UF/UF 281: From Russia with Love

As the election season ramps up and the Dems realize they’re sucking wind, both parties get notified the Russians are “meddling” in both sides of the election.

Yeah that’s right, Bernie Sanders has been notified the Russians are helping his campaign as well as Trump’s run. Not sure why Trump needs help at this moment, but hey it’s their rubles, they can spend them how they want.

Saddle up gang. The Russians are coming.  Again.

UF/UF 281: From Russia with Love



Comrades in Arms

UF/UF 143: The end of Castro and the return of T-Nak!

You read that title right. T-Nak returns. Also Fidel Castro has died. Seem fishy the two have never been seen together? Is Castro really T-Nak? Is T-Nak really Castro? We report, you decide!

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UF/UF 143: The end of Castro and the return of T-Nak!

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Make Bobble Heads Great Again!

Make Bobble Heads Great Again!