Podcast Episode 6: A Judd, a Dud, and a Thud

Literally a metric ton of things to talk about tonight, but we zeroed in on a few hot buttons.

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On to the show.

One and done?

Judd says the grass is greener in Tennessee, opts out of a run against Mitch McConnell for Kentucky Senate seat.

(psst, hey Ash, grass is blue in Kentucky)

I'm out people!

I’m out people!


Kim Jong UN-freaking believable

Un’s a dud, but his missiles may not be.  Tells world the military has final say on nuke strikes in US, then says he will nuke Los Angeles, DC and …. Austin Texas!?!?

My son Frank has a question for the Supreme Ruler.

Hey Un, what's a matta, you don't like our Fajitas?

Hey Un, what’s a matta, you don’t like our Fajitas?











Reince and Repeat?

Republican party members publicly insult Native Americans, Hispanics, Blacks, and the gay and lesbian community the week after Preibus announced a 10 million dollar outreach initiative to minorities.  The party reboot ain’t dead yet, but that dull thud you just heard was the first phase hitting the deck.

Oy Vey!

Oy Vey!


All that plus Hupp and Linardo finally lock horns in the Battle of Pintail Road.  Tune in to find out if Linardo made Hupp cry like a girl.

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Hill-Dog on the Hill: Benghazi, Biden, and Bobby 2016!

Editor’s note – This is a running commentary of Secretary Clinton’s testimony about Benghazi  interspersed with a breakdown and analysis of the politics of key players and events.

70 and 37.  The only numbers you need to know.  Those are percentages.  70% percent is Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (aka HRC, aka Hill-dogg) favorability rating at Secretary of State.  Today.  That number is from a poll done on 23 January 2013.  For political junkies and nerds like me the other number is more telling.  37% is Hill-dogg’s favorability rating amongst current Republican members of the House and Senate in DC.  Trust me gang, that is unbelievably high.  Think about the last 4 years.  She’s not been attacked by conservatives and republicans very much if at all.

She is currently, as I type, testifying on Capitol Hill about the Benghazi disaster.  She was supposed to testify over a month ago.  She fainted, had a concussion and was hospitalized the week of her scheduled testimony.  Several conservatives took to the airwaves to rail about Hill-dogg ducking congress, about how she mysteriously developed Benghazi fever. That charge was advanced on Fox News (color me shocked) by former UN Ambassador/Fox News contributor nut job, John Bolton.  The line was then adopted on a lot of Fox programs by a lot of “expert pundits.”  Oddly not a single Senator or Congressman from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would go on Fox and repeat that line.

That in part is due to the leadership of that Committee, John Kerry(D) MA and Bob Corker(R) TN are true gentlemen and statesmen.  And they ain’t dumb.  A week after Hill-Dog went into the hospital it was discovered she had a blood clot in her head.  No apology from Fox, Bolton, et al.  Of course why would they, one is a psycho, the other the megaphone through which psychos find a willing audience.

So Hill-dog is sitting in front of Senators and Congress getting grilled.  Well, getting grilled by Republicans.  Democrats are doing nothing but heaping praise on her.  That’s a horrible mistake.  Hill-dogg needs to answer tough questions, she can answer tough questions.  She’s most likely the smartest person in the current government.  The ridiculous platitudes from the Democratic side of this committee are cringe worthy.  Hill-dogg is tough, she can take it.  America needs all of you to be tough.  Ask a damn question Barbra Boxer.  By the way Hill-dogg is a term of endearment and related to her toughness and determination.  Barbra Boxer (D) CA, is just a mutt, stealing from her constituents.

Hill-dogg ain’t shying away from this either.  Her opening statement might as well be her bumper sticker in 2016.  “It was my responsibility. This is personal.”  Look I’m a fan of the President, but I can’t remember too many times where he has uttered that statement. Hill-dog was saying it the day after it happened.  She is still saying it today.

Hill-dogg gettin her testimony on

Hill-dogg gettin her testimony on

However the responsibility she is referring to is the attack and the death of Americans at an US Embassy.  They were her people, it was her responsibility.  She is not and should not take responsibility for the debacle of the quasi cover-up/disinformation strategy perpetrated by the current administration when they sent UN Ambassador Susan Rice on the Sunday shows to tell a very smart population with access to Al Gore’s internet, the attack was just a protest not a terror attack.

Hard to type now as I watch Senator Marco Rubio (R) FL, ask questions.  He’s trying to be tough but he is scared shitless.   He’s working so hard to be respectful and not anger the Hill-dogg.  He knows he’s talking to the reason he won’t be President in 2016.

Which brings us to Vice President Joe Biden (aka crazy uncle Joe).  Anyone watching c-span 3 late night before the inauguration heard crazy Joe had attended Iowa’s Inaugural Ball Planning Committee meeting.  He also invited the head of the committee from New Hampshire to the Inaugural luncheon.  Iowa and New Hampshire, hmmm…. I know they are important but I can’t quite….Oh yeah they are the first two states to vote in the primary in 2016.  The winner of those traditionally goes on to win the nomination of their party.  Joe may be crazy but he ain’t stupid either.  He’s running for President.  He knows he’s got a tough road to the nomination.  He knows he needs to get out in front quick.  He knows Hill-dogg is wildly popular.

After seeing Hill-dogg’s 70% favorability, 37% among republicans, he now knows he has no chance at the nomination should she choose to run.

Senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson (R) tries to slap Hill-dogg on a minor point that has no relevance and Ron Johnson paid the price.  The committee co-chairman Senator Corker (R) TN, saved Johnson from himself. Hill-dog was actually yelling at him.

If I was Corker I would have said to them ahead of time to ask questions boys but keep it civil.  No one is winning an election today.  Johnson was trying to make points not find truth and he has a fresh Hill-dogg hand print on his face for his trouble.

Now Jeff Flake (R) AZ, is asking questions.  Another statesman showing the chamber how to ask hard, insightful questions while not being a schmuck.  Looking at you Senator Ron Johnson.

So Crazy Joe is done really.  Which is sad because it would have been fun to see him go the distance.  The unintentional comedy would have been epic.  But he has nothing to offer the Hill-dogg.  Truly no one on the Democrat’s side of the ticket has much for her. It’s her nomination if she wants it.

And that brings us to her challenger.  Governor Bobby Jindal  of Louisiana is my early pick for the Republican nomination.  If he decides to go for it, he should win the nomination and if he does he’ll beat Hill-dogg head to head.  She is the smartest person in the government right now.  He will be if he becomes President.  Google him smart people, but here is a snippet of his bio.

Bobby Jindal at the White House

Bobby Jindal and his wife at the White House

Piyush “Bobby” Jindal is an American politician and the 55th and current Governor of Louisiana. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to immigrants from India, Jindal studied biology and public policy at Brown University from 1988 to 1991

Ok John McCain (R) AZ is up now.  He is on the attack.  Hill-doggs response will be interesting here.  McCain and Ambassador Stevens, Killed at Benghazi, were close friends. McCain and Clinton are friends as well, but he is attacking her, calling her answers not believable.  I have to agree with him on this point, the questions and platitudes up to now have been much about scoring points and a waste of time, not getting at the truth. McCain’s questions are being delivered with snark and old man attitude but they go right to the heart of the matter.

Hill-dogg is staggered, leaning on the ropes!  McCain is landing some old man jabs!  First questions she did not directly answer.

McCain backs off.  Senator Dick Durbin (D) Illinois is now embarrassing himself by wondering why we have not had a hearing on the WMD’s never found in Iraq.  I get his point.  A war was fought on a lie.  Thousands of our brothers and sisters died over what is now widely considered an illegal action by the Bush Administration.  However, Durbin is only trying to give Hill-dogg top cover right now.  Still no effort to get to the truth of the current situation by most democrats and some republicans on this committee.

By my score only McCain and Jeff Flake, both R’s from AZ, have asked any relevant questions.

Rand Paul (R) KY, is up now.  He is railing like a, forgive me, a catholic school girl in a playground fight. By the way he is running for the Republican nomination for President in 2016.  Jindal will make him cry in the first debate.  He’s Congressman Ron Paul’s (R) TX kid and believes private business’s should be allowed to keep blacks out if they want to. It’s all you need to know about Rand Paul.  Read Rand Paul on civil rights

Her testimony is almost over.  Now the Hill-dogg walks over to the House side and faces more questions.  Lets hope Congressmen and Women are better at this then our Senators are.

Hey I can hope right.

Watch Hill-dogg go at it with the Congress on C-span around 2pm eastern today.

Jindal 2016!

Presidential Debate #2: The most important debate of our time…until the next one.

It’s go time from Hofstra University in Hempstead New York.  Candy Crowley of CNN is the moderator and she looks like she could spit nails.  The name Candy is a little misleading.  Think of a fat guy named slim.

It’s town hall style tonight.  Questions coming from the audience.  That by itself should be worth a little unintentional comedy. That means the candidates are free range chickens. Free to roam to and fro.  This bit John McCain in the rump last time.  He looked like your great grandfather, wandering around the freeway looking for his puree`ed squash and brownie cake.

Interesting to note both campaigns balked at Crowley as the moderator because she threatened ask her own questions.  God forbid.

Love Crowley already.  Absolutely no introductions.  She just took the first question from the audience and started.  Nice.  Look gang if these guys have to intro themselves, we have bigger problems than these guys ducking tough debate questions.

Second man up with a question about energy.  I expected a blue collar, lunch pail, NY Islanders fan.  Got Droopy Dog, with coke bottle glasses, who apparently free bases helium.

The President has come out stronger.  But how could he not.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!  I think the Obama and Romney just traded paint there.  If not, they definitely shared the same breathing air for a second.  Got very close passing each other on the stage.  Shit just got real, (learned that from the muppets).

Ok we are into the tax plan weeds.  This all benefits the Pres. for two reasons.  First Romney had not offered too many specifics about his plan and Obama can corner him on this.  Second any time not talking about the Libya cover up is a win for the President.

Until Romney expertly pivots it to Obama’s record on debt and deficits.  President is on, but Romney is not wilting.

Katherine something or other asks about equal pay for women in the work place.  Here is the best way to describe this exchange.  From Sam Youngman, former White House press corp, now writes for Reuters, and a Kentucky fan, but we give him a pass on that sometimes:

nuf said






Now we are beating on George Bush again.  Man, I wasn’t a fan but let the guy fade into his sunset.He served his country with passion and a care for Americans.  Will anyone just own the current situation and start with the fix already.

Mike Jones hits Obama between the eyes.  “I voted for you in 08, why should I vote for you now.”  Good question from the audience for once.  Obama goes down a pretty impressive list of things he’s done.  Three myths that dog him: 1. raised taxes – no he actually cut them  2. Made it harder to get guns – no actually guns have never been easier to get in our history. 3. soft on immigration – no the administration has deported more illegals than Bush 43 did in 8 years.

Best tweet of the night – decided by me.




Trevino was a speech writer in the Bush 43 White House.  Following his twitter feed should be worth 3 college credits in history and political science.

Romney smartly highlights the problem with the past 4 years as to why Obama should not get your vote;  23 million Americans are still out of work.  It’s that number and not the percentage of unemployed that’s most important.  Romney is in a good groove now.

Immigration is up now.  And somehow they have both segued that to each others personal finances and again they get very close to each other, are raising their voices AT each other, and have to be called to task by the moderator.

No joke, there is an obvious dislike between these two men.  It’s much more obvious from Obama then Romney and it’s more than just a passive dislike. Hate is too strong, but it’s close.  But as much as a mormon can bow up, Romney is doing it.

Here we go.  Another great question from the audience, “what happened in Libya?”  They might just come to blows here.  The room is still tight with stress from that last exchange.

Photo courtesy of HarlemGal Inc.






President still steaming from that last dust up and is speaking forcefully.  However he really didn’t answer the question.  Most pundits on twitter agree that there really is no good answer, that’s why the Pres. ducked it.  Obama did say the buck stops with him.  A lot of bucks floating around on this issue.  HRC has the one that mattered.  Obama is 4 weeks late a buck short on that.   Pres is actually yelling in defiance during his response.

Oh Candy, bad Candy.  Obama said he knew it was a terror attack the day after it happened.  Mitt rightly asks then why did your UN Ambassador say other wise two weeks later, on five different Sunday talk shows?  Candy cut the whole thing off.  I’m not a big conspiracy type but the press has really crapped the bed on this story.  And be advised this embassy story is huge, freaking huge.  Shame on you Candy.  Four Americans are dead.  An Ambassador and 3 former military men.  They were assassinated on US soil and the press seems unwilling to ask a question or allow questions to be asked.

Candy then steps on Romney bringing up Operation Fast and Furious.  Google Fast and Furious, you won’t believe it.  I am no longer in favor of town hall.  Give me Jim Leher any day.  He let them talk at least.

Barry gets the last question and asks something stupid.  Sit down Barry, Thomas Jefferson doesn’t like you.  Romney decides to just ignore the question and do a short bio about himself.  Obama gets to answer last.  We’ll see if he answers Barry’s stupid question or just blames Bush for the bad economy.

To the President’s credit, he actually answered the question.  No matter, it was dumb. Something about what is the biggest misconception about you?  How about housing, unions, DADT, Barry?

And thats it.  No closing arguments.  I like that.   Now normally the two men will shake hands and chat for a bit on stage.  Not tonight.  I’m telling you, they were close to throwing hands.  When the Pres accused Romney of investing in companies in China, Romney replied, “have you ever looked at your pension fund Mr. President?”  Boom. Obama got pissed and the two men kept shouting the same thing at each other and getting closer and closer.  I mean I was expecting some Secret Service agents to come on stage.  That’s how tense it got.

No doubt each side will claim victory, but like the first debate there really was no clear standout in my opinion.  And to me that helps Romney.

Also, the Libya thing is not going away.  Romney flubbed his chance a bit and Candy blocked him some, but the question still remains, if the Pres knew it was a terror attack why did everyone else from his admin to include the UN Ambassador say otherwise?

Two final thoughts from twitter that encapsulate my opinion about debates quite well.






So same as the last time.  No needle move from the debate.  And if those were undecided voters I’m a Tibetan monk.

Off to Boca for the next one.  That’s right, sunny Boca Raton and Lynn University, for the final Presidential debate.

That’s next Monday, 22 October.  Don’t miss it.

Big sister to the rescue

You may not have been following the current storm cloud hovering over the Obama White House, but the shameful and disastrous way they have handled the Libya embassy attack and the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three of his security team finally turned into a hurricane over the past few days.  After the attack, the US Ambassador to the United Nations went on five, count em, five Sunday morning politcal shows and peddled some hash about an anti-muslim video and the resulting protests as the cause of the heinous attack.  All proven to be lies as State Department officials testifying in Congress say they were watching the attack in real time and there were no protests.  The Obama administration seems to be clinging to the idea that it was not a terrorist attack. Maybe they don’t want a terrorist attack on September 11th attached to his presidency, who knows.  So instead they decided a clown car style cover up might be better.

The President and his administration have given several answers to the what, why, and how this could happend questions.  They’ve also retracted some answers, changed stories, and have been pushing other agencies of the government under the bus with such frequency their arms must be tired by now.  As the second debate looms on the horizon, reports are that Obama is shopping for a bus with more ground clearance.  What has been more interesting to me is who has not given interviews.  Hillary Clinton, known as HRC in the social media world, has been oddly silent considering it was one of her ambassadors who was murdered.

Well, the President’s silver lining may have appeared last night, although it may only be the eye of the storm.  And as any good north-easterner knows, it’s the ass end of the hurricane that’s the most violent and causes the most damage.   Be that as it may, HRC went on CNN and talked to Wolf Blitzer. She took full responsibility for the attack, lack of security and the death of the four Americans.  That’s it, end of sentence.  She didn’t say, I take full responsibility but you have to understand…, she didn’t blame any other person. She did allude to the fog of war for causing some confusion as to the lies told by other members of the administration, but HRC was really just providing top cover for them.

In short, it appears Hillary Rodham Clinton was able to answer that 3am call and the President was not.  My guess is the administration was out of people to push under busses and out of excuses so they asked HRC to take a bullet.  And she did it.  The irony, this makes her look like more of a leader and the President in need of his big sister to protect him from the bullies.  In essence she was the leader that Obama should have been.

Tony loves Ronald Reagan.  He’ll be happy to remember that Ronnie Raygun took full responsibility for the Beirut bombing in 1983 that killed so many Marines.  Reagan did it immediately and even went as far as shielding the commanders on the ground from inquiry, claiming it was his own fault for their unpreparedness.  Now any military member knows this in hogwash, we are always responsible for our immediate environment.  But it’s a rare and honorable thing when the very top of the chain takes all the blame and then protects the guys on the ground.

Miss you big guy. The world misses you.


Mr. President my family voted for Ronald Reagan, I looked up to Ronald Reagan, Mr. President, you are no Ronald Reagan.

You’re not even HRC.









Mark your calendar, you are hearing it here first, (probably not), if the President wins re-elction she will resign within the next year.  If he loses to Romney, HRC will stay on the edge of the national stage and she will be a candidate for President in 2016.

HRC in 2016?