UF/UF 330: The Un Diet

A new fad is on the horizon. You’ve not heard of it? Surely not.

You better get on board. Every dictator will be styling it this season. It’s the Un diet. As in North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. The would be moronic despot looked markedly thinner in his first public appearance in some time.

Now word comes, from Un himself, that North Korea is facing a “tense food crisis.” Word on the street is it’s likely that around 3 million North Koreans have died from starvation over the last several years. If true that number may balloon now that the most dishonest man on the planet is admitting to a food shortage in his own country.

Is the Un story believable? Yeah kind of. You know if the food is short, Un is getting the lion’s share of it and he’s still dropping weight like an aging swimsuit model stung out on Cali’s finest blow.

Peep for yourself.

How it started – How it’s going.

Now click.

UF/UF 330: The Un Diet

UF/UF 204: Yearning to breathe free.

Yeah forget that mess, don’t cross our border bro. The price for that infraction is no the seizure of your children. To be fair this is a law that has been on the books for a long, long time. The look of it is unseemly to be sure. But knowing your children will be ripped from you, some right from your very breast, why would you try to cross illegally?  The Trump administration has made clear it’s intention to enforce the long-standing law. So stay home people!

Tonight we break all that mess down plus we the top-notch spin job CNN put on the Trump/Kim summit.

Also tonight, the top 5 list returns!  Tonight, the top 5 actors not named Robert De Niro. Should be tons of fun.  Don’t miss it!

UF/UF 204: Yearning to breathe free.




You talkin to me? You talking to ME?




UF/UF 199: The Stupid, It Burns

Brace yourself people. Lots of stupid this week. We respond with lots of vulgarity. From the #metoo movement going full dumb-ass to the Trump-ettes or deplorables as they prefer, going full anti-constitution while defending the constitution, the stupid abounds.

As usual we break it all down for you. All you gotta do is click the link.

UF/UF 199: The Stupid, It Burns




NY Attorney General – beating women while leading the charge to defend women.

UF/UF 185: Year End Review-tacular

Well we survived another one, as hard as it is to believe. Lots of stuff packed into 12 short months. We’ll recap some of it, make a few predictions, say goodbye to some other things.

Hard to imagine what 2018 will bring. Sadly I’m pretty sure it’ll be more of this dude…

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un waves a

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un.

Click the link folks and lets get 2018 under way.

UF/UF 185: Year End Review-tacular.



UF/UF 182: We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

It was just that kind of week my friends. So much going on in every facet of society. Flynn is testifying, Congress is giving us a tax break on our private jets, Tennessee is showing the world how not to make a hire, and our favorite Kim is splodin nukes and causin quakes.

How do we keep it all straight. Well that’s the easy part.  Just click and we clear it all up. You’re welcome America.

UF/UF 182: We’re gonna need a bigger boat.



No see, what had happe… Yeah but he… I mean Flynn said… Yes those were my tweets but…



UF/UF 173: Hydrog-Un Kim Builds a Bomb

Well this story is just not going away. Kim Jong Un seems determined to draw us into a fight. He has now tested a 150 megaton hydrogen war head, successfully I might add. The detonation was so powerful it altered the topography of the mountain it was exploded under.

As we sat down to record this episode, Un had fired another missile over Japan. The significance? North Korea is now moving quickly to find a booster that can lift his new toy. The questions abound. How close is he? What will be the US response?

Click the link and we’ll tell ya!

UF/UF 173: Hydrog-Un Kim Builds a Bomb

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(p.s. I was neither drunk nor sleeping during this recording, but rather felled by some weird malady. Still feeling the effects 2 days later. DAMN YOU UN!)


Is Kim about to usher in a Nuclear Winter? We report, you decide!


UF/UF 171: Kim Jong Un-believable

Well he’s at it again. Un fires a test rocket over Japan. Aside from a joint show of air force by Japan, South Korea and the US there has been no response. But how long can that last?

Update: Right after we taped this episode Kim Jong Un claims they have now tested a hydrogen bomb and have miniaturized it enough to put it on the tip of an intercontinental missile.

Warning, this episode is not for the faint of heart.

Now click you cowards.

UF/UF 171: Kim Jong Un-believable

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So misunderstood.

UF/UF 168: Here Today, Guam Tomorrow

We knew the next 4 years would be a crazy ride. I don’t think either one of us thought the ride might end this quickly and in the atomization of humanity. Fire and Fury – let’s hope not.

People of Guam, be secure in the knowledge that even though your island will be uninhabitable for the next millennia, Kim Jong will be atomic vapor too.

Look out your window…. is there a funny cloud with lightning in it?  No? Good, click the link.

Duck and cover Guamites, duck and cover.

UF/UF 168: Here Today, Guam Tomorrow


What he wished he could have done to Atlantic City.

UF/UF 164: Joey Chestnut vs Kim Jong Un – The Battle for Independence

In case you’ve been stoned out of your gourd for the last two weeks, North Korea’s Kim Jong UN fires a long range missile into the Sea of Japan on 4th of July. At the same time back in the US, Joey Chestnut launched an assault on the hot dog eating world record. Of those two things, which one do you think is more important?

Well for that you gotta listen. Click the link.

UF/UF 164: Joey Chestnut vs Kim Jong Un – The Battle for Independence

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UF/UF 144: No Wonder

What!?! Wonder Woman out as a Rep to the UN because she’s too curvaceous?!:?! Hey geniuses, that’s exactly why you picked her in the first place. That’s it. Pack it up. The world is doomed.

Click the link on your way out if you don’t mind.

UF/UF 144: No Wonder

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End the UN. Free Wonder Woman!

End the UN. Free Wonder Woman!


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UF/UF 144: No Wonder