UF/UF 259: Joe’s on the loose.

So its the era of Joe apparently.

Joe Biden is back on the trail.  He just doesn’t know where he is. Although that doesn’t keep him from taking wild ass guesses while he’s addressing the crowd. At least the other night his guess as to his location was in the same time zone as his actual destination, just not the same state.

God we love that man.

And then we have Joe Walsh, hard core conservative, former Tea Partier and Congressman from Illinois. When the first wave of Tea Party people started to be swept from office, Joe met his congressional fate.

But he’s back. And unlike our other Joe, Walsh seems to know exactly where he’s wanting to go; the Republican National Convention, as its Presidential Candidate.

Yep you read that right. Republican Joe Walsh is taking on Republican President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. Buckle up folks it just got interesting.

Click the link. We’ll sort it all out for you.


UF/UF 259: Joe’s on the loose.



Shit just got real.



UF/UF 235: Fly on the Wall

The President has opened Pandora’s Box, grabbed the third rail, tempted the gods, etc, etc, etc…

What he has really done is f**k up. The precedent he is about to set may get his wall built and keep his campaign promise but it will do little to fix the actual issue and sets the table for the next Democrat President to do likewise on issues they deem important. Plus it’s gonna cost billions in taxes.  Mexico ain’t paying for it my friends.

I don’t care what party you’re in, that’s just plain stupid and very reckless. We’ll see how it plays out.

Click the link and we’ll discuss.

UF/UF 235: Fly on the Wall





Take my money. You’re going to anyway.

UF/UF 232: It’s a Raid!

Editor’s Note: This podcast taped just prior to the President announcing he had signed a three week Continuing Resolution to re-open the government without funding for his wall. We’ll have plenty to say on the subject in the next episode of UF/UF The Podcast.


UF/UF 232: It’s a Raid!



6am on a Friday. A light mist settles on the lawn. FBI in SWAT style gear, armed to the teeth, quietly roll up to the target house.  Suddenly a spot light brighter than the sun drowns the front of the residence as the SWAT dudes fan out, weapons at the ready, and rush the front entrance.

The door opens slowly as the warriors brace for combat. Finally the target appears. All those years of training and sacrifice have lead to this very moment. The moment when they risk life and limb to apprehend…


… this guy.



Yep, this guy.

UF/UF 191: Everybody loves a parade!

Great Kim Jong Il’s ghost! A parade? With tanks and missiles and goose stepping troops?!? Hell yeah, sign us up. On second thought… Click the link and hear what two 20 year vets have to say about a military parade in DC on July 4th. Spoiler – it’s bullshit. But the conversation is fun so click anyway.

Come for the parade stay for the theater. UF/UF playhouse rides again! Tune in as Tony and Fran put voice to the lovers e-mails between two amorous FBI agents. You can’t live without hearing this. Trust me.


UF/UF 191: Everybody loves a parade!



Well maybe this parade…

UF/UF 161: Ugly Has a New Face.

So one of my old supervisors from my military days always used the phrase, “I’m going to take a griff.” while he was on the way to the bathroom. He did that because he hated a guy named Griffin who worked in the same hangar and equated Griff with taking a huge dump (read poo poo). Who knew that almost 30 years later that phrase would come in handy.

Ladies and gentleman I give you the biggest Griff ever taken:

I got nothing.

Just click already.

UF/UF 161: Ugly Has a New Face.

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You’re Welcome America!

UF/UF 158: You get health care! You get health care! You get…

Well you get the idea. The health care battle as re-ignited. House Rs claim victory, but Senate Rs say not so fast. President Trump is about to get a basic civics lesson. Courtesy of Senator McConnell Ky (R).

The Prez should take notes. But you don’t have too. You have us. Click the link and pass the test.

UF/UF 158: You get health care! You get health care! You get…

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You’re Welcome America!


Dead on arrival on the Senate steps as usual.

UF/UF 154: UFOs, Wire Taps, and Ashley Judd.

We’ve got it all this time folks. Mysterious vacation cloud formations chase Hupp back to Tennessee. Mysterious wire taps chase Pres Spokesman Spicer from the podium, and mysterious threats chase Ashley Judd from a selfie. Gettin crazy here people. Click and we’ll explain.

UF/UF 154: UFOs, Wire Taps, and Ashley Judd.

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You’re Welcome America!

Moons over Miami? We report, you decide!