UF/UF 126: I’ll come running….

All ya got to do is call…

Not for nothing but I told you people years ago John Kerry was not suited for this job and would make Hillary look like the greatest Secretary of State in the history of the Republic.  Next time maybe you’ll listen. Well big John is lamenting the state of American politics as embarrassing. Let that soak in. John Kerry says American politics is embarrassing. John Kerry.

When this guy thinks you're a douche, guess what, you are a douche.

When this guy thinks you’re a douche, guess what, you are a douche.

Ain’t it good to know you got a friend.

And it is us. Tony, me, the crew at UF/UF. We are your friends.  And as such we have authored the next episode of UF/UF The Podcast. Click the link for Episode 126: I’ll Come Running

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You’re welcome again.


Podcast Season 2 Episode 45: Racists, Rebels, & Retreads.

Big show tonight. Fresh off our 1 week hiatus, we have some serious stuff lined up. We’re talking racism – Bundy and Sterling and Gumble, rebellion – the good kind (Star Wars) and the bad kind (Republican civil war), and retreads – SOS John Kerry (who else).

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 45: Racists, Rebels, & Retreads.

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On to the tease…


Let me tell you about the negro…

Good Lord

Good Lord

Bundy espouses his beliefs on why the negro is lazy, all while taking welfare from the government, and stealing for years as he lets cattle graze on federal property. Sterling won’t draft white guys because only the blacks can play ball and doesn’t want his girlfriend to bring black guys to the game or be photographed with them because his boys make fun of him. In the words of Vince Lombardi “What the hell is going on around here!”



Tea Party gives John a sad.

Tea Party gives John a sad.

It’s a trap!!!!

Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is called to a private meeting on the Hill after he returns from a weekend speaking engagement in Ohio. At that Ohio speaking event, John of Orange let his own party have it with a mocking diatribe implying Republicans don’t want to do anything that’s hard, like immigration reform. Sit with your back to the wall John, and if there’s plastic on the carpet – run.


You're not helping bro!

You’re not helping bro!

Jesus John, really?!?!

Kerry says lifelong ally Israel is steps from being an apartheid state similar to South Africa years ago. He received the correct amount of scorn from the Right and crickets from the Left. In other words no support no where. Then he does the honorable thing, like when he threw his Vietnam medals over the Whitehouse fence, and says he never say nothin bout no apartheid.  1.9 million cells phones begin to play the audio clip from the meeting where Kerry said that very thing. Hill-dogg’s not lookin so bad now is she?

All this and some ominous Signs of the Apocolypse. You’d think that would be redundant, but strangely it’s not.

Click the link and be amazed, or terrified, whichever.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 45: Racists, Rebels, & Retreads.

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Kerry, (the new Gore), climate change, and dinosaur flatulence

kerry windsurf

Kerry taking advantage of climate change winds

Speaking to students in Jakarta, John Kerry said that people who dismiss climate change are members of the “flat earth society” and that they are simply “burying their heads in the sand.” He also said that climate change ranks among the world’s most serious problems, such as disease outbreaks, poverty, terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

So, while we’ve got a meltdown in the Ukraine, a degenerating situation in Venezuela, innocent women and children being murdered in Syria, the Secretary of State, who should be thinking about these issues,  is in Jakarta comparing climate change with these situations. Seriously. Essentially, he compared climate change to women and children being murdered.

I’m not a climate change denier, and neither am I an alarmist. Also, I have no “Eco-guilt” simply because I’m a human being. With a little research, I’ve found out that there are many factors involved in climate change. I’m no expert, but I believe the earth has seen climate change before. It was called the Ice Age. They made a movie about it. I didn’t watch the sequels, but I liked that little squirrel.


Can you imagine?

Anyway, too bad the democrats weren’t around to stop it then. I’ll bet those Brontosaurus’s had a lot of flatulence. How about a Tyrannosaurus Rex, with his diet? Can you imagine the greenhouse gasses?

So, why, then? Why approach the issue from this alarmist state rather than from a simple, common sense approach? Maybe try to be a little pragmatic and get something done.  Politics, that’s why.

The democrats are in a bad way. Obamacare, the economy, their non-existent foreign policy, and Obama’s approval numbers are down. Members of his own party have publicly stated they are distancing themselves from him. They are running out of issues to stake a claim on. Mid-term elections are coming up. But they can still prove the Republicans are ignorant Neanderthals if they can place them on the other side of climate change.

Meanwhile, real issues are happening in parts of the world that the Secretary of State should be interested in.  Fat chance. Quit burying your head in the sand and do your damn job.

kerry flatulence

Is that dinosaur flatulence? I’ll put a stop to that!



Podcast Episode 13: Liars, liars, everywhere liars!

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Liars, liars, everywhere liars! Episode 13

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On to the tease.


What the h#$%?

What the h#$%?

This man is a liar.

He’s also the Secretary of State John Kerry.  Was not at the White House during the military coup in Egypt.  He was on his yacht.  No one cared… until he said he wasn’t on his yacht.  Pictures surface showing he was in fact on his yacht. LIAR!



It's cool, he raised his left hand.  We're all good.

It’s cool, he raised his left hand. We’re all good.

This man is a liar.

He’s also the Director of the National Intelligence Agency, James Clapper. Went before congress and swore an oath that the NIA, CIA and FBI were not collecting information on ordinary American citizens.  This was prior to Edward Snowden’s big revelation. Clapper has since apologized.  Yeah ok thanks dude.  As long as you’re sorry. LIAR!


Who's that Dago?

Who’s that Dago?

This man is a liar.

Whoops.  No that’s me.  Here are a few shots from inside 1B The Monolith Studio where Unfiltered & Unfettered is taped.  Tony is the good lookin mug with the facial hair.



Come on, try and collect our data.

Come on, try and collect our data.

Easy bro, I'll let you win the argument again.

Easy bro, I’ll let you win the argument again.

Two jag offs with microphones and internet access.  What could go wrong?

Two jag offs with microphones and internet access. What could go wrong?

So there is a look behind the curtain, seeing the sausage being made as it were.

All this plus an in studio guest and a new member joins the UF & UF team. Oh and we breakdown the summer of redemption in NY city politics.

Don’t miss it.

I know you may be stunned by our dashing looks, but don’t forget to click the link, unless, you know, you hate liberty.

Liars, Liars, Everywhere Liars.  Episode 13











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I didn’t know white bread could do that!?!

What the h#$%?

What the h#$%?

Well, I made it.  I didn’t think I could do it, but I adapted, I overcame, and I finished.  Too bad they don’t hand out T-shirts.  Yeah I didn’t finish a marathon, well, not in a traditional sense.  I managed to watch the entirety of the opening round of the John Kerry nomination hearing for Secretary of State.

Boring ain’t the word.

This is well beyond the “watching paint dry” cliche.  We’re in much more rare air than that.

I don’t know there is a word for it.  But I’m here for you people, I’m a giver.  So I’ll I give my best effort with finding an analogy for what I watched today.

Here goes.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Here are my top three in no particular order.

Watching two pieces of white bread copulate would be more exciting than watching the John Kerry nomination coverage.  That really makes no sense but it just makes me laugh when I think about it.

Watching a single piece of white bread grow mold would be more exciting than watching the John Kerry nomination coverage.  I’m a touch hungry.

Watching Tony try to play golf would be more exciting than watching the John Kerry nomination coverage.  Hahaha.  I kid Tony, I’m a kidder.  😛  And I used a funny, tongue out emoticon, that makes the jovial-ness official and therefore not offensive.

The most interesting thing that happened was when a protester from Code Pink burst into the chamber and began shouting something about stop killing all her friends in the middle east.  Not for nothing but she didn’t seem like the type who had too many friends in her home town let a alone an entire region of the earth.

As the Capitol police, who were a bit slow to react in my opinion, dragged her off, you could hear her protesting get quieter and quieter as they got her further down the hall. That’s the beauty of C-Span over the networks.  There is no cutting away from unpleasantness.  It just 4 C-Span cameras and some microphones in a room and they are on, all the time.  It’s awesome.  It is really.

Anyway, if you thought the democrats had used up all their gushing praise on Hillary from the Benghazi hearing, guess again.  They reloaded the slobber gun and gushed all over Kerry.  However he did not seem uncomfortable with it like Hill-dogg did at her hearing.  Kerry was actually basking in it. Goofball.

The democrats embarrassed themselves again, but this time they had help.  The republicans got in on the fake platitudes act as well.  Yeah fake. I mean let’s face it, what has the man done in his time as a Massachusetts Senator besides not win the race for the White House.  Anything of note, anything to help his fellow man?  Anything?  Bueller? You get the idea.

Make no mistake this conformation hearing will be greased lightning.  Kerry will sail through nomination.  The republicans need him to sail through.  And that’s the real story here.

But, to hear the rest of the story you’ll have to listen to the podcast.

Uh wut?

Yeah man, the podcast!

Tony and I have decided to take to the airwaves.  Again.  We were an award winning broadcast tandem on the Air Force’s Warrior Network, broadcasting live television four hours a night, two nights a week.  We missed it and decided to give podcasting a run.

So live, (well, previously recorded really), from The Monolith, Studio 1B it’s UNfiltered and UNfettered: The World Explained – by Us.

We have mics and everything.  see.

The Snowball from Blue Microphones

The Snowball from Blue Microphones

Yeah strictly audio…. for now.  I’m working on Hupp to get back on TV.  We’ll see.

We finished the first show Thursday night, Tony is editing, and it should be posted right here at Unfiltered & Unfettered Friday or Saturday.

You’ll hear my views on the game with-in the game surrounding the Kerry nomination, our views on the inauguration speech, and a lively debate on Hill-dogg’s Benghazi testimony.  Plus some fun stuff too.

So if you’re tired of reading our stuff, just come for the listen.  Then drop us an e-mail at theunmail@yahoo.com and tell us what you thought, think or might be thinking.  Comments, questions, debate welcome.  We’ll even answer them on an upcoming podcast.

Come back Friday or Saturday.  Don’t miss out on episode 1.