UF/UF 287: The End Times?

Corona, Murder Bees, locusts terrorizing the African Continent, Arabia, and Southeast Asia. This was all the opening act of 2020.  What this year needs now is a little race war. In steps the Minneapolis Police with the murder of a handcuffed, subdued, black man on live TV.   

You hate to think the year couldn’t get worse cause you’d hate to see it prove you wrong.

Either way we break it all down for you as usual.

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UF/UF 287: The End Times?


George Floyd protest: Minneapolis police station torched - Chicago ...

That is a 3rd Precinct police station in Minneapolis Saturday night.



UF/UF 170: Is it Racist to be Racist?

Racist to be racist? Hey man that’s a good a question as any in these galatically stupid times. How else would you describe a citizenry that violently attacks a violent  hate group in the name of love, moves to tear down civil war statues, remove announcers with civil war sounding names, and send a college mascot from California to the glue factory because the horse bears the same name Robert E Lee’s horse did in 1866?

Oh yeah and Hurricane Harvey is a racist prick apparently.

I’m not really sure galatically stupid even covers it. I’m now actively praying Hupp’s internet connected fridge begins the AI/Machine uprising as I welcome the stability that will bring.

Click and listen, after that you’re on your own.

UF/UF 170: Is it Racist to be Racist?



Yeah, yeah I see the resemblance now.