UF/UF 243: A Comeback Unlike Any Other!

He did it! Tiger Woods has completed the most improbable comeback possibly in sports history.

So historic was this Master’s Sunday, Tony had it on the big screen for me when I got to the studio this morning for today’s podcast. That is historic ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, drink it in. I know I am.

We did some other stuff too.  Another dope joined an already overcrowded Democratic field for the primary to take on Trump. And surprise surprise a local DMV in California is getting sued because it doesn’t  know the difference between racism and a Premier Soccer League logo.

We’ll explain it all.  Just click.

UF/UF 243: A Comeback Unlike Any Other!



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Yeah man!


UF/UF 123: If the Mitt fits…

Wow. I mean just wow. Just when you thought you’d seen it all out steps Mitt Romney. In a speech at the University of Utah Mitt came out firing. It was stunning actually. My reaction was much like a lot of people who voted for him in 2012. Where was this against President Obama? Oh well. No point crying over spilled milk. The primaries are heating up. With non-participants like Mitt jumping into the fray it should be a blast all summer.

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UF/UF 123: If the Mitt fits…

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The happy couple in happier times.

The happy couple in happier times.

UF/UF 123: If the Mitt fits…

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