UF/UF 306: You Can’t Handle the Truth!

As team Trump, quarterbacked by Rudy, gets their collective asses kicked in every court room they’ve entered to the toon of a 1-46 record so far, the country waits and wonders:

Was the election rigged? (no, no it wasn’t).

Can Trump get this thing overturned? (no, no he can’t)

Was there voter fraud and voting irregularities? (no no ther… oh just hold on one second Jack. Yeah they’re was.)

Will it overturn the elction? (No, no it won’t)

But to needs to be fixed for sure. Click and listen, Hupp will make it all better. Also robots being recognized as people is a thing now. That should be fine.


UF/UF 306: You Can’t Handle the Truth!


That’s not how this works! That’s not how any of this works.


UF/UF 47: That’s a Big Twinkie.

Look, I get the issues surrounding the election, the confirmation hearings, the Dems having the hissy fits of all hissy fits, but when you start messing with Twinkies, well then you got our attention. Don’t be touching no Twinkies that’s all I’m saying. Of course if you come across those special addition Christmas Twinkies leave them be, they got the salmonella.

But like it or not we do have bigger twinkies to fry. The Elect has his first press conference and took a dump all over Jim Acosta from CNN. Buzzfeed got thier hands on a dossier from the CIA. It had been deemed unreliable. No matter for Buzzfeed, they just published it. Truth is no longer a valid trait among news sources.

That’s a big damn twinkie right there.

Click. Your welcome.

Uf/UF 47: That’s a Big Twinkie.


Right here baby! Feed them in!

Right here baby! Feed them in!

Yellow Sponges of Happy!

Yellow Sponges of Happy!







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