UF/UF 330: The Un Diet

A new fad is on the horizon. You’ve not heard of it? Surely not.

You better get on board. Every dictator will be styling it this season. It’s the Un diet. As in North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. The would be moronic despot looked markedly thinner in his first public appearance in some time.

Now word comes, from Un himself, that North Korea is facing a “tense food crisis.” Word on the street is it’s likely that around 3 million North Koreans have died from starvation over the last several years. If true that number may balloon now that the most dishonest man on the planet is admitting to a food shortage in his own country.

Is the Un story believable? Yeah kind of. You know if the food is short, Un is getting the lion’s share of it and he’s still dropping weight like an aging swimsuit model stung out on Cali’s finest blow.

Peep for yourself.

How it started – How it’s going.

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UF/UF 330: The Un Diet

UF/UF 158: You get health care! You get health care! You get…

Well you get the idea. The health care battle as re-ignited. House Rs claim victory, but Senate Rs say not so fast. President Trump is about to get a basic civics lesson. Courtesy of Senator McConnell Ky (R).

The Prez should take notes. But you don’t have too. You have us. Click the link and pass the test.

UF/UF 158: You get health care! You get health care! You get…

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You’re Welcome America!


Dead on arrival on the Senate steps as usual.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 53: Hupp has a New Hobby – Futbol!

Oh we have a great on for you tonight. I mean they’re all great but this one might me the greatiest. We’re talking two of Hupp’s favorite things: SCOTUS decisions about religion and Futbol! or soccer. So get some popcorn as we go head to head over the Supreme Court and the most popular sport on the planet.

We’ll talk about some other stuff too.

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 53: Hupp has a New Hobby – Futbol!

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On to the tease…

Talk about leaving a mark!

Talk about leaving a mark!

Where did our love go?

Obama roughed up by the Supremes. The Supreme Court that is. Hobby Lobby plays the hypocritical faith card and wins. What’s worse, the Court says Obama can’t make recess appointments if John of Orange says the House is in a session even if no one is present. That’s gotta sting.




Is that crack I smell?

Is that crack I smell?

He’s back and off crack!!!!

Well for the moment he is. The coolest mayor in North America is back from rehab and ready to run Toronto again. The question; is Toronto ready? Is the world ready? I know I’m ready.




I'm not the worst! Yeah! Take that America.

I’m not the worst! Yeah! Take that America.

Move over Jim.

The results are in and Obama is now polling as the worst President (33%) since WWII. But it’s not Jimmy Carter that has to move over. He’s only polling at around 7%. It’s big W, George Bush 43 that slides to second, polling around 28%. Third place, well that bastard is way back in the low teens.


All this plus a new bit where Tony and I lay down 5 presidential decrees we would enact in “If I was President!”

Don’t miss it.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 53: Hupp has a New Hobby – Futbol!

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My Hobby in the Lobby


No SCOTUS decision ever stopped Barry White

Ok, I don’t think I’ve ever had sex in a lobby. And if I did once, it wasn’t a hobby.

I  don’t understand the outrage. I don’t understand all the dumb things I’ve read about it (actually, maybe I do).  “Keep the boss out of my bedroom.” Let’s see, I’ve read that a hundred times in various forms if I’ve read it once. How does this Supreme Court decision put the boss in your bedroom, unless you’ve decided to sleep with him yourself? (But that would still be your choice, not the SCOTUS). I would just like to hear someone from the left make a logical statement instead of yelling about how women’s rights are being stepped on, but they never really say how. You can still get laid. You can still get birth control. How are “women’s rights” being infringed? Because someone else is not paying for it? I just think people at the top are pissed at losing a SCOTUS decision on Obamacare, and the unwashed masses just parrot the phrases like its gospel.

Here’s what Barbara Boxer said:

“I view this as very much an anti-woman position to take,” Boxer said. “And it’s important to note that women take birth control, more than half of them, as a medication for other conditions, so it is an attack on women. I think it’s an attack on the religious freedom of the women who work there. Remember, no one is forced to take birth control. It’s an individual right, and this is America, and this is the 21st century, and this is shocking.” Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/03/barbara-boxer-obamacare-birth-control-viagra-104990.html#ixzz36ACWtVs7

So, Barbara says “Remember, no one is forced to take birth control, It’s an individual right, and this is America, and this is the 21st century, and this is shocking.” It’s “shocking?” Are you serious?  So if no one is forced to take it, why is it someone else’s responsibility to pay for it when you do? It’s just nonsensical. Attack on the religious freedom of the women who work there? Barbara, are you smoking a medicinal jay? An individual right? An attack on women? That’s just bullshit to stir up the masses. It’s a healthcare plan, and the left is reacting like they’re being denied the right to breathe.

Maybe I’m a little older, but when I was growing up, sex was my business. Actually, it still is. I, and my partner, decide when, where, how, what. And birth control was up to us. Still is. Honestly, I don’t think my boys storm the beach with the same enthusiasm they once did, but again, that’s my biz.

So why is it someone else’s job to pay for yours now?

And all of this is lost on the fact that Hobby Lobby objects to 4 options out of 20. Oh, the horror. The entitled denied? My, my.

Ok, let’s be honest. Do you think this decision is going to change anyone’s sexual practice?

Imagine a Friday night, some sexy couple like they’re right out of a beer commercial. Barry White coming out of the iTunes, candles lit. Things are getting hot. Neck nibbling. Zipper noises. And then the women says “Listen, we’d flat be getting it on if it wasn’t for that SCOTUS decision. But I’m going to have to ask you to leave. After all, my boss is in the bedroom.”

I don’t think so.

It’s not about rights, it’s a health care plan.

And still, no one cares that the IRS has been trampling on an actual right and covering it up.





April Fools, Obamacare, and BS

surgical glove

When you hear the glove snap, it’s time to bend over.





April freaking fool’s day. Yes, I’m angry. For reasons I will write about later. For now, let me just state this. Bureaucracies, over time, simply exist to support themselves. Of course, some bureaucratic BS is necessary to run the world. However, if you don’t know that about bureaucracies, you haven’t given it much thought.

I’m on the White House mailing list, and today, I received the letter from the President telling us how much better life is because of Obamacare. Sorry Nancy, I’m still going to call it that.

Just to start out, if you’d like to read the entire letter, I’ve linked the White House blog to the bottom of this post. And, whether you support Obama or not, you know all the numbers are fabricated. Bad guesses at best.

Normally, I cite sources. I’m not going to tonight. (Except for Goldberg’s’ column and the White House blog post) If you need sources, you’ve not paid a bit of attention in the last two years, and it’s not my responsibility to provide them. Surf the internet for God’s sake. This has been a disaster from what’s her names “We have to pass the bill so we can know what is in it.” I mean, seriously, how has this women not been thrown out on her ass? This is how we govern in America?

Obama is citing “millions” of Americans, young adults, yada yada like he has a clue what he’s talking about. Read the following excerpt from Bernard Goldberg’s latest column, and I’ve linked the entire post at the bottom. I can’t say it any better.

 Too bad the White House forgot to tell the American people how great ObamaCare is.  An AP poll taken right before the six million number was released showed that only 26 percent of Americans support the president’s signature piece of legislation.  That’s the lowest approval rating since ObamaCare became law. (In fairness, the poll may be way off base since it wasn’t conducted of “registered voters” or “likely voters” but simply “adults” – anyone, in other words, with a pulse.)

I don’t want to be a party pooper but there are a few things we don’t know.  We don’t know how many of the six or seven million actually paid their premium.  If they didn’t, they’re not covered — and so they don’t count.

We don’t know how many fit into the key demographic – young and healthy, the ones whose money is desperately needed to keep the plan afloat.

We also don’t know how many already had health insurance but got cancellation notices before they signed up for a new plan they didn’t want.   For all we know maybe only a million of those supposed six or seven million got medical insurance for the first time.

And there’s something else we don’t know.  We don’t know if the numbers the White House is putting out are even close to accurate.

Because, as Goldberg goes on to say, it’s not like Obama’s lied to us about anything else? And by-the-way, our “long broken healthcare system?” Sounds like you’ve been watching too many Michael Moore mockumentaries.

Anyway, if you had to sign up for Obamacare, good luck. You can’t pick your doctor, you can’t pick your healthcare plan. And, if you had something before, what you have now is probably more expensive. But don’t fret, he’s trying to raise the minimum wage.





Podcast Season 2 Episode 34: Smoke em if ya got em!

Welcome to one of the few bastions of freedom left in the world. Smokers welcome, for a while at least. Forget Wolf Blitzer, forget Hannity, forget Maddow. Take a seat, light up and enjoy a mellow podcast that brings you all you need to know about your world today.

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 34: Smoke em if ya got em!

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On to the tease…

CVS is doing what?

CVS is doing what?

CVS for your health

The big time pharmacy/convenience store announced it will no longer sell tobacco products of any kind. I get the sentiment, but I’m worried about the precident. How long until they stop carrying the Sham Wow is what I want to know.


Will Putin's showcase crash and burn?

Will Putin’s showcase crash and burn?

The Sochi Blues

What? A country that spent all its’s money on military and space programs & both programs went bankrupt, can’t get the infrastructure necessary to make ready for the Winter Olympiad? Do tell! To be blunt (haha) Sochi has been described as everything from a summer resort to a poor man’s Harlem.


Put up or shut up gang.

Put up or shut up gang.

Chris – say it isn’t so! 

Well it may not be so. Christie accusers are coming out of the woodwork claiming to have all kinds of evidence about bridgegate. Small problem, none of them can produce any of it. The Port Authority director taking all the heat, pic far left, claims to have big Chris dead to rights but won’t hand over evidence. Stop blowing smoke people.


All this plus a great Politicians of the Podcast segment!

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 34: Smoke em if ya got em!

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The ACA website, your tax dollars hard(ly) at work

moneyworkingThe Government has hired a new contractor to work on the ACA website. The Obama administration has elected not to renew its contract with the main contractor, CGI Federal. They have been replaced with Accenture PLC, anticipated to sign a contract for $90 million. An excerpt from an article in International Business Times:

Federal officials determined that CGI had not effectively fixed the computer system behind the HealthCare.gov website and decided to sign a 12-month contract worth $90 million, probably next week, with Accenture, which is based in Ireland but has operational headquarters in Chicago, according to the newspaper’s report. Accenture is the large consulting firm that built California’s new health insurance system, but it has not worked extensively for the federal government before. (ref)

Well, it’s nice that they’ve determined CGI had not effectively fixed the computer system. At least they’re making progress. Perhaps the contractors they’ve chosen has been the problem? A recent January 9 Huffington Post article titled “Obamacare: A Crisis of Crony Capitalism”  targets the Obama administration’s selection of contractors.

Michele Obama’s classmate at Princeton is a senior vice-president at CGI. The idea that this had nothing to do with using CGI stretches credulity, but the patronage parade isn’t over.

Designing the national healthcare site is Teal Media, founded by the Design Manager of Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign, Jessica Teal. Teal has alternated between claiming credit for their work on the site, and removing all online references to their work regarding healthcare.gov.

Our investigation has uncovered that the HealthCare.gov user interface contract went to a small “garage startup” company, Development Seed. Their general manager is Dave Cole who is the former Obama administration executive in charge of Whitehouse.gov. Our sources say Development Seed needed the insider connections of Cole to land the plum healthcare website contract. (ref.)

This should probably come as no surprise to anyone. The problem with this, of course, is when it doesn’t work. Which it doesn’t.

In addition, there have been problems with the hosting service, as noted in an article by Forbes.

One of the most noteworthy Terremark hosting issues occurred On October 27, as visitors faced a major roadblock – an error window that read, “The system is down at the moment,” splashed across the Healthcare.gov homepage. This lead to a series of tweets and blog posts from Terremark representatives, who scrambled to fix the network connectivity issues. (ref)

Apparently the administration intends to change service providers. However, it seems there could potentially be a big problem with this as well.

The HHS signed a contract with HP to switch hosts for Healthcare.gov. Neither Verizon nor HP has released comments regarding this hosting move. However the timing of this switch is alarming, since the Terremark contract ends on March 30 – just one day before the 2014 open enrollment period ends. (ref)

Seriously, is anyone thinking this through at the most basic level?  Sounds like this could be setting up to be a real catastrophe. This is of course, accompanied by the news that the website is still not secure. In a January 16 article by Reuters about Senate hearings about the website, David Kennedy, head of computer security consulting firm TrustedSEC LLC, said, “HealthCare.gov is not secure today.” He went on to say:

“I don’t understand how we’re still discussing whether the website is insecure or not,” said Kennedy, who worked for the National Security Agency and the U.S. Marine Corps before entering the private sector. “It is insecure – 100 percent.” The article goes on to say:

Before the hearing, Kennedy told Reuters the government has yet to plug more than 20 vulnerabilities that he and other security experts reported to the government shortly after HealthCare.gov went live on October 1. Hackers could steal personal information, modify data, attack the personal computers of website users and damage the infrastructure of the site, Kennedy said in an interview. (ref).

I’m not sure how this could be a bigger mess, or how this is all going to play out, but I’m sure we’re going to waste a whole lot of our money on it before we’re done.







Podcast Season 2 Episode 29: New Year – Old News

We’re back! Welcome to season two of Unfiltered and Unfettered. Yeah Season Two. Let that sink in for a second. Not sure who made the career ending decision to green light our show for a second season, but God bless em!

A question for you, our faithful readers/listeners. Should we restart the clock on episode numbers or stay continuous. In other words should this be episode 1 of season two or should we just keep counting and call it episode 29? Answer in the comment section or e-mail us if you please.

OK let’s get to work.

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Episode 1 or 29: New Year – Old News

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On to the tease…


Ah fresh powder.
Ah, fresh powder.

Old Faithful – on skies.

Yeah our old buddy is back and he’s badder than ever. Kim Jong Un, fresh off grinding his uncle’s bones into a fine powder, uses that powder to open North Korea’s first ever ski resort. Open to the public too. Never let it be said he’s not a man of the people.


Don't let them forget. Ever.

Don’t let them forget. Ever.

Chew that bone Darrell

Rep. Issa, R CA, is not letting go of the Benghazi cover up. Call him a right wing nut job if you want, but he’s one of the few in government that seems at all concerned about how four Americans were left to die in our own embassy. That makes Darrell our Politician of the Podcast.


Jean Luc Picard - greatest of all time? (yes)

Jean Luc Picard – greatest of all time? (yes)

2013 – Politics of the Weird

UF/UF top five list of the weirdest things in politics for 2013. The Pres tops our geek list when he confused Star Wars and Star Trek. Truly an impeachable offense.




All that and more as the ball drops on a new year.

Listen here.

Episode 1 or 29: New Year – Old News

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do it






well go on and do it already




Obamacare and the young barbarians


All we needs a good ad campaign

Obama got the young vote in the election. Most statistics say Obama received 60% of the 18-29 demographic. These are the same people Obama needs to make his ACA act work. Except they are not supporting it.

Obama created a piece of legislation that, as part of it’s framework for success, depends on young people to pay for it,  in the hopes that they won’t use it, to support the people that do use it.

It seems Obamacare is failing, in regards to youth support, on several counts.

  1. Whether they should or not, young people don’t care that much about health insurance
  2. They view Obamacare as too expensive and not a very good product.
  3. They don’t have a lot of money to begin with.
  4. Most of them could be included on someone else’s plan.
  5. The one thing that might have facilitated signing up, a nice accesible platform, has been and still is bungled beyond belief.

Obamacare was designed dependent on the fact that young people will buy plans, when in fact, young people care very little about buying insurance, and in addition, they do not have any confidence in Obamacare.  In a fall, 2013 Harvard University Institute of Politics poll:

A new national poll of America’s 18- to 29- year-olds by Harvard’s Institute of Politics (IOP), located at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, finds a solid majority of Millennials disapprove of the comprehensive health reform package that the president signed into law in 2010, regardless of whether the law is referred to as the “Affordable Care Act” (56%: disapprove) or as “Obamacare” (57%: disapprove). Less than three-in-ten uninsured Millennials say they will definitely or probably enroll in insurance through an exchange if and when they are eligible. http://www.iop.harvard.edu/fall-2013-survey

Less than three-in-ten? Not good if you’re depending on them.

Then, of course, there’s the obvious. You created a program dependent on people signing up who, just naturally, are at the lower end of the economic scale. They’re just starting out, and, by the way, in a not particularly strong economy.

The problem is Obamacare occurs in a context of young people. They’ve graduated from college, those who have, a great many of them into a job market that is — unsatisfying. And they are graduating with federal student debt that they got because the Obama administration, with a flood of subsidies, caused the colleges to raise tuitions to capture the subsidies. And now they are coming out with this debt and they are greeted by the Obama administration — ‘Congratulations, you’ve got your degree. Buy some insurance that you don’t want at a price you can’t afford.’ It’s just not promising.


Again, the legislation is dependent on the 18-29 crowd signing up. However, they made it possible for a significant amount that population to not have to sign up.  The following is off of the healthcare.gov website.

 If a plan covers children, they can be added or kept on the health insurance policy until they turn 26 years old.

Children can join or remain on a plan even if they are:

  • married
  • not living with their parents
  • attending school
  • not financially dependent on their parents
  • eligible to enroll in their employer’s plan

Did I miss something here? You need this population to sign up, yet most of them are probably eligible under someone else’s plan.

Then, of course, there’s one more significant problem. You made it hard for young people to sign up for something they don’t want and can’t afford.  A complete trifecta. With a group of 18-29 year olds, you prevented them from signing up by the only method many of them might have. Online. You bungled the website.

Of course, one of the legislations architects, Ezekiel Emanuel, thinks the whole thing could be solved by just a little PR.

Ezekiel Emanuel, a former health adviser to the president (and the brother of former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel), argued the administration has been too caught up with fixing HealthCare.gov to give the law the proper promotional push.

“No one has launched a big PR campaign to get these people signed up because of the problems with the federal website,” he told “Fox News Sunday.” “We are about to launch a big PR campaign, and that, I think, is going to persuade a lot of people to sign up.”

He noted the administration still has “four more months to go until the end of March,” when penalties kick in for those who haven’t gotten coverage

He said he thinks young people will be incentivized to sign up, and noted that the looming penalty will convince more to sign up by March 31.


Sure, it just needs a little PR. You know, along with some penalties for those rebellious young barbarians if they won’t sign up. “Incentivize them with a penalty.” What an ignorant concept. Another look behind the curtain as to why this legislation is bad.

I sure like that Flo from those insurance commercials, maybe they can get her. Of course, I don’t like her enough to convince me to get insurance. And neither will these young people.










Podcast Episode 28: Yes Virginia, there is an Obama-Clause

Special show for you tonight. It’s the Christmas episode. It’s also the 28th and last episode of Season 1. We’ll be back in 2014 with Season 2. But it’s still 2013 so let’s get our Yule Tide on.


Wait. Why didn't he say Happy Holidays!?!?

Wait. Why didn’t he say Happy Holidays!?!?

You want on the nice list?

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 Yes Virginia, there is an Obama-Clause!

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On to the tease…

He's white damn it!!

He’s white damn it!!

Black is beautiful… unless we’re talking Santa or Jesus

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has serious discussion about the whiteness of Santa and Jesus. She comforts the kids by assuring them that Santa is in fact a white man. She takes to the air 3 days later to defend herself from the enormous amount of mockery she’s getting on social media, MSNBC, CNN, etc… No worries folks, she was just kidding.


Hey, look at that! They are both white!

Hey, look at that! They are both white!

Don’t mess with Jesus on his birthday!

The Catholic Church wins a precedent setting court decision against the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. Judge rules they are not bound by the contraception mandate.  Church –  1 Obama – 0. Next round is in the appellate court. Is this the next blow to the entire foundation of the law itself. We report, you decide!




Wait, he’s not white? I’m confused.

The Night before an Obamacare Christmas

My partner dug deep in the well of his talent when he wrote this. By far the smartest and funniest thing you will ever read on Obamacare. He does a dramatic reading tonight on episode 28. If you just want to read it click the link. Your politics won’t matter, you’ll laugh. Trust me man, I’m a scientist.



All this and a bunch more on tonight’s special Christmas episode of UNfiltered & UNfettered – The world explained, by us.

Yes Virginiathere is an Obama-Clause!

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