UF/UF 302: Option C Please

Editor’s Note: At the time of the taping of this podcast the President had not been taken to the hospital. We at UF/UF The Podcast wish President Trump and more so First Lady Melania a speedy recovery.

Wow that was something alight. Something terrible and embarrassing.

It brought to mind the declaration from King Longshanks in Braveheart when he pondered who to send to negotiate with William Wallace. When the thought of his son came to mind he said this: The mere sight of him would only encourage an enemy to take over the whole country. 

My friends that sums up the 1st presidential debate in a nutshell. A petulant man-baby who is President and a doddering old man who wants to be President.

How have we not been invaded yet?

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UF/UF 302: Option C Please


Holy Guacamole we’re doomed!


UF/UF 118: Yes He Can!



Who woulda thunk it? Not I, not Hupp. Well Hupp did have an inclination and laid out the path by which victory could be possible a while ago. Well guess what? The path becomes more clear and more straight by the day. He can win. Hupp now says he will win. Who is he? The Donald of course. The hairpiece. The mouth heading to the south. Judging from this last debate Trump is down to about two or three hurdles to jump before he becomes the nominee for President of the United States for the Republican party.

Let that sink in. We’ll wait.


If you want to know who the hurdles are and what the path for Trump looks like, you gottta click.

UF/UF 118: Yes He Can!


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Bitch Please!

Is it just me or has Ben Carson become a whining idiot? He is the only candidate who still complains about not getting air time. His first words in this last debate were “Oh I’m glad you asked me a question finally. I didn’t think you knew I was here.” Yeah Ben you just summed up your candidacy perfectly.



HA! Look at all my Hydrogen! Take that you Yankee dogs!

HA! Look at all my Hydrogen! Take that you Yankee dogs!

Hall of Fame!

You can keep your Baseball HoF with their rigged voting and your NFL HoF with their drunken speeches. Tonight we cut the ribbon on the UF/UF Asshole Hall of Fame with our inaugural class of 2016 inductees. I won’t spoil it but the first man in started an earthquake in his own country test firing an H-Bomb. Yeah. We. Are. Next. Level. Submit your inductee list in the comments below.



I find your lack of UF/UF subscription disturbing.

I find your lack of UF/UF subscription disturbing.

I know a guy.

Well I know 5 guys and they’re bad. All bad. And we list out the top 5 bad guys in movies for you tonight. It’s an official list so don’t miss out. Feel free to challenge or add your list in the comments below. You know who tops the list.





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UF/UF 118 Yes He Can!

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UF/UF 110: Enter the Dumber-dome

I was about to say “The long awaited Democratic debate has arrived.” The problem? I don’t think anyone really gave a rats behind about it. I know I wasn’t all that keyed up for it. But hey I work here so I live tweeted the thing and then we podcasted about it.

Try not to be overwhelmed with the big build up there. But if this week’s Dem Debate is what that party has to offer then I’m pretty sure the democratic party is in deep trouble. Which is funny cause the talk for months has been about the demise of the republican party over their lack of leadership and ginormous presidential field. But these five Dem goofballs, criminals, hangers-on, and avowed socialists may be spelling the end of the Democratic party as we currently know it.

Anyway click and hear what we have to say about it. It’s pure genius. Trust me, I’m from the government, I’m here to help.

UF/UF 110: Enter the Dumber-dome

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Hey Martin, that's the end of your career you're pointing at.

Hey Martin, that’s the end of your career you’re pointing at.

C’mon Joe, we need you, you know.

Help us crazy Joe, you're our only hope!

Help us crazy Joe, you’re our only hope!


UF/UF 110: Enter the Dumber-dome

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Down the stretch they come: The electoral map, Crazy Joe, and other things.

Now this is really it.  I mean it was “IT” after the debates, but only partially it.  Now this is really  it.  Come Tuesday the race will finally be over, maybe.  More on the maybe in a second.  Lets get to the campaigns with some quick hits.

We ain’t in Kansas anymore…

Because you’re in Cleveland Joe, you crazy bastard.  Crazy Uncle Joe was at it again.  On stage in Cleveland the countries favorite Drunk Uncle started to extol the virtue of Des Moines Iowa.

Tell me who’s the candidate with Romesia…

They use to call me Crazy Joe, now they call me… ah…ah… Hey who wants ice cream?









The “where am I bug” even hit President Clinton, who is normally smoother than I don’t know what.  He thought he was in Pennsylvania when he was really in Florida.  Now in his defense he was in the middle of a 6 state run yesterday.  He also recovered much better than Joe, who just stammers along as if you’re the one who doesn’t know where you are.  Clinton just went on a riff about PA and chucked out some interesting facts and figures before returning to his Florida speech.

Can that dude run again?

Since last we debated…

So a lot has been going on since the final debate.  We’ve been subjected to lousy punch lines from the Obama campaign.  “If you said one thing two weeks ago, but said something different this week, you might just have Romnesia.”  Good lord.  Do we need to say more.  The state of his campaign is pretty obvious.  If it’s not obvious to you than you’ve never been pursued by a desperate paramour.

Not to be outdone in the idiot department, a super pac supporting Romney put up an ad about Chrysler Jeeps that could only be classified as an outright lie.  Seems camp Romney is telling folk the economy is so bad that Jeep is making Jeep in China and it’s all Obama’s fault.  A myriad of problems here.  China does not allow auto imports.  Every car maker has a plant in China.  The Chinese can only buy domestic, meaning the car must be made in China.

Second, car makers traditionally build the cars where they sell them.  It’s a standard car business model.  So Jeep also has a plant in Australia, all over Europe, Japan, etc…  So do most car makers.  Guess what, they have a plant or two here in the good old US of A. Always have.  They build the cars where they sell them.  Stuff like that is so easy to check. One search in the Google and you have the ad debunked.  Just dumb to put that ad out. Even dumber to endorse the ad, which Romney did himself when asked directly about it. You might have Romnesia…

Along came Sandy…

The only positive of the massive storm that hit the east coast was it put an end to all the idiotic campaign talk, ads, stump speeches, and commercials.  It would have only lasted a day or so but we got even more relief from an unlikely source.

In walks Chris Christie, Governor of NJ and big time Romney supporter.  The day after the storm destroyed the Jersey coastline and my hometown, Christie gave a press conference where he praised President Obama for moving so quickly to eliminate the red tape and expedite relief efforts.  The President was doing his job, but Christie really went on and on about the help and support he was getting from Obama and Christie felt the President deserved credit for that.  OK.  But he went a little overboard in some peoples’ estimation.  Conspiracy theories abound.  My favorite: Christie is submarining Romeny so he can run in 2016.  Sometimes I weep for the American Electorate.

Then there are times I laugh myself silly.  Christie went on Fox and Friends, the last bastion of pure intentional idiocy on the airwaves, and did an interview with Steve Doocy, king of the dopes.  Just when I thought Doocy could not be dumber, he rises to the occasion and proves me wrong.  He was clearly sent out there to burn the edge off all this praise Obama was getting.  So he asks Christie  if he was going to be taking Romney on a tour of the damage as he had just done with Obama.   The look on Christie’s face was priceless and if you have seen him before you knew what was coming.

Christie lit into Doocy for a good three minutes.  Instead of helping Romney, Doocy opened a can of worms with Christie that only hurt Romney more.  Everything Christie said in response was the last thing the Romney folk wanted to hear.  Especially since it was coming from the mouth of one of their more famous advocates.  But like President Bush 43, Christie really has a heart for the people he governs and he speaks his mind from that perspective, clearly unconcerned with the impact on the politics.

He proceeded to tell Doocy and the Fox fan base that he could care less what Governor Romney was interested in, he’s not the President so he can’t help me or the people of NJ so I have no desire or interest in that.  If you think I’m interested in the Presidential election right now you don’t know me very well.  That last sentence was a direct quote.   Ouch.  Good work Steve.  That’s the kind of reporting/interviewing we have come to expect from a bad weatherman with an undetectable IQ.

On the flip side…

Of course Romney took hits from the left wing of the media and as with Fox, they were all stupid and blatantly false.  The gist of the accusations were to the effect that if Mr. Romney wanted to help so much he should put his personal fortune where his mouth is. There is a lot wrong with that statement and its sentiment. Not the least of which is the fact Mitt had already made a sizable monetary donation to go along with food and resources he’s been personally providing since the storm hit. All done long before the media started to assault his character in a public forum.

Red Cross has confirmed they are accepting all supplies from Romney and his campaign. This was in response to an outright lie put out there by Rachel Maddow and reiterated by Alex Morgan on her noon time talk show on MSNBC.  They said Romney was only making matters worse by sending material goods instead of money and his stuff was not being accepted by any agency due to logistics.  Hey girls maybe it’s time to put your checkbook where your lies are.

So politically the storm was a push for the campaigns.  Both men did what they could do in their respective capacity.  The President obviously has more resources and ability to move mountains and he did so.  The Governor proved you can mobilize private help, but he also showed individual states can’t respond to an event of that magnitude.  Probably has something to do with the fact that the states of NY and NJ just had all their infrastructure washed out to sea.  It takes a partnership people.  The President, Governor Christie, Governor Cuomo, and Governor Romney worked it as well as it can be worked. And regardless of what you may hear or read, they all did it without playing politics.

It’s the map, always the map…

The map is where it’s at.  And the map says this one might be very close.  In popular vote Obama will probably be on the short end, but it looks as though he will win the electoral college race and get a second term.  In the olden days the Thursday prior to election day always told the tale.  Whoever was winning the polling data and the electoral map mathematics on the final Thursday eventually won the election.  And by olden days I mean all the way up to November of 08.   So here is where it stands now.

From Real Clear Politcs

Here is the rub, this ain’t the old days.  Hard to tell what may happen, but if the math stands like this come election day, Romney will need 78 of the 146 toss up electoral votes to break for him while Obama only needs 69.  And yeah that 9 vote difference is a big deal.  270 makes you President, so the Governor has a tough road to climb but not insurmountable.

The hurricane really has little effect.  The President was going to win NJ and NY anyway. Romney didn’t even campaign there.  But he is making up ground in Ohio, Colorado and Iowa.  That’s huge.  If Romney wins Ohio, get ready for a long night and possibly…


Yeah it may be that close that an auto recount is triggered in several states.  Each state is different with respect to when they have a recount, but polling suggests a few states may be close enough to their recount number.  If that happens we’ll not know who won until December.

Be sure to check back here on election night for live updates as the results pour in.  I’ll be typing until Hawaii decides.  As the old saying goes: As goes Maui, so goes the nation.

I didn’t say I was sorry…(speech acts)

Yes I took notes on the debate. I didn’t think there were any big reveals, gaffes, or serious revelations. Personally, I thought it was a push. I agree with others, if you haven’t made up your mind by now, go back to France and surrender.

So, this is old and tired, and not that it matters, because apparently it doesn’t, but I’m going to make the point anyway, because at least it interests enough to take the time to explain it.

Just to be clear, you don’t have to actually say a word to invoke the meaning. The intention of your words can be considered a “speech act”…there’s three parts to the speech act theory, and in the case I am making, I am referring  to the “perlocutionary act”…which means “What you’re trying to accomplish with what you’re saying”… considering its intended effect, such as persuading, convincing, inspiring, apologizing.

Definition of apology, from the Merriam Webster’s online dictionary.

1)      a formal justification : defense

2)      an admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret

Here are direct quotes of what Obama said in the beginning of his term:

“ There have been times when America’s shown arrogance, been dismissive, even derisive.”

“We’ve at times been disengaged, and at times sought to dictate our terms.”

“Unfortunately faced with an uncertain threat, our government made a series of hasty decisions; in other words, we went off course.”

“Our Government was making decisions that undermine the rule of law.”

Yes, these quotes are made out of context of the larger speech. However, I do believe they are representative of his message (please YouTube these for yourself for your own determination).

What do you think Obama was trying to accomplish with these words?

I believe a large part of the president’s job is to establish the vision for the country, set the tone, and communicate to the rest of the world on our behalf. It’s called leadership, and public communication is a large part of how you do it. It’s an important part of a president’s toolkit. Reagan did it expertly.   Like any leader, a presidents’ communication at the beginning of his term establishes his thoughts and his path. So, a president’s communication at the start of his presidency should be considered important, shouldn’t it?

Sure, America’s made mistakes. That’s not my issue here. All countries have. Are we, as a country, arrogant? Perhaps, but I don’t think it’s anything to apologize for. If you think other countries are incapable of arrogance, (if indeed countries can be characterized as such) you haven’t been to many countries. We’re just currently the most powerful of them.

So, again, I ask you, what do you think Obama was trying to accomplish with those words? You’re free to make up your own mind. There are a million ways to deliver a message. I believe Obama could have been so much more positive and inclusive in his message and tone. He could have used language that simply indicated that America was establishing a new direction, and whether I liked him or not, I could have felt included in the remarks. The old “I’m everybody’s president now” thing.  He could have elaborated on the “Hope and Change” schtick. Being a veteran and knowing, first hand, the immense amount of good America accomplishes all over the globe, seeing first hand arrogant American GIs performing incredible acts of kindness in the service of their country, his remarks alienated me from the start by, in my mind, apologizing for who America was and what we’d done.  For me, that’s what he accomplished with those words.

An apology tour.

Presidential Debate #3: I left my snark in Boca Raton

This is it.  I can’t believe it.  This is the last one.  I mean, I’m not ashamed to say I’m a little choked up right now.  I feel like I know these people.  No more debates.  It can’t be.   Folks this has been going on since spring of 2011 when the candidates announced they were running.   I’ve had two birthdays, a daughter, my brother-in-law got a new job and moved from Lexington KY to Raleigh NC, and my mother-in-law has moved here to Knoxville from Lexington KY.  All since this thing started.

Alright, I’ve gathered myself. I think.  No, no, yeah I’m good, yeah I’m gonna be good.

Ok on to the action.  We’re live from lovely Boca Raton Florida.  A city so nice they say it exactly opposite it’s spelling.  It’s Boca Rah – Tone, even though the O can’t be solid without a vowel following it.  Whatever.  You say potato, I say potatoe.

Bob Schiffer on to debate moderate.  He’s a good choice.  Guy has a Sunday show where he’s essentially a moderator for the entire hour.  We’ll see if he can control these two.

No fist-a-cuffs tonight sports fans.  Just verbal punches.  Looks all happy smiley for the final contest.

Those smiles didn’t last long.

Lets get some facts out of the way first.

1. This debate will have zero, none, nada, zilch, effect on the election.

2. If you are an undecided voter there is a good chance you are mentally unbalanced and realistically should not be allowed to vote anyway.  But this is Merica, so see you at the polls nut-jobs.

3. Incumbents always have the edge in foreign policy debates so the pressure is always on the President.

4. This was debate number 23 for Mitt Romney.  23.  This was only Obama’s 3rd.

Knowing that you would think Romney would mow Obama over with his mad debate skilzz.  I think that’s how the kids say it.  Not the case.  The President was the clear visual winner tonight.

Turns out the Pres ain’t no dummy.  He’s a bit of a liar though.  That was clear tonight. Now if we were on the block playin ball, it would be called gamesmanship.  Lying about what a guy said to throw him off is good strategy.  In Presidential politics it’s called lying. It’s currently palying well with the pundits who are breaking this thing down as I type. The key phrase they are all using; if you watched the debate, Obama was the clear winner.  True enough.  But if you read the transcript or just listened without watching, this debate was a draw, maybe even a Romney win.

Obama brought the funny and the condescension tonight.  He was channeling a little Newt Gingrich I think.  On the issue of the size of the Navy, Romney accused the President of neglect citing the Navy is the smallest it’s been since 1917.  Actual fact there.  The President’s response: “well Governor, we have less bayonets and horses than we had in 1917 as well.  The Navy has evolved in their capability.  They have aircraft carries now, that have planes land on them.  The have ships that go under the water and they call them submarines.”  Wow, a little nasty there.

Most pundits agreed this is the tone of a candidate who thinks he’s losing the race. Agreed.  But for a guy who is losing the race, Obama was smiling a lot.  But it felt more like that Jeffrey “I’ve got a good place in my freezer for your head” Dahmer smile.   It went on like that for several answers.  The big lie came at the end and backfired a little thanks to Twitter.  Obama repeated that tired line that Mitt wanted the car industry to just go bankrupt.  Romney corrected Obama and then the twitter-verse fact checked both men and found Romney was spot on and Obama was dead wrong.

Romney had a good response to the condescension, basically saying “attacking me Mr. President doesn’t spell out your agenda, it’s just attacking me.”  Good point.  Romney then spun a lie about the President into a winning argument.  This so called apology tour the President supposedly went on has been debunked from the beginning.  When Romney brought it up, the President jumped on him calling it the biggest whopper of the campaign.  But then Romney spelled out exactly why he felt it was an apology tour even though he admitted the President never said sorry or actually apologized for America.

By taking the tour at all signaled weakness according to Romney.  By touring all middle eastern countries except Israel gave the appearance of the President trying to curry sympathy from the Arab world while ignoring our biggest ally in the region.  It was a good argument.  Won me over.  It was the only time Romney really articulated a response that left the President with no good comeback.

Other than those few instances the debate was Romney trying to agree with everything Obama said.  Literally.  I think someone on Twitter scored it at about 90% as far as the President’s foreign policies that Romney agreed with.  Romney may have moved the needle with his conservative base, but in the wrong direction.

So Romney’s strategy was to just stay close to Obama, make no big mistake, and come out on top.  Obama kept challenging Romney with belittlement and condescension, but Romney would not bite.  That is the strategy of a guy winning the election.  But I must say for a guy who is winning based on the current polls, Romney sweats a lot.  He was “beading up” as they say down here, from the first exchange.

The national average of polls has the men tied, but both men are seeing internal polling that tell them the same thing.  Romney is pulling ahead in some key states and Obama has been losing ground for a while now.  Both men debated accordingly.

It was a bit of a snooze fest to tell the truth.  But it was the last one, the end.  I really can’t believe it.  Now all we get are e-mail bombs and junk mailers, and ad blitzes for the last two weeks.  It just won’t be the same.

Be sure to check back here on election night for live coverage of the results as they come in.

Big Bird, Binders, and now Romnesia?

You know I am having a hard time processing all this.  I supported the man in 08.  No shame in it.  He was the smartest of the two and had the better Vice Presidential candidate in Joe Biden.  Yes crazy, perpetually half drunk, foot consistently in mouth, not sure what city he’s in – ever,  Uncle Joe Biden.  Tony may fight me on this, but Joe, even half in the the bag, is a genius compared to the killa from Wasilla.  If this was 08 I’d vote for him again.  But this isn’t 2008. I lived in 2008. I lived through 08.  I voted in 2008. And 2008, you are no 2012.  Might have run out the string on that verbiage.

Anyway, this isn’t 2008 and the President’s campaign could not look more different.  I still believe he’s the same smart dude I voted for in 2008.  The problem; he’s trying to keep his job instead of doing his job.  In doing so he is listening to the three most useless people in his campaign: David Axelrod, David Plouffe, and Stephanie Cutter.  And I’m the guy who wrote this about Herman Cain’s campaign manager Mark Block: Down Goes Cain!

What’s the problem with that you ask, seeing as how those three mopped the floor with McCain/Palin in 08?  Here’s the problem, they got a taste and now they’re hooked. Addicts do some crazy and stupid crap to keep feeding the addiction.  These three power addicts are no different than your garden variety East Tennessee Meth heads.  Let me count the ways.

1. Romney talks of cutting spending but gives no clear specifics, except a quick shot at the moderator who works for PBS.  What do we get from the three blind mice?  Two weeks of nonsense about Mitt coming after Big Bird.  This is the leader of the free world mind you, who knows as well as you and I, PBS takes next to no money from the government and will operate fine without it.

2. Romney uses an awkward phrase about binders of women’s resumes and how they went about recruiting women for his cabinet when he was Governor of Massachusetts.  By the way, at that time Romney’s cabinet was over 50% women.  No Governor can make that claim even today.  Even among democrats.  What do we get from Cutter and the gang? A week and a half of binder jokes which did great things for Trapper Keeper sales, only to lower the bar even more for smart and intelligent debate in this country.

3. The President accuses Romney of having amnesia when it comes to some of his practices and polices as Governor.  So for the last week we’ve got nothing but “Do you want a President in the White House with Romnesia?”  That’s a direct quote from advertising and mailers sent out last week by Team Obama.  Again this is the leader of the free world making and repeating stupid lines that Wally and the Beav wouldn’t laugh at, and those two chuckle heads laughed at everything.

So that’s it.  Instead of turning to serious issues that all of Governors comments represent, we get seltzer water shooting lapel flowers and hand buzzers.  Instead of refuting some of the things the Governor said we get open mic night at the improv.  Were those attacks supposed to hurt?  It didn’t hurt Romney one bit.  It only makes you look small Mr. President, because we all know you’re trying to make him look small.  It has become your only shot.

Where I grew up in Jersey, and I’m betting the same for Tony, who’s from Ohio, silly attacks like that would only encourage me to kick the snot out of you.  It only reinforces the idea that you have nothing else, that you’re weak, and ultimately you’re beatable.

Mr. President, I would tell you what I told Rick Santorum, smarten up.  But it’s too late for that.

The final debate is tonight.  Let’s see what meaningless phrase or word Team Shecky Green and his band of cable comedy writers can spin into a Gong Show act for the remaining two weeks of the election.

Yeah it’s a real thing.


Thought I was joking?  Here is the high brow, intelligent campaigning we have come to know and love from Obama and his campaign full of not ready for any time players.

Really Mr. President?  Really?

The whoopee cushion of your campaign has run out of gas.

Photo courtesy of Euraputz.com

Tonight’s debate guide

Here’s a guide for tonight’s debate.

Obama’s foreign policy debate points:

  1. Don’t mention that you went on a global apology tour at the beginning of your presidency to tell them we were sorry, and that we’d been arrogant. Because it didn’t work.
  2. Hey, you killed Bin Laden, you’ll get a lot of credit for that.
  3. Try to act interested, and do your “I’m smarter than you,” shtick, the base always loves that.

Romney’s foreign policy debate points:

  1. Don’t appear to be politicizing national security….by politicizing national security.
  2. Stick to your speaking points.
  3. Don’t say you’ll kill Big Bird or any other popular muppet-type figue.

Points to watch for in tonight’s debate:

  1. Obama’s defense of four years of weak foreign policy.
  2. How much credit Obama will take for killing Bin Laden.
  3. A lot of talk on Libya. The narrative continues to change.  At this point, everything is damage control, so establishing dominance on this topic could tip the debate on way or the other.
  4. The latest sound bite. “Big bird?”, “Binders of women?” Unfortunately, it’s true that the best (or the worst) sound bite could sway the unwashed masses and carry the election.

What I’d like to see:

  1. Some honest talk about what the hell you’re going to do without referencing each other’s retirement plan.
  2. I don’t want either one to tell me they’re going to fix the Middle East. Because you can’t. Just inform me on your position.
  3. Some sincerity. You could fault W for a lot of stuff, but the guy was sincere.

For better or worse, this is the third and final round.

Laughter is good but fleeting

It’s not all gloom, doom, and dourness here.  We like to yuck it up as much as the next couple of jaded, retired, military guys.  To that end here is a good web site that should bring a little levity to the proceedings.

Romney Tax Plan – Now I am a Romney supporter and will vote for him on election day and even I think this is funny.

Click the link and have a laugh.  It may be the last one for a while



Picture courtesy of CNN


Romney Tax Plan

Presidential Debate #2: The most important debate of our time…until the next one.

It’s go time from Hofstra University in Hempstead New York.  Candy Crowley of CNN is the moderator and she looks like she could spit nails.  The name Candy is a little misleading.  Think of a fat guy named slim.

It’s town hall style tonight.  Questions coming from the audience.  That by itself should be worth a little unintentional comedy. That means the candidates are free range chickens. Free to roam to and fro.  This bit John McCain in the rump last time.  He looked like your great grandfather, wandering around the freeway looking for his puree`ed squash and brownie cake.

Interesting to note both campaigns balked at Crowley as the moderator because she threatened ask her own questions.  God forbid.

Love Crowley already.  Absolutely no introductions.  She just took the first question from the audience and started.  Nice.  Look gang if these guys have to intro themselves, we have bigger problems than these guys ducking tough debate questions.

Second man up with a question about energy.  I expected a blue collar, lunch pail, NY Islanders fan.  Got Droopy Dog, with coke bottle glasses, who apparently free bases helium.

The President has come out stronger.  But how could he not.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!  I think the Obama and Romney just traded paint there.  If not, they definitely shared the same breathing air for a second.  Got very close passing each other on the stage.  Shit just got real, (learned that from the muppets).

Ok we are into the tax plan weeds.  This all benefits the Pres. for two reasons.  First Romney had not offered too many specifics about his plan and Obama can corner him on this.  Second any time not talking about the Libya cover up is a win for the President.

Until Romney expertly pivots it to Obama’s record on debt and deficits.  President is on, but Romney is not wilting.

Katherine something or other asks about equal pay for women in the work place.  Here is the best way to describe this exchange.  From Sam Youngman, former White House press corp, now writes for Reuters, and a Kentucky fan, but we give him a pass on that sometimes:

nuf said






Now we are beating on George Bush again.  Man, I wasn’t a fan but let the guy fade into his sunset.He served his country with passion and a care for Americans.  Will anyone just own the current situation and start with the fix already.

Mike Jones hits Obama between the eyes.  “I voted for you in 08, why should I vote for you now.”  Good question from the audience for once.  Obama goes down a pretty impressive list of things he’s done.  Three myths that dog him: 1. raised taxes – no he actually cut them  2. Made it harder to get guns – no actually guns have never been easier to get in our history. 3. soft on immigration – no the administration has deported more illegals than Bush 43 did in 8 years.

Best tweet of the night – decided by me.




Trevino was a speech writer in the Bush 43 White House.  Following his twitter feed should be worth 3 college credits in history and political science.

Romney smartly highlights the problem with the past 4 years as to why Obama should not get your vote;  23 million Americans are still out of work.  It’s that number and not the percentage of unemployed that’s most important.  Romney is in a good groove now.

Immigration is up now.  And somehow they have both segued that to each others personal finances and again they get very close to each other, are raising their voices AT each other, and have to be called to task by the moderator.

No joke, there is an obvious dislike between these two men.  It’s much more obvious from Obama then Romney and it’s more than just a passive dislike. Hate is too strong, but it’s close.  But as much as a mormon can bow up, Romney is doing it.

Here we go.  Another great question from the audience, “what happened in Libya?”  They might just come to blows here.  The room is still tight with stress from that last exchange.

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President still steaming from that last dust up and is speaking forcefully.  However he really didn’t answer the question.  Most pundits on twitter agree that there really is no good answer, that’s why the Pres. ducked it.  Obama did say the buck stops with him.  A lot of bucks floating around on this issue.  HRC has the one that mattered.  Obama is 4 weeks late a buck short on that.   Pres is actually yelling in defiance during his response.

Oh Candy, bad Candy.  Obama said he knew it was a terror attack the day after it happened.  Mitt rightly asks then why did your UN Ambassador say other wise two weeks later, on five different Sunday talk shows?  Candy cut the whole thing off.  I’m not a big conspiracy type but the press has really crapped the bed on this story.  And be advised this embassy story is huge, freaking huge.  Shame on you Candy.  Four Americans are dead.  An Ambassador and 3 former military men.  They were assassinated on US soil and the press seems unwilling to ask a question or allow questions to be asked.

Candy then steps on Romney bringing up Operation Fast and Furious.  Google Fast and Furious, you won’t believe it.  I am no longer in favor of town hall.  Give me Jim Leher any day.  He let them talk at least.

Barry gets the last question and asks something stupid.  Sit down Barry, Thomas Jefferson doesn’t like you.  Romney decides to just ignore the question and do a short bio about himself.  Obama gets to answer last.  We’ll see if he answers Barry’s stupid question or just blames Bush for the bad economy.

To the President’s credit, he actually answered the question.  No matter, it was dumb. Something about what is the biggest misconception about you?  How about housing, unions, DADT, Barry?

And thats it.  No closing arguments.  I like that.   Now normally the two men will shake hands and chat for a bit on stage.  Not tonight.  I’m telling you, they were close to throwing hands.  When the Pres accused Romney of investing in companies in China, Romney replied, “have you ever looked at your pension fund Mr. President?”  Boom. Obama got pissed and the two men kept shouting the same thing at each other and getting closer and closer.  I mean I was expecting some Secret Service agents to come on stage.  That’s how tense it got.

No doubt each side will claim victory, but like the first debate there really was no clear standout in my opinion.  And to me that helps Romney.

Also, the Libya thing is not going away.  Romney flubbed his chance a bit and Candy blocked him some, but the question still remains, if the Pres knew it was a terror attack why did everyone else from his admin to include the UN Ambassador say otherwise?

Two final thoughts from twitter that encapsulate my opinion about debates quite well.






So same as the last time.  No needle move from the debate.  And if those were undecided voters I’m a Tibetan monk.

Off to Boca for the next one.  That’s right, sunny Boca Raton and Lynn University, for the final Presidential debate.

That’s next Monday, 22 October.  Don’t miss it.