UF/UF 195: Masters of the News Cycle

We don’t usually do themed broadcasts, but sometimes a good one just falls in your lap. Tonight’s theme? Well of course it would be fake news in some fashion or another.  We’ll touch on various forms of fake news, lazy news, news for profit, and good old fashioned manufactured news across an entire enterprise.

Oh and in case you were unaware, it’s also Masters week.

Tune in you don’t want to miss this, and that’s for real.

UF/UF 195: Masters of the News Cycle


hioll dogg

Not sure where the fake news is here.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 29: New Year – Old News

We’re back! Welcome to season two of Unfiltered and Unfettered. Yeah Season Two. Let that sink in for a second. Not sure who made the career ending decision to green light our show for a second season, but God bless em!

A question for you, our faithful readers/listeners. Should we restart the clock on episode numbers or stay continuous. In other words should this be episode 1 of season two or should we just keep counting and call it episode 29? Answer in the comment section or e-mail us if you please.

OK let’s get to work.

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Episode 1 or 29: New Year – Old News

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On to the tease…


Ah fresh powder.
Ah, fresh powder.

Old Faithful – on skies.

Yeah our old buddy is back and he’s badder than ever. Kim Jong Un, fresh off grinding his uncle’s bones into a fine powder, uses that powder to open North Korea’s first ever ski resort. Open to the public too. Never let it be said he’s not a man of the people.


Don't let them forget. Ever.

Don’t let them forget. Ever.

Chew that bone Darrell

Rep. Issa, R CA, is not letting go of the Benghazi cover up. Call him a right wing nut job if you want, but he’s one of the few in government that seems at all concerned about how four Americans were left to die in our own embassy. That makes Darrell our Politician of the Podcast.


Jean Luc Picard - greatest of all time? (yes)

Jean Luc Picard – greatest of all time? (yes)

2013 – Politics of the Weird

UF/UF top five list of the weirdest things in politics for 2013. The Pres tops our geek list when he confused Star Wars and Star Trek. Truly an impeachable offense.




All that and more as the ball drops on a new year.

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Episode 1 or 29: New Year – Old News

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do it






well go on and do it already




Bashir vs Robertson: false equivalency

n in his sophomore year (1966-1967) as quarterback

Robertson’s 2nd season at La. Tech as QB. Terry Bradshaw was his backup.

Martin Bashir - Carnival Barker

Martin Bashir – Carnival Barker








The past few days has seen some serious internet action over Phil Robertson’s GQ interview and subsequent suspension/firing from A&E, the network that airs Duck Dynasty.

Social media sites were blowing up. Twitter was a treasure trove of rumor & humor, conspiracy & theocracy, conjecture & grandstanding. Everyone has a take and thanks to social media everyone gets to put their take in a public forum. Some takes are crazier than others. But since this isn’t AYSO Soccer and there are no trophies for participation, we have picked a winner in the craziest take on the Robertson issue. Observe:

Grenell works for Fox


Richard Grenell is a Fox News contributor. I guess this is an attempt at fair and balanced. Who knows. I do know this comparison is ridiculous. My podcast partner will attest to my despise for one Sarah Palin and all she claims to stand for. But Martin Bashir of MSNBC, or should I say formally of MSNBC, espoused violent acts against Palin simply because she said the national debt will be like slavery to future generations. She may even be right about that. Broken clocks are right twice a day. But that’s not the point. She expressed her opinion and Bashir said someone should defecate in her mouth because of that.

Here is Bashir for your viewing pleasure.

Somehow Grenell of Fox News equates that with this:

“Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.” Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty

Of course Robertson said some other stuff, a lot of it pretty offensive to some, but the Robertson defenders cherry pick this quote so I will too. It serves the point. No matter how idiotic Robertson was in the entirety of his speech, it in no way rises to the level of what Bashir did. Robertson never incited violence against anybody, Bashir did. The wackos on the Left froth at the mouth just as much as the nut jobs on the Right.

This is where Grenell comes in. He not only equates the two actions but goes on to say to me and others that we need to toughen up if we think what Bashir said is violent. Really Rich?

Can you non-violently defecate in a person’s mouth? I don’t want to know, but I’m guessing it’s a violent act. And not for nothing, but Palin was a Governor and a serious candidate for vice president. Serious in that she had a good chance of becoming such. Which is to say it’s a little strange that a guy, Bashir, who always bemoans the disrespectful tone toward President Obama, would be so disrespectful toward Palin.

Of course if you watched Bashir’s show I guess it’s not strange at all. The guy runs his pompous pie hole like that all the time. But this instance was the first time he took to suggesting actual violence toward another person that I can remember.

Bashir resigned. He should have been fired. Robertson was suspended and probably will be fired and he really should not have been.

Both men are no longer on TV. That’s where the equivalency starts and stops.

Maybe they can open a bake shop together.


Stay out of my swear words

george carlin

George, where are you when we need you?

A regular soap opera this is.

Well, I didn’t’ think I’d be writing about MSNBC twice in such a short time span, I mean, I rarely even watch the channel. This, however, is just too much to pass up. I think they might be mental defectives. So Alec Baldwin has lost his TV show on MSNBC because of a gay slur. I’ve never watched his TV show and probably never would have, but it’s over now.  I guess we can still see him in those credit card commercials, unless he loses that gig too.

Apparently he called some paparazzi a “c#$%sucking f@g.”  Ok, so I wasn’t aware the c word was a gay slur. So, I’m all clear on the f@g part, I’m just not clear on the other. The LGBT community has said that the c-word is a gay slur. Have they ever watched “Deadwood?” I mean, it’s a nasty thing to say, but it can’t be defined as a gay slur. It’s not, and just because they say it is doesn’t mean that it is.  I mean, this was one of George Carlin’s original “Seven dirty words you can’t say on television.”  They just can’t go categorizing it for themselves. Actually, in the context that Alec Baldwin used it, I’d think it would more properly be defined as an adjective.

Baldwin is blaming, believe it or not, the “fundamentalist wing of the gay community.” Apparently the outrage is so great that poor Alec Baldwin has lost his TV show. The “fundamentalist wing” Alec? Apparently in between your rage you’ve not been paying attention.

Meanwhile, Martin Bashir, on his TV show suggested that Sarah Palin should get a specific punishment meaning someone should defecate in her mouth. Apparently MSNBC thinks that’s ok. Sure, he apologized, but here’s my point. Alec Baldwin said what he said in a fit of anger (which is kind of typical for him). I don’t want to assume, but we’ve probably all said things in fits of anger that we should have thought better of. I’m not justifying what he said; I’m just saying it was spontaneous.

I believe Martin Bashir, on the other hand, read his comments from a teleprompter.  Even if he didn’t read them from a teleprompter, (which I’m pretty sure he did), they were prepared remarks. They would have been through some type of review process. He would have thought about what he was going to say. So, how do you apologize for something that you prepared, that you had known in advance that you were going to say? Insincerely, that’s how.  Somebody needs to whip this Brit’s ass.

So Baldwin gets fired, Bashir does not, but on the other hand, it’s Sarah Palin; I mean, this might not even be the worst thing that’s been said about Palin. During the campaign with McCain, all manner of slurs and derisions were thrown her way. Letterman slandered her daughter, apologized, then later said the apology wasn’t sincere, that he just said it just so he could continue to say things about Palin. Meanwhile, all those women on MSNBC that are so quick to defend women from any type of derision or slander haven’t said a thing.  You know, because it’s Palin and they hate her.

I suppose this will be a continuing saga. In the meantime, can someone get me a list of politically correct swear words? I wouldn’t want to offend a Ewok or a Wookie or something.

MSNBC, I’m starting to think you’re all a bunch of… ah, never mind.


Podcast Episode 18: If falsely accusing you is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

Big show for you tonight.  We are media-centric at UF/UF for episode 18, as we take on the media’s reaction to our reaction to their constant retractions.

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Episode 18: If falsely accusing you is wrong then I don’t want to be right

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On to the tease.

Chuck gives not one F*&k

Chuck gives not one F*&k about what facts you think you’re entitled to.

Todd Tells Tales!

After falsely identifying the wrong man as the Navy Yard shooter, Chuck Todd blames the police first, then the lack of correct info.  He then turns his blame game on social media as they react to his bumbling, stumbling, & fumbling.






Black is slimming Wolf.  Everyone knows that.

Black is slimming Wolf. Everyone knows that.

Blitzer’s Big Blunder!

CNN and Wolf Blitzer follow NBC over the cliff naming an innocent man as the Navy Yard shooter.  Blitzer slow to scramble as Chuck Todd of NBC begins scrubbing twitter clean of the egregious error.  Wolfe recovers in time to blame initial reports as inaccurate.



He will read your mind.

He’s only a vessel.

T-nak off his game.  Blames the Cleveland Browns!?!?

Prior to getting first envelope, T-nak learns the Browns trade Trent Richardson to the Colts for a draft pick. He still got all three answers correct, but he wasn’t too happy about it. My question is, why didn’t he know about the trade before it happened. Hmmm…




That and so much more on Episode 18: If falsely accusing you is wrong then I don’t want to be right.  

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