Podcast Episode 14: Weiner in – Royal Out!

An international flair to tonight’s show.

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Podcast Episode 14: Wiener in – Royal Out! 

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On to the tease.


Really Bro?

Really Bro?

Weiner In!

You know there is an obligatory Wiener won’t pull out joke, but I’ll spare you. You’re welcome.  The disgraced congressman turned disgraced NY City mayoral candidate reveals that more of his junk shots have hit the web.  The wife goes the Tammy Wynette route, but looks like a POW after a few rounds of water boarding while doing it.



George VII already has rhe wave down.  Kid's going places.

George VII already has rhe wave down. Kid’s going places.

Royal Out! 

The royal couple finally had their royal baby in the royal hospital.  A day later they were back at the royal palace looking, well, you know, royal.  Named him Prince George Alexander Louis.  Six Georges in the line of English Kings.  They didn’t fair well.  One of them lost a huge part of the empire (think 1776).  Hey maybe this kid will lose Canada to us.



Might as well just make it policy.

Might as well just make it policy.

President on Race

Obama gives a pivotal  speech in attempt to move the country forward. Liberals swoon and slobber, conservatives deride and dismiss.  Nice job Chief.  Way to bridge the divide.  Hey how about those 30+ black kids killed in Chicago so far this summer.  No, nothing.  OK then.


All this and more on tonight’s show.

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Podcast Episode 14: Wiener in – Royal Out!