UF/UF: There is always a tape.

Omarosa Onee Manigault Newman has tapes. She has jokes too. And she has crazy in spades. But she has tapes, that she made while in the White House, while she was in the White House Situation Room. The contents of the tapes amount to absolutely nothing. The question the media is asking: Why is everyone secretly taping each other in this White House?

Well we have a better question. How was Omarosa Onee Manigault Newman able to do such a thing and what is the penalty or punishment for doing such a thing?  Me thinks our questions will get zero attention and no answers.

Click anyway. We’ll offer up our take, which if you’re new here, is usually the correct one.

UF/UF: There is always a tape.





Only hiring the best and brightest… ok maybe not.

UF/UF 211: KANE!

Hey guess what?  A professional wrassler ran for Mayor of Knox County  in Tennessee, the home of UF/UF The Podcast, and won easily.  Hey guess what, he still wrassels and goes by the name KANE! And guess what else, he can kick your mayor’s ass.

We have more election results and a few insights on the latest round of Mediori Overreacticum.  For you unwashed that’s Latin for Media Overreaction.  Either way you say it the renting of garments in the media has reached new levels of asshattery.

Click and be fulfilled.

UF/UF 211: KANE!



Yes our mayor can kick the living shit out of your mayor.


Mini-cast Episode 19a: Bachmann, Barry-cades, and Burning Skies

1529784087_1373614272The Bully Opinionist and the Pope of the Podcast are coming to you on a weekly basis. Through the magic of bandwidth and internet access, we bring you the Mini-cast.  That’s right, the Mini-cast; a quick hit version of the UF/UF Podcast.

Now you get Tony and Fran on a weekly basis.  No story will go uncovered, no fact will fall through the cracks, and no mocking opportunity will be left un-mocked.

Click the link and enjoy a shortened version of the Big Show.

Episode 19a: Bachmann, Barry-cades, and Burning Skies: 

Mini-cast Episode 18a: Fili… not so fast-Buster

The Bully Opinionist and the Pope of the Podcast are coming to you on a weekly basis. Through the magic of bandwidth and internet access, we bring you the Mini-cast.  That’s right, the Mini-cast; a quick hit version of the UF/UF Podcast.

Now you get Tony and Fran on a weekly basis.  No story will go uncovered, no fact will fall through the cracks, and no mocking opportunity will be left un-mocked.

Click the link and enjoy a shortened version of the Big Show.

Mini-cast Episode 18a: Fili… not so fast Buster

Podcast Episode 18: If falsely accusing you is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

Big show for you tonight.  We are media-centric at UF/UF for episode 18, as we take on the media’s reaction to our reaction to their constant retractions.

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Episode 18: If falsely accusing you is wrong then I don’t want to be right

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On to the tease.

Chuck gives not one F*&k

Chuck gives not one F*&k about what facts you think you’re entitled to.

Todd Tells Tales!

After falsely identifying the wrong man as the Navy Yard shooter, Chuck Todd blames the police first, then the lack of correct info.  He then turns his blame game on social media as they react to his bumbling, stumbling, & fumbling.






Black is slimming Wolf.  Everyone knows that.

Black is slimming Wolf. Everyone knows that.

Blitzer’s Big Blunder!

CNN and Wolf Blitzer follow NBC over the cliff naming an innocent man as the Navy Yard shooter.  Blitzer slow to scramble as Chuck Todd of NBC begins scrubbing twitter clean of the egregious error.  Wolfe recovers in time to blame initial reports as inaccurate.



He will read your mind.

He’s only a vessel.

T-nak off his game.  Blames the Cleveland Browns!?!?

Prior to getting first envelope, T-nak learns the Browns trade Trent Richardson to the Colts for a draft pick. He still got all three answers correct, but he wasn’t too happy about it. My question is, why didn’t he know about the trade before it happened. Hmmm…




That and so much more on Episode 18: If falsely accusing you is wrong then I don’t want to be right.  

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Obamacare: I was for it before I was against it.

imagesLet me start out by saying I am completely in favor of socialized medicine.  I believe this is the greatest nation on the earth and as such we should be able to provide healthcare to everybody in it. The country that is not the earth, although that would be grand.  I’m completely baffled by people who spend their energy boasting, sometimes angrily, about the greatness of this country and yet think the country is unable to do such a great thing.  What’s the point of being great?  I’ll guess we’ll now debate what a great thing is.  The other baffler is why would the greatest nation in the world providing healthcare for every one of it’s citizens be such a bad thing?

Lesser nations do it.  Canada, Australia, Great Britain, all provide healthcare to the entirety of its populace.  Canada and Australia largely escaped the recession too.  Their healthcare systems didn’t tank or cause their financial system to tank.  And yeah, I said it, those are lesser nations.

Anyway, I’m all for universal, socialized, communist health care.  The problem is Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act is not socialized healthcare.  It really isn’t health care at all.  It has ultimately become a gateway for insurance companies to raise rates, even though they don’t have to.  Folks, again you’ve been tricked by the media, right and left wing branches.  Once again they’ve dangled a squirrel and we have gleefully taken the distraction bait.  The villains here are the insurance companies.  They have no need to raise the rates but they can under the guise of Obamacare. The law is the problem no doubt, the hen house door left unlocked as it were.  The insurance companies are the all too willing foxes.  The fox doesn’t need to go into the hen house. It’s a wild animal and preys on other wild animals.  But the hen house is easy money.  Unlocked, it’s defenseless.  It requires no investment and comes with a huge payoff.  The gift that keeps on giving.

The farmer charged with protecting the hen house is the guy who left the lock off. And he did it on purpose.

For those struggling to keep up with my labored analogy, the President is the farmer in this scenario.

President Obama wrote a great law and then in order to get it through the Congress and create some mythical legacy he allowed it to be watered down into this abomination called the Affordable Care Act.  He then spent every nickel of his political capitol pushing it through.  What came out the other end of the sausage grinder was not fit for human consumption, literally.  The original was a law that went from single payer with a government option that would have actually covered every American, to this bizarre law that is so f*&^ed up it’s been rolled out in pieces and most of it has been delayed.  It’s a bill that is causing the layoff of workers and the cutting back of full time employees to part-time.  This cut back was predicted by the conservatives and poo pooed by the liberals.

Well I’m a liberal, hence my belief in healthcare for all, and I can tell you the cutting back of full time workers to part-timers is so vast and so deep some economists believe the 40 hour work week may be a memory in 5 – 10 years.  Gang, that is light speed in politics and public policy.

Hey O, what's a matta, you law no work?

Hey Mr Pres, what’s a matta, you law no work?

So as another big hunk of the ACA gets held up, coincidentally, the part that would regulate insurance prices, the apologizers and deniers have gone on the offensive.  That would of course be the Democrats who defended this law.  They have to, I mean since they’re the dopes who mangled it to the current garbage we have now.

Still, the apologies and denials are, well to overuse a word, baffling.

Congresswoman and Democratic Party Chair Debi Wasserman Shultz (D) FL, went on the Sunday talk shows to say this is what they had expected all along and it’s not news.  Really Debi, so just another made up scandal is it?  Even my son Frank, pictured above left, knows that’s a load of bulls#*t.

Then the MSNBC crew fired up their Klingon cloaking device in a vain attempt to cover for the President.

Karen Finney, host of Disrupt on MSNBC weekends, said with a straight face that the President had already told us the bill would be rolled out in parts and some things may take time to iron out.  Two things here Karen: 1. No he didn’t and 2. that’s not how laws work.  Once voted on by congress and signed by the President they are considered law. Implementation date may be pushed to the start of the next calendar year or even the next fiscal year, which for government agencies is usually Oct 1st.  You certainly can’t brake a law up by saying, well we’re not sure how to implement this so forget it for another year, or my favorite, we can’t afford this part yet so 2015 looks good.  You can catch the genius known as Ms Finney on MSNBC between To Catch a Predator and Locked Up marathons.

Union presidents have gone on the Sunday shows to complain that they are finding out they won’t be able to keep the insurance they have.  Still the liberals say it’s all bluster, all to scare the American people against the first black president.  Mika, a co-host on Morning Joe (also MSNBC) all but said those exact words.  In case you were wondering, the unions backed Obama and the democrats in 08 and 2012 and are traditionally liberal.

The cake topper was the early afternoon weekday show on MSNBC.  I’m not even sure of the name or the host, but they had the republican congressman from Oklahoma’s 5th district, James Lankford.  The panel was debating scare tactics being used by republicans in regards to ACA.  You know stuff like layoffs, hours being cut etc…  Mr. Lankford told the panel his district has seen a lot of layoffs but even more disturbing were the amount of businesses cutting hours and migrating to a part time schedule for the bulk if not the entirety of its workforce.

Of course the panel, being in New York and not in the 5th district, felt they had a better handle on the situation on the ground in Oklahoma than the congressman, who was doing the interview from his district not Capital Hill.  They all but called him a liar, so deep is their denial of this law’s disastrous effects.  But that pesky Mr Lankford had to go all facty on them, naming businesses and showing stats and relaying personal stories he had heard all to prove what he and a lot of us already knew.

Conservatives got this one right.

The law sucks and the American middle class will bear the burden.  Oh didn’t I mention the other piece of the bill being delayed, the mandatory health care provision for corporations.  Meaning big businesses and corporations won’t have to provide coverage for all it’s employees yet.  Small business will still have to implement according to the mandate.  Seems that part of the bill has some problems and implementation is impossible for bigger businesses at the moment.  That bit about Pelosi saying pass it then we’ll figure it out, yeah not going so well.  Turns out losing the game and then working on your game plan just doesn’t get it done.


Denier-in-Chief WH Spokesman Jay Carney

But you know the apologists and deniers said we had been told this would be coming so it’s not, you know, like a news story or anything, just a, you know, plot to discredit the black President.

I would laugh if that last sentence weren’t the true belief of the liberals and progressives still clinging to the mantra this President can do no wrong, simply because he’s black.

News flash amigos, Presidents mess up, write bad laws, make dumb decisions regardless of their skin color.  All the white ones messed up and now the black one has too.  Saying so doesn’t make you a hater, it makes you an American.

I’m a liberal and this law is an insult to every President who has ever written a law, so yeah, all of them.

I’m also an American and my President messed up.

Rodeo clowns and the mocking of a president

So, in 2006, they made a movie, called “Death of a President.” It was based on the assassination of George W. Bush.

Do you remember the outcry, the protests, and the movie executives getting reprimanded and fired? Nope, me either, because it didn’t happen.

September, 2008, Russell Brand, scumbag sex-addict British comedian, at the MTV movie awards, said this:

But I know America to be a forward thinking country because otherwise why would you have let that retard cowboy fella be president for eight years?

We were very impressed. We thought it was nice of you to let him have a go, because, in England, he wouldn’t be trusted with a pair of scissors.

Remember the outcries, the protests that a foreigner made fun of our president, the protests of using the word “retard” in relation to a sitting president that resulted in Russell Brand not appearing in America for awhile? Nope. Brand actually hosted the same awards the next year. You can watch his mocking speech here; it’s about a minute into the video.

Here are some of the mocking pictures of George W. Bush when he was president.


bush 4bush 2


Remember all the outcries over these? No, no you don’t. Because there weren’t any, at least not in the main stream media.

I won’t even go into the mocking of Ronald Reagan.  I was keen to it because I had just started following politics and I liked President Reagan. Katied Couric, America’s favorite little cutie-pie, called him an “air-head” once, on national TV.

So now a rodeo clown makes fun of Obama. And, “gasp”  it’s so horrible. So, here’s the question. Can we not make fun of the president because he’s black? That’s really the issue here, isn’t it?

Honestly, I was a big follower of “The Daily Show” until the Clinton-Lewinski scandal. I stopped watching because, even though I thought he had it coming, I couldn’t stand to watch the constant mocking and jokes. I stopped watching.

I think we should show some respect to the office, no matter how much we don’t like the person holding it. However, I didn’t set the precedent. It’s been established. The media has allowed all-out mocking of presidents. Well, you know, all the republicans, anyway.

Was the rodeo incident inappropriate? I don’t know. I wouldn’t have done it. But I don’t think anyone should lose their job over it. The NAACP wants an investigation by the Secret Service. Predictable, I suppose. But look at this stuff they said about Bush and there was never a peep. No, don’t even argue with me. Not about this. They made a movie about his assassination, for God’s sake.

So we’re battling two things here. The media’s love affair with liberals, and the “For God’s sake, you can’t make fun of the president because he’s black” factor.

Free speech, baby. Too damn bad. It’s sad that you make the rules and then change them. The guy’s the president, and that trumps being black, at least when it comes to the shit you gotta take.

All presidents take their fair share of the stabs.

If you really want some insight, read Bush’s book, “Decision Points” and he talks about taking the stabs. Stand-up guy, I don’t care who you are.

Sorry, rodeo clown, you’re the victim of the national mania of politically correct insanity.

Media Bias and Diane Sawyer

I remember earlier in my life watching a movie about the homeless. One of those made for TV things, I don’t remember the name, I think it was about a Vietnam vet named Mitch Snyder. After the movie, on “Nightline,” I think,  they did an interview with an individual regarding the homeless, and he made some statement such as  “x-number of people are becoming homeless everyday.” I remember thinking that seemed like a large number, so I got my calculator, the old TI-95, and did a little ciphering. I calculated the number the guy just gave and determined that in six months, half of America would be homeless. Ridiculous. Even as a disinterested bystander, I thought that was, uh, B.S. However, on the news, the number wasn’t questioned, and that made me wonder. Like, the smart people doing the interview didn’t say “What! Ok, now hold on here, are you saying that…” You know, just doing some reporting, investigating, stuff like that. But “the homeless,” which we called bums when I was a kid, was a big social issue at the time. Thus began my suspicions that the media was biased, although I didn’t understand that term at the time.

Skip forward, I remember reading a Times magazine article, which I subscribed to at the time, regarding the Bush-Clinton presidential campaigns. In the article, it was always referred to as “in Clinton’s camp” while it always referred to “Bush’s forces.” A small indiscretion you might think, but I thought it was slanted. Clinton was always referred to as having a happy little “camp” while Bush had those jack-booted “forces.” I cancelled my subscription.

And yes, Fran, I did have a crush on Diane Sawyer, (for years, actually) until her slanted representations of the news finally got to me. Her comment “America is yawning at the Starr Report” before any “Americans” had actually had a chance to read it, was the final straw. The Starr report was released at midnight, on the internet. She made that comment the following morning, 7 a.m.

The Starr report was an investigation, with the approval of the then Attorney General Janet Reno, into such things as Whitewater, firing of travel agents, and a general investigation into the fact that Bill Clinton was a good-ol-boy-scumbag. But this post isn’t about Bill’s misuse of his power and authority in influencing a young, impressionable woman into giving him hum jobs in the oval office. I digress. Chief Executive indeed.

So, in my mind, media bias isn’t a topic, it’s a fact. The rapid rise of Fox to prominence should be obvious in that light. Approximately half of Americans finally found a news outlet that reported things with a slant they agreed with. So, if you want to debate media bias, ‘s find someone else, it’s a done deal in my mind.  If you want to investigate, at least read one of Bernard Goldberg’s books. They kind of prove the point.

So, the question is, what’s the impact, what does it matter. Ah, now we get to a point.

Well, first of all, we can all be influenced. No, not you, reading this post. Just everyone else. Ok, so I’m not that smart. What I want you to do is watch this video.

Prager University Media Bias.

Ok, if you’re not going to watch it now, I’ll summarize and you can watch it later. Liberal media bias affects the way the average American votes, and this video makes the following three points:

1)      93% of D.C reporters vote democratic

2)      The bias usually involves failing to report truths

3)      Media bias can be measured precisely and scientifically

I can’t make the point any better than they do. Still not curious? Shame on you.

The news is not what it used to be. Dan Rather’s failed  reporting about George W. Bush in the Air National Guard pretty much killed the end of that era. The 24-hour news cycle, electronic access, and social media have further degraded the “news” that I was brought up with as a kid. However, it still has an impact. Figure out who you are, what you believe, and let that guide your decisions. That, or be a sheep.

Diane, you’re still lovely. I just don’t believe you anymore.