UF/UF94: School’s Out…Forever

Alice Cooper was onto something when he penned that student favorite in 1972. Little did he know…

That’s the current political football right now. To school or not to school, to go to school in reality or in a real building. Much like the NCAA, this issue is has never been about the kids themselves.

We will break it down and reveal our own choices on our progeny’s school method for the upcoming semester. That plus a whole lot more in tonight’s episode of UF/UF The Podcast

Episode 294: School’s Out…Forever


You can’t get him to wear a mask, you think 120 kindergartners will wear one?

UF/UF 290: The Year of Discontent

Man, 2020 has been a year. And it’s only June! It appears neither the pandemic nor the craziness coming from the Trump Whitehouse shows any signs of waning.

Even FOX News is publishing polls showing Trump down big to Biden. FOX News!!! We are through the looking glass my friends.

What will the second half of the year have in store?

Do you really want to know?

Click man, just click.

UF/UF 290: The Year of Discontent


Decisions, decisions…

UF/UF 268: Fickle Bitches

Democratic leadership has made it perfectly clear; they have no leadership. So the smart play, in their minds, is to find a new candidate. You know cause it ain’t like they don’t have 40 to pick from already.

That should work out for them.

Click the link to find out why it won’t and more importantly find out the top 5 candies you should be stealing from your kids trick-or-treat bag this year.

UF/UF 268: Fickle Bitches



20 MF’rs to choose from and not a solid candidate in the  bunch!



UF/UF 259: Joe’s on the loose.

So its the era of Joe apparently.

Joe Biden is back on the trail.  He just doesn’t know where he is. Although that doesn’t keep him from taking wild ass guesses while he’s addressing the crowd. At least the other night his guess as to his location was in the same time zone as his actual destination, just not the same state.

God we love that man.

And then we have Joe Walsh, hard core conservative, former Tea Partier and Congressman from Illinois. When the first wave of Tea Party people started to be swept from office, Joe met his congressional fate.

But he’s back. And unlike our other Joe, Walsh seems to know exactly where he’s wanting to go; the Republican National Convention, as its Presidential Candidate.

Yep you read that right. Republican Joe Walsh is taking on Republican President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. Buckle up folks it just got interesting.

Click the link. We’ll sort it all out for you.


UF/UF 259: Joe’s on the loose.



Shit just got real.



UF/UF 249: Send in the clowns!

Gas up the clown car boys, it’s debatin season!

For all of you who thought the Republican primary of 2016 was a giant shit show, and I was one of those people; hang on to your hats. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Democratic primary has become so large the debates have to be staggered over two nights. The field is so crowded right now the Dems have scheduled debates every month until the primary election just so they can get all the candidates proper air time.

We sort out the field for you tonight. Don’t miss it.

UF/UF 249: Send in the clowns!



primary 202

Clinton, McAuliffe, and Bloomberg are the only non-official candidates in this field, but are expected to join soon.


UF/UF 245: Measels are back!

Editor’s Note: At the time of recording episode 245 in the studio, we were unaware of the transition to the living force of Peter Mayhew, the actor who brought the most beloved walking carpet in the history of movies to life in the form of Chewbacca. 

We would be remiss in not mentioning this event even though we don’t speak of it in the following podcast. It is after all May the 4th. If you need the importance of this day explained to you, Chewbacca’s passing means nothing to you anyway. 

For all others: See you again Chewie, no one is ever really gone.


May the 4th Be With You.

Now on to the show UF/UF 245: Measels are Back

In case you were missing that famous desease that’s so much fun it’ll make you die, the Anit-vaxxer idiots got your back.

They have single-handedly brought back a disease that was eradivcated from America for years now.

Thank assholes.

UF/UF 245: Measels are back. Thanks Assholes.




Pic of actual anti-vaxxer  aka asshole



UF/UF 244: Say it ain’t so Joe!

Well, he’s in now. Great friend of the show and former VP Joe Biden made it official. And we still really can’t figure out why. No point in worrying about that now. He has officially entered the fray. The Bernie Sanders campaign did not reply when asked for comment.

Also don’t miss another installment of our new segment K my A. It’s a doozy.

UF/UF 244: Say it ain’t so Joe!



Biden 2

Hello Cleveland!

UF/UF 126: I’ll come running….

All ya got to do is call…

Not for nothing but I told you people years ago John Kerry was not suited for this job and would make Hillary look like the greatest Secretary of State in the history of the Republic.  Next time maybe you’ll listen. Well big John is lamenting the state of American politics as embarrassing. Let that soak in. John Kerry says American politics is embarrassing. John Kerry.

When this guy thinks you're a douche, guess what, you are a douche.

When this guy thinks you’re a douche, guess what, you are a douche.

Ain’t it good to know you got a friend.

And it is us. Tony, me, the crew at UF/UF. We are your friends.  And as such we have authored the next episode of UF/UF The Podcast. Click the link for Episode 126: I’ll Come Running

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You’re welcome America!

Oh and we talked about Trump and some other people too.  Just click the link already.

You’re welcome again.


Hey Trump Protesters – Get. Off. The. Damn. Road!

Look man, I can’t stand the guy. Those shirts and stickers going around about Missing W will quickly be replaced by shirts saying Missing O yet? if Trump were to become President. Yeah they will. Trust me on this.

However, as much as I fear for the republic should Trump become the president, I fear more for it if protesters can block free speech. In other words, “Hey you dopes, get off the damn road. This is America. People are allowed to speak freely no matter your disagreement with them!”

Thank a Trump protester for this.

Thank a Trump protester for this.

Believe it or not, Trump becoming president is the system working. Protesters being allowed to block a highway and keep Trump supporters from getting to the rally, and keeping other people from getting to places like, oh I don’t know, the doctor, food shopping, or home to their bed, is not the system. That’s the other guy’s system. That’s the system that leads to less freedom, less America.

Sound familiar. It should. It’s the very thing Trump protesters accuse him of trying to do. They irony! It stings!

Want more irony. Buckle up. Blocking his supporters from Trump rallies only creates more Trump supporters. Sound familiar? It should. The radical left in this country has been singing this song about Guantanamo Bay prison for almost 8 years. Their theory, holding terrorists without charging them, will only create more terrorists.

Now hold on to your toupes Trumpites. I am in no way comparing you all to terrorists. I’m merely pointing out the hypocrisy of radical people in this country. For the last 7 or so years the Tea Party filled that slot. Now the left have stepped up in a big way. That giant lilly white orb is their collective ass (assi?) hanging out.

Ok only two more ironies to kick out. Hang tough.

Good work. Dopes.

Good work. Dopes.

Chris Christie was practically castrated and his presidential run blunted because he blocked a bridge in Jersey to effect payback on a non-supportive mayor. An old man died in an ambulance because said ambulance could not get to the hospital, instead being stuck in a traffic jam. Sound familiar? It should.

Yesterday several people were tweeting or facebooking that they were stuck in traffic in the burning hot Arizona dessert. One unfortunate lady was coming home from the hospital after a surgical procedure just wanting to get to her bed. How are these folks any better than Chris Christie, the same man they were howling about when the bridge story made the papers?

Last one.

If Trump protesters get Trump out of the race, they succeed. That is if succeeding means to fail miserably. All polls around the country show Hillary whooping Trumps ass from Concord to Carlsbad. The one guy she’s not beating in the polls is Ted Cruz. She loses to him by 5 or 6 points. Almost in the margin I grant you, but still she would be trailing Cruz.  So if you hippies somehow get Trump to quit, your girl loses, most likely. If he stays in, your girl sweeps to victory.

Let’s not even talk about the scores of undecideds stuck on the road in Arizona you just pushed to Trump’s side of the ticket. Pure genius.

So one question Trump protesters. Whose side are you are on anyway? While your head explodes contemplating that, please for the love of God and country and freedom…



UF/UF 124: The Trumpen-ing

Yeah, it’s all Trump all the time around here these days. From having to cancel rallies from threats of violence to claiming there will be riots if he’s not given the nomination even if he falls short of the required delegates, Donald Hairpiece is just filling our windscreen.

So click the link had here our very different takes on The Donald and his rise. One thing we do agree on, it will be Trump-tastic no matter the outcome.

UF/UF 124: The Trumpen-ing

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You’re welcome America!


All hail...

All hail…