audio with her iPhone.  This apparently occurred during commercial break and was not meant for public consumption.  Warning, Rove drops the F-bomb in the first seconds of the first audio clip.  Take a listen: Rove melts down and again, and again.

Turn those machines back on!

Hey I admit, I’m a Rove fan.  He’s normally a savant with this stuff, but on this night, for this election, he was galactically wrong.  Ah well, time to find a new savant.


Irony, it’s so….ironic

Hey, them polls, they ain’t so bad after all.  For the most part all the polls showing Obama ahead and disregarded by the Republicans as skewed and biased, turned out to be right.  A mathalete named Nate Silver predicted the President had a 91% chance of winning reelection.  He was figuratively crucified for that prediction.  He was right.  He has been very gracious, as you would expect from a number crunching nerd, and turned down late night talk show requests to come on and do an “Up Yours, I told you so” tour.  But let the word go forth from this day forward, mock mathaletes at your peril.

Hey Tony, you were right it was a voter fraud conspiracy…for Romney.  In the irony of ironies, voter fraud made a huge appearance in this election, for the other guys.  So far amidst numerous complaints and rumors lobbied by disbelieving conservatives, the only documented case of voter fraud occurred in Pennsylvania.  Turns out in several precincts in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, whenever a voter touched Obama’s name on the touch screen the vote would be registered to Romney.  About two hours of longs lines had voted before someone noticed the error.  It gets better.  The company making those particular machines has shareholders.  It’s biggest shareholder: Tagg Romney, son of Mitt.  Whoa Nellie, take me home I have seen enough to know I have seen too much.

It turned out to be a software glitch that swapped the sensors on the screen.  Really not a big deal and apparently easily fixable.  But after all that crybaby nonsense over the summer by conservatives pushing for new laws to tamp down the 5 total cases of voter fraud tilting our electoral process of millions of votes cast in 08, it’s more than a little funny the only case proven so far happened for republicans and not against them.

Black Panthers, party of two?  Yep that’s it, just two, and that’s them, Mikhail Muhammad and Bob, in their Sunday best.   These are the two causing all the voter intimidation around the country.  Girl Scouts selling cookies at my Kroger are more intimidating and pushy.

Vote for Obama or I’ll make you wear this beret!









Racism rears it’s ugly head.

Yes, racism is still alive and well in America.  I know because I was involved first hand. When the Knoxville New Sentinel asked for election stories over Twitter, I submitted a picture of Frank going into our polling place and remarked how easy it was, no lines, no waiting etc…  A woman took issue with that.  Well not just a woman, a member of Obama for America reelection campaign, Knoxville chapter.  Here is her response:

What does this even mean







Is she implying west Knox is all white and therefore would not have issues at the pooling place?  Is she saying, of course whites will vote Romney?  Who knows?  I suspect Judi is a half wit.

The sad part is when I called her out on her racist remark Judi had no clue what I was talking about.  She assumed because I was white and I lived in West Knoxville that I would vote for Romney.  Assumptions about a group of people based on their race and physical location; Webster’s could not have defined it better.  She had no idea, as most of my conservative friends and family will tell you, that I am a big Obama fan and have championed him for the last four years.  It was his dirty campaign that turned me off this year.  But I voted for and was extremely excited for his presidency in 08.

Judi, you and people like you are the reason this country is divided.  The promise of a President to be above all that silliness, to raise the level of discourse and bring everyone into the conversation, has been undone by small minded people like you who think because racism happened and still happens, it’s ok to return the favor against people you have never even laid eyes on and have absolutely no clue about.  Attach an idiotic, racist comment like that to a picture of my three year old son going to his first election Judi, really?

I, for one, am not burdened by inequality Judi.  I treat all equally regardless of race, religion, or gender.  To that end, if we ever cross paths in Knoxville Judi, and you look at my son crossed eyed, I will punch you dead in your mouth.

How’s that for irony.

Democracy in Knoxville: No people, no lines, no problem.

Chalk us up America.  Count us among the counted.







Frank and I went to our polling place, Bluegrass Elementary School in Knoxville TN, and got our democracy on.  We went around lunch time in hopes of seeing some people and waiting in line.  That would have at least given us someone to interview.  Alas, no joy. Joint was pretty empty.  Tennessee is an ID required state.  So that one extra stop to prove who I was caused the whole experience to last 3.6 minutes.

When we were leaving we ran into one volunteer working for Senator Becky Duncan Massey, running for re-election in the Tennessee 6th district.  So we talked to her.  She was neither a ball of energy, nor a font of knowledge.  Frank gave me the high sign to keep the questions simpler and more generic.  The young lady had “not seen very many people and the weather was turning out fine.”

That’s it.  She was spent.  She didn’t have to work too hard, we were voting for Massey anyway.  But I decided if she burned any more brain cells answering our questions she might not find her way home. That’s the hard hitting, deep political insight, we provide here at Unfiltered and Unfettered.  Be advised, had this lady come to my door two weeks ago, it only would have encouraged me to vote for Massey’s opponent.

So that was a total bust.  Next step, on to Kroger to get groceries/supplies for the impending armageddon based on tonights winner.

Here is a shot of Frank going into the polling place.

For freedom loving Americans everywhere!

Disregard that little sign above his head.  Frank did vote.  I moved the wheel and he hit the button when it got to a name he liked.  Sort of like Democracy Roulette. Surprisingly he liked Mitt Romney.  It makes him laugh when I say Mitt.   He also hit the big red button that casts the ballot once you’re done spreading freedom.  So my ballot is probably invalid.  But Frank liked it.

He thinks he’ll like democracy.


First polls close in an hour and a half.


Stay tuned.





The votes are in…


Happy Election Day!

It is 12:08am in the east and I’m going wire to wire. I think.

Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location have spoken.  Results as follows.  I’ll only give you the Presidential results.  I’ll spare you the senate and congressional races.

10 votes cast in Dixville Notch

President Obama – 5

Governor Romney – 5

1st tie in the history of Dixville Notch voting.  In. Their. History.  Gonna be a long election day.

The race with in the race shows Obama getting the 2 registered democrats and 3 independents.  Romney got the 3 registered republicans and 2 independents.

And at 12:40 in the AM the numbers roll in from Hart’s Location.

34 votes in Hart’s Location

President Obama – 23

Governor Romney – 9

Governor Johnson of New Mexico (Libertarian) – 2

The problem with small towns like this; you know too much info.  There are 41 residents in Hart’s Location and 37 registered voters.  So that means 3 people did not vote.  Or maybe they voted by-proxy or absentee.

Either way, President Obama out to a commanding lead.  Got to feel good about that.

Ok next results about 18 hours away.

Go vote!  Sleep first then go vote.


“That’s my Quarterback,” Tea leaves, and prophetic political prognostication.

I’m a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan. Didn’t choose it, I just am. So, Ryan’s in Cleveland today with Condi Rice, apparently at the Cleveland Browns practice, and goes out to talk to some players. He talks to Colt McCoy, Cleveland’s back-up quarterback, thinking he was Brandon Wheeden, Cleveland’s rookie starter from Oklahoma State. Some of the other players notice the identity mix-up and start to snicker. Well, it was just one of those dumb little inconsequential things. I actually read about it from following the Browns, not politics.

However, here’s the tea leaves.  McCoy is from Texas, Bush was from Texas. Condi Rice, who happens to be a Browns fan, was the Secretary of State under the Bush administration. The Browns were recently purchased by Jimmy Haslam, from Knoxville, Tennessee, where I’m from. Jimmy Haslam’s  brother, Bill was the mayor of Knoxville and is now the Governor of Tennessee. Bill, by the way, is the “Dana Carvey” of Governors. Dana Carvey, by the way, did a magnificent George Bush impersonation. He actually impersonated both of them. Yea, I know, the connections start to creep me out after awhile.

So, what does it all mean? Nada.

Check out our Governor, Bill Haslam here. Check out some Dana Carvey presidential impersonations here.

Me and my blog partner, Fran, called Mitt for the presidential run back in about 2004, 2003, I don’t quite remember. We were broadcast partners at the McGhee Tyson NCO Academy, Satellite Program, in the United States Air Force. Honestly, and humbly, we were good at our jobs. Screw you, Joe. (Not Biden, another Joe).

Anyway, we called Mitt Romney’s presidential run. Yea, we did. You know, saying  “Hey, that Mitt Romney guy’s going to be president one of these days.” Pretty much based on the fact that we thought “Mitt Romney” had quite a ring to it, but we called it anyway.

It’s a small world.

Bill Haslam and Dana Carvey

Laughter is good but fleeting

It’s not all gloom, doom, and dourness here.  We like to yuck it up as much as the next couple of jaded, retired, military guys.  To that end here is a good web site that should bring a little levity to the proceedings.

Romney Tax Plan – Now I am a Romney supporter and will vote for him on election day and even I think this is funny.

Click the link and have a laugh.  It may be the last one for a while



Picture courtesy of CNN


Romney Tax Plan

Tasty Blues, The VP debate, and Famous Uncle Joes. (or, I’ll say “Uncle,” Joe)

Ok, I admit it. I didn’t watch the debate last night. I dvr’d it. A blues player that I’ve listened to for years, Jimmy Thackery, was playing at a local blues club, and I wanted to see him. Never saw him before, just had some CD’s. Wow, he was good. So, I spent my evening consuming some tasty blues licks. Nice job, Jimmy. Of course, by the time I get to watch the debate, I’d heard all about it.

So, thanks for stopping by for some serious political commentary. I think we’ll have to get to that later, since now I’m going to make some observations about the vice-presidential debate.   I’d like to take it seriously, really, I would.

I read a tweet the other day, something about “Who is the relative you least want to see over the holidays?” This morning I realized, why it’s old Uncle Joe. America’s uncle. You know, he’s got 5-6 cocktails in him by the time anyone cuts the turkey, talks down to everyone, wins all the arguments simply by  TALKING LOUDER when he’s losing until everyone submits, and has pinched every woman’s ass by 5 oclock.

Coming from a long line of smart-asses myself, I think I could be Joe Biden’s debate coach. Not that he’d listen, but it would be a fun gig. Here are my top 5 pointers I’d give to Biden to improve his debate performance.

  1. Only say half of what comes to your mind. That way, you could eliminate all the stupid things you say by 50%.
  2.  Don’t make big, sweeping gestures with your hands. Someone might take a picture and you’ll look foolish (See Fran’s post).
  3. Cut back to three cocktails before the debate.
  4. Just don’t go.
  5. At least try to act like you’re taking this seriously. A lot of the people that voted for you are unemployed.

Of course, as Fran said, it really doesn’t matter, because this debate doesn’t change anyone’s mind. See, here’s how the percentages play out for Biden:

53% of the people don’t like him, won’t like him, and think he’s a fool.

Out of the remaining 47%

30% don’t like him and think he’s a fool but wouldn’t admit it.

15% are die-hards who would support anyone on their side of the fence (for reference, see Al Gore supporters)

8% are too ignorant to have an opinion.

Yes, I know it doesn’t add up to a hundred, but the last two categories overlap.  Hey, this is science, I don’t just make it up.

For my last observation, I wish I had the money Joe Biden spends on teeth whitening, Botox and the tanning booth. If I had some of that money, I’d spend it on a hair stylist for Paul Ryan.

Other Famous Uncle Joes

Uncle Joe from the “Petticoat Junction.” Perhaps the quintessential “Uncle Joe.”

Uncle Joe Stalin. Bad man, nice ‘stache.

Uncle Joey from “Full House.” I seriously can’t think of anything clever to say about this.

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls. Yea, there are several jokes here, but I’m not going to make them.

VP Debate: Say it ain’t so Joe!

He didn’t?! No I just can’t…  What the HELL Joe!! He did it, he really trotted out that tired old line.  You know the one.  You’ve been hearing it from the President since he was inaugurated, “We inherited an economy that was in free fall, we came into at…” Yeah just shut up Mr. Vice President.  No one frigging cares what you inherited, we only care to know what you’re going to do about it.

To that end, Biden, who most of the time reminds you of your crazy uncle Joe, drunk as a skunk at the fourth of July BBQ, spoke passionately and with sincerity about the things the administration has tried and what they plan to do.  Unfortunately, a person can be sincere and still be sincerely wrong. Biden knew this so he engaged his inner Archie Bunker ripping Meathead a new one.  Joe yelled, he smirked, he gestured, he outright laughed at Paul Ryan.  This shot encapsulates how the night went for both men.

Joe readying to part the Red Sea or calling down the flaming hail? We report you decide.

For the most part Crazy Joe got the better of Ryan.  To his credit Ryan seemed truly surprised by Crazy Joe’s antics.  The picture to the left is an actual screen shot courtesy of Reuters News Agency.  That’s not shopped in any way.  Crazy Joe was popping on all eight cylinders. Now as for context of what he said, well kind of hard to say.

You know it sounded good, but not really sure about some of his facts.  Joe blatantly lied about the law requiring Catholic Hospitals to provide contraception as part of it’s health insurance plan for employees.  I don’t give a rip one way or the other but he didn’t misstate the law he flat out lied about it’s impact.

On foreign policy he was always going to have the advantage.  Incumbents know more simply because they have a higher clearance and they are privy to briefings the challengers just don’t get.  However Ryan did ok, not great, with the foreign policy stuff. C- for the moderator in this area.  She asked some good questions and then some good follow ups in foreign policy but stayed on that topic much longer than the average voter would ever care about. At times it did feel like Ryan was debating Biden and debate moderator Martha Raddatz.

Raddatz did a decent job, but she interrupted Ryan much more than Biden, by 2:1 margin at least.  She cornered Ryan on specifics about the Romney/Ryan tax plan so on that question alone republicans and Fox will hate her.  However Ryan dodged it, and with no where near the grace that Crazy Joe was dodging the questions about the shameful handling of the Libya Embassy disaster. She failed miserably to get Joe under control. Check that, she never even tried to get Joe under control.  But at least it made for a fun debate.

Here is some of the reaction from Twitter:

Mike Murphy – smartest republican political strategist not on TV





Don’t know this dude, but that’s funny right there.






Truer words….






And finally this gem…

Patton Oswalt, the funniest comedian you’ve never heard of







It went on and on like that.  Every time Ryan tried to make a point, Crazy Joe would have a seizure or laugh or just mumble to himself.  It was a little embarrassing for the Vice President in my opinion.  A little low class.  Well a lot low class.  At the end Ryan thanked Joe for the spirited debate, Biden just smirked at him and then never thanked Ryan for the debate.  Low road continues for Team Obama.

However, that’s what they sent Joe out there to do.  Look, after the last debate the democratic base is nervous.  Conservatives do whiney outrage, liberals cowering fear. Crazy Joe went out there for them, not the independent voters.  History shows most people aren’t swayed by debates, especially not Vice Presidential debates.  Crazy Joe was the balm, the ointment, the salve if you will, to ease the burn democrats got from the blistering Obama took last time.

Forget substance, this was about payback.  Romney interrupted the President several times, without paying for it.  Crazy Joe went to even the score and make the democrats feel better.  End of story.  The President even sent out a semi-coded message to the gang cowering around their short wave, radio free America radio’s, when he said, “it’s time to let Joe be Joe.”  Hell we know what that means, UNLEASH THE BIDEN!

Tweet of the night: This was in response to some of thew more wilder claims Ryan made about Syria.  Ryan was overmatched by Biden in foreign policy.  It showed on the exchange about Syria and Assad.  But again that’s to be expected.

Follow Scahill – dude spends 350 days a year in Yemen and elsewhere. The rest of the time he’s in US just to file his story.







From the I’ve seen everything department: Sarah Palin critiquing Paul Ryan’s performance.  She likened him to being trampled by some obscure Alaskan animal.  What a hoot.  She’s dead from the neck up, still mad because they got crushed in the election, largely because of her and she’s busting Ryan’s chops!?  Amazing.

Who Won?????  

Ryan, on most cards he won.  Biden will get the W but Ryan won.  Again history tells us that the losing VP debate candidate never wins an elected office they try for in the future. Ryan may have upped his street cred for standing toe to toe with one of the most savvy politicians in the land.  Keep in mind Joe has been at this for longer than Ryan has been alive.  Ryan will easily win future elections, if he’s not the Vice President in 3 weeks. That alone makes him the winner.

On facts and content, forget it, neither man was any more outlandish or dishonest than the other.  But Joe looked like a crazy bastard who’s been cheeking his nutso pills and Ryan looked like what he was, a newbie getting yelled at by the crazy guy on the corner.

Overall impact – zero.  You heard it here first folks.  This will move the needle not one peg.  Never does.  But this was beyond a shadow of a doubt the best, most entertaining VP debate since they started televising the VP debates.

Anyone care to guess which VP debate was the first to be on TV?  Answer in the comment section.