UF/UF 253: Joey Jaws Shows His Chestnuts

As the internet and social media continue to shrink the world and blend cultures, one thing remains distinctly American.


Chestnut does it again. 71 hotdogs and buns. A record 12 titles. God Bless America!

We did other stuff too, but when America is this awesome what else is there to talk about.


UF/UF 253: Joey Jaws Shows His Chestnuts



Joey Jaws Chestnut is the vessel of our freedom!

UF/UF 164: Joey Chestnut vs Kim Jong Un – The Battle for Independence

In case you’ve been stoned out of your gourd for the last two weeks, North Korea’s Kim Jong UN fires a long range missile into the Sea of Japan on 4th of July. At the same time back in the US, Joey Chestnut launched an assault on the hot dog eating world record. Of those two things, which one do you think is more important?

Well for that you gotta listen. Click the link.

UF/UF 164: Joey Chestnut vs Kim Jong Un – The Battle for Independence

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You’re Welcome America!