UF/UF 296: Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night…

The US Post Office is under attack. But is it really?

Hupp and I explain the hullaballoo surrounding the institution started by Ben Franklin and now being run by some dumbass that doesn’t know that stamps cost money.

Also stay tuned in for our breakdown of the Democratic National Convention. Joe is the man for the job. But is he really?

All that and more tonight on:

UF/UF The Podcast Episode 296: Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom night...


Boo this man! Boooo him!

Post office stop delivery on Saturday? Oh the horror

Here’s a reprint of a post I made on another blog. Look, I love the post office. My father-in-law works there. But….just bring me my mail on Mondays, please. There’s only two things that I get in the mail that I care about. They’re both runners magazines.

So, I can filter my e-mail precisely, unfollow on Twitter, de-friend or acquaintance on Facebook, I’ve even been able to “opt out” of unwanted phone calls. But I can’t stop the Post Office from giving me crap I don’t want.

Here’s an idea, I don’t want anything that says “resident.” Anything that says “Current Resident” “Former Resident” “Future Resident.” If it says resident, I’m out. That eliminates a lot right there.

Next, I don’t want anything that doesn’t come in an envelope. If I want coupons, I’ll go buy a Sunday paper, (which I don’t get anymore either) or get them online.

There now, I’ve just eliminated 80% of the crap that I don’t want, saved a few forests, and a few postman’s backs. And maybe the post office would save some money, or at the least, offer a little better service from the ol pony express.

Come on, post office, join the rest of us in this century.

Eliminate Saturday delivery? Thank God.

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