UF/UF 323: Oh Rudy

Bitten by the hand that fed him. Hoisted on his own petard. And any other euphemism that applies to the situation America’s Mayor finds himself in at the moment.

Rudy was raided by the Department of Justice under a warrant that does not require his consent or knowledge before or after it’s executed. But Rudy knows the score. He used to execute these all the time and has long been a champion of their use.

Until the other day.

They got Rudy, they got his files, the got his Cloud, they got it all. The question remains what will all that data and info tell them?

Can’t wait to find out.

UF/UF 323: Oh Rudy

America’s what now?

UF/UF 288: Riots, riots, everywhere riots.

Lot going on this week.  Mostly riots. Lots of cow cookies being offered up by various politicians and party mouthpieces on various airwaves from both sides.  And when I say cow cookies I mean total bullshit.

The question of the day: will cynicism rein supreme as the Pope of the Podcast think?. Or can the dumb from the neck up American populace find a way to treat everyone the same as the Bully Opinionist believes? That debate starts now.

But you gotta click.


UF/UF 288: Riots, riots, everywhere riots.



The good old days, when riots were done the right way.


Podcast Season 2 Episode 54: Let’s Move to Cleveland!

Really big show for you tonight. I can’t believe I’m typing this but Cleveland Ohio is dominating the news right now. The RNC picked Cleveland for their presidential convention in 2016 and LeBron James is said to be seriously considering a return to the Cavaliers. Both of those astound me, but since Hupp is from there he’ll be carrying most of the podcast tonight… like most nights.

We may talk about other stuff or we may just say Cleveland a lot.

Tune in to find out!

Podcast Season 2 Episode 54: Let’s Move to Cleveland!

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On to the tease…


Instead of Republican stronghold Dallas? Hmmm interesting.

Instead of Republican stronghold Dallas? Hmmm interesting.

Cleveland Rocks…

Or it least it should be rocking come August of 2016. That’s when the Republicans will announce their candidate for President at their convention. In a bold move Reince Prebius picked Cleveland over Dallas in an attempt to garner more Ohio votes. Nice thought, but shouldn’t this guy be unemployed by now?


Is Cleveland big enough for Bron Bron and Johnny Football?

Is Cleveland big enough for Bron Bron and Johnny Football?

Cleveland is the City!

It may just be in a midwest state but Cleveland is the current center of the sports world as LeBron James looks for a place to play this up coming NBA season. Add to that the happening that is Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football, and well, you could by month’s end have the two biggest personalities in their respective sport playing in the Mistake by the Lake.




Way to focus Louie. Way to be sharp.

Way to focus Louie. Way to be sharp.

Oh yeah this happened…

Non-Cleveland related but US Representative Louie Gohmert (R) Texas, has put forth a proposal to defund the White House. No, sadly, not making this up. Do any of these dopes think past their noses? Let’s say he’s successful but then a Repiublican wins in 2016. Is Christie just gonna live in Jersey and commute to DC? Why does the self proclaimed party of the constitution, the party of American’s core values hate America so much? We report you decide!

All that plus… OMG!… my favorite bit in the entire podcast-o-sphere! You guessed it. Another edition of Know Your Obama!

Don’t miss this!

I’m serious. Don’t.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 54: Let’s Move to Cleveland!