Flirting at the chik-fil-a, Trayvon,and a magnificent rant

So, I went to the drive-through at Chik-Fil-A today. I’m not a big fan, but they were close on a busy day. As I pulled up to the window, a young lady lit up and said “How you doin’, sweetheart?” She then proceeded to chat me up a little, I chatted back, paid, and after some pleasant goodbyes, drove off. Honestly, she could have handed me an empty bag and I wouldn’t have known the difference.


OK, it wasn’t Halle, but a guy can dream, you know. Did I mention she’s from Ohio?

Look, I am not as young as I once was. I categorize all of these types of interactions with young ladies as “flirting” because I can.  After I drove off, the thought that crossed my mind was “Well, I guess at least one young lady is not holding the Trayvon Martin trial against every white guy she sees.” Obviously she was a young black lady.

I felt bad about it. Not about getting flirted with, at my age, it makes my day. I felt bad that what’s going on in our country resulted in me having that thought, rather than just enjoying a simple pleasant interaction with a nice young lady.

However, we’ve been bombarded with it, and it’s hard to avoid.

Stevie Wonder has vowed not to play in Florida anymore. Why not, Stevie ? Because a black person was killed? Because a white person did it? Because you didn’t like the outcome of a trial? Maybe you should stop playing everywhere.

Here’s a tweet I saw earlier in the day from a music star, Akon. I’m unfamiliar with his music.


Hasta-la-vista, dude. I’ll be looking forward to reports in the news about where you finally settled. Wonder how your sales will be there? Here’s a tip, though. People get killed there, too. Sometimes in genocidal fashion. Maybe you should consider your ignorance and re-think it. Call Alec Baldwin, he vowed to move out of the country once as well. You two can start a club.

This morning, Al Sharpton was on the news. Sharpton’s been a dirt-bag race baiter for years. This morning, he said, speaking of Martin, “His civil rights were violated. He had the civil right to go home.” Really, Al? One of the dumber things I’ve heard you say in a long series of dumb things.  That makes every murder a civil rights violation, except you don’t care about all the other ones.  You never disappoint when it comes to stupid, race-baiting comments. Of course, he’s calling on the Federal government to get involved.

Speaking of the current administration, they are fanning the flames of this issue. We’ve long known Holder is incompetent, and the best we could hope for was that he’d stay out of this and not make it worse. No such luck.

Here’s a different perspective from a guy in Akron, Mississippi. It’s linked below. Read the rest of the post and then watch it. Be for-warned, he uses a lot of racist language. Things a white guy would never get away with saying. I’d ask that you watch it, though. I don’t know why he says things the way he does, but he has a profound point. I’m guessing him and Akon would not see eye to eye on the issue.

There’s another thing that makes me wonder. Tiger Woods parents are mixed race, and is generally looked upon as a black American. Yea! Barack Obama’s parents are mixed race, and is generally looked upon as a black American. Yea! George Zimmerman’s parents are mixed race, and he’s getting all the bad press for being “a creepy-ass cracker” in the words of one of the witnesses.  How’s that? Well, we all know why that is, don’t we?

There was an incident, there was a trial, a verdict was rendered. That’s our system. I’m not saying it can’t, or shouldn’t be changed, but that’s the process.

This case wouldn’t even be in the news if it wasn’t being made out as a racial incident, for which no one can prove. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it and that’s a shame. You know how many people have been killed since Martin? Yea, that’s what I mean.

I’ve never heard a rant like this before.