Podcast Episode 3: Meteors, shotguns, & water bottles, Oh My!

Great show for y’all tonight but first to some technical issues.

The fans speak and we listen.  We have upped the sound equipment and therefore the sound quality.  Thanks to our loyal listeners for the feedback.

On to the show.  Here is a preview of the issues we tackle tonight.

Duke Nuke-em

Duke Nuke-em

Revenge of Kim Jong UN – crazy man gets nukes – should Californians be nervous?










My kingdom for a drink!

My kingdom for a drink!

Dry foot in mouth – will water bottle sink Rubio?







Buy shotguns - NOW!  Oh don't forget the shells.

Buy shotguns – NOW! Oh don’t forget the shells.

Crazy Uncle Joe Chronicles: Joe says buy shotguns – Is Zombie Apocalypse coming…. in Delaware?






Who has Hupp stalked for an interview this week?

Who is our new sponsor?

Lots of questions

We have lots of answers

Only one way to hear them

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