No Jay, It’s still about Benghazi


I shall stop lying when you stop asking me questions.

On September 11, 2012, the Libyan embassy was attacked and four Americans murdered, including Ambassador Christopher Stephens.

On September 16, Susan Rice appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation and stated that “we do not have information at present that leads us to conclude that this [attack] was premeditated or preplanned.” She said it was a spontaneous attack resulting from some YouTube video.

On January 23 2013, Hillary Clinton in a Senate hearing about Benghazi, denied seeing any memo that the embassy was at risk. In a response to Senator Ron Johnson, inquiring about the misleading information, Clinton said:

“The fact is we had four dead Americans, was it because of a protest or was it some guys that went out for a walk some night and decided they would kill some Americans, what difference, at this point, does it make?  It is our job to figure out what happened so that we can prevent it from ever happening again.”

Which is what they were trying to find out by asking you questions, which, apparently, you then lied about.

Reporter Catherine Herridge obtained a memo dated 16 August 2012, from the Libyan Embassy, stating that Al Qaeda was there in the area, that they were worried about an attack, and that they couldn’t withstand an attack. It also stated that the Libyan Brigade tasked with defending the embassy was infiltrated. Herridge has said there the memo was addressed to the head of the state department (Hillary Clinton at the time).

In a press conference that was held on Friday, James Rosen was asking about a memo that circulated on September 10, 2012 that steps were being taken to assure protection of U.S. personnel and assets. Rosen asked if other emails or memos regarding this would be released. Carney responded by stating that they were engaged in the exchange simply as fodder for Fox News.

Jay Carney: “And I would simply say, when it comes to — and I know that we’re creating an exchange here for Fox and I’m mindful of that, but allow me to suggest that questions about the posturing of defense forces are usually better addressed at the Pentagon.”

James Rosen: “My question to you, Jay, is, first of all, what we’re engaged in here is not for Fox. It’s for the record. And the fact that the posturing was such that it made remedy or rescue in that situation impossible is not a conclusion solely of the House Armed Services Committee or Republicans; it’s a self-evident fact. source.”

Well, Jay, the White House’s war with Fox News not with-standing, millions of Americans still watch the channel. Thirteen months after the incident and we’re still peeling back the issue trying to work through this administration’s lies and found out why an American Embassy was attacked and personnel killed.  At best, it’s just plain incompetence.  But, it’s always the cover-up that gets you.

You shouldn’t dodge the issue by blaming the people asking the questions.

Carney ended the press conference by saying:  “James, I think we’re done here.”

Which after their initial lie, has been the administration’s response to anything about Benghazi

The most transparent administration in history.


No more questions from you, Rosen.

Who are you and what did you do with our congress?

Shhh... or I'll introduce to some of my little friends.

Shhh… or I’ll introduce to some of my little friends.

What a difference a crisis makes.

As some of you may know I am a C-Spanaholic.  There are three glorious channels now.  The Senate is on C-Span, the House on C-Span 2, and any special committee meeting usually ends up on C-Span 3.  Zero commercials.  It’s freaking awesome.  Well, that might be an over-statement, but probably not.

Anyway, it was on C-Span 3 that our body of ineptitude, aka the Senate, showcased their inability to ask one meaningful or probing question during the throw down with Hillary Clinton over the events in Benghazi.  She then dashed over to C-Span 2 for a round with the gang who couldn’t shoot straight, aka the House of Representatives.  The regaled her with equal doses of false praise and righteous indignation.  I leave you to figure out which side dispensed which meaningless emotion.

S0 it was really for some amusing lunch theater that I turned on C-Span 3 to catch Congressman Darrell Issa (R) California, chair a bi-partisan committee meeting which would be looking into the IRS scandal Tony and I talked about on the last podcast.

At first I thought I had turned on the wrong channel.  Can’t be, it’s programed into my favorites.  Maybe a solar flare was messing with the channel lineup.  Whatever was going on, I could not find the usual clown car of American Politics that is our representative body.  Instead what I saw, what I heard, was representative after representative, republican and democrat, asking cogent, probing questions; civil in tone, laced with verbiage for quality follow up questions.

So stunned, I almost choked on my sarsaparilla, almost spat out my mint julep.

It really was hard to believe.  Especially given their history of mucking up things like this. I can only imagine they all watched the tape of Hill-Dogg kicking their asses up and down the Capital Building steps during the Benghazi hearings and they decided to bring their A games.  And truly they did.

When Lois Lerner, the director of the branch of the IRS accused of targeting groups because of political affiliation, decided to invoke her 5th amendment rights and not answer questions, Rep. Issa simply dismissed her.  And that was the right play even though his colleagues thought otherwise.  Issa had the former IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman in his sights as well as J. Russell George, the Treasury inspector general.  Those boys didn’t take the fifth, they just took a beating.  Issa didn’t need Lerner.  No reason to cause a lot of drama by forcing her to take the fifth to every single question for the cameras.  Thats what a lot of republicans wanted.  It looks like Issa is just after the truth. That’s smarts you can play with.  That’s how championships are won my friend.

Let me tell you neither IRS man had a friend in that room.  No democrat came to the rescue, no liberal would argue for them.  Elijah Cummings, (D) Maryland, actually scolded the two men, treated them like school children in the principals office.

James Rosen and the hit squad warrant, aka FBI.

James Rosen and the hit squad warrant, aka FBI.

This bodes bad for the President.  We are way past birth certificates and Reverend Wright.  The IRS investigation is just getting fired up, then the mater of the Department of Justice gathering the personal information, e-mails, texts, contacts, of a handful of Associated Press reporters.

Then comes the bizarre issue of the DoJ doing surveillance on and tagging as a flight risk, one James Rosen from FOX News.  It seems Rosen is being hounded by the Obama administration for doing his job.  In other words he reported on a story about North Korea and cited his sources in the State Department.  He may be charged with espionage or aiding and abetting espionage.  It truly is absurd.  And when I say hounded I mean having search warrants executed on his home and work computers, confiscation of his e-mails, etc…, being followed, not allowed to leave the country.   This isn’t just a threatening feeling like Bob Woodward had a few months back, this is an outright threat and harassment against a reporter who works for a network that criticizes Obama most of the time.

In other words this looks bad.  Now taken separately the Associated Press and the Rosen thing wouldn’t be a big deal, mostly because the American public tends to loathe reporters just slightly less than they do lawyers.  However add them to the IRS targeting Tea Party organizations and you have what looks like for all the world to be a political hit squad operating at the behest of the President.

What does this have to do with the aforementioned congress and their surprisingly good job during the start of the IRS investigation?  Good question.

As Tony mentioned in the last podcast, Nixon didn’t really order the break in at the Watergate building, but he failed to react fast enough there-by implying more involvement than may have been true.

Obama has not failed to react, he appears to be saying, “So what?”  Much like Nixon, it seems Obama has created this atmosphere in his administration that causes high level officials to believe the full weight of the federal government is there to be used against political enemies.

This is worse than Watergate.

And it appears the Senate and the House of Representatives have found their stride when it comes to investigative hearings and questioning.  They also taste blood in the water.

Obama better hope the good old Congress, the one that can’t even ask a simple question without stammering through meaningless diatribe, comes back soon.

That gang I saw doing the IRS investigation hearing will make Obama cry for his momma.

Take a good look O.  This might be you in a month.

Take a good look O. This might be you in a month.