UF/UF 226: Shutdown Showdown

We’re back after a UF/UF road trip. We shocked them in Sheboygen and killed them in Kalamazoo.  But it’s good to be back in the home studio just in time for the Trump shutdown.

Will Nancy and Chuck realize their mistake in letting the President take the blame for the shutdown or will those two numbnuts keep feeding the beast until Trump becomes more powerful than ever.

We report, you decide!

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UF/UF 226: Shutdown Showdown





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UF/UF 189: Shutdown, what shutdown?

Shutdown smutdown, that was the shortest closure in history. And the most costly politically, but for whom? Spoiler, it’s the DEMs!  Plus a new segment tonight, in which we rant about various things. So really just like most of our segments.

Also tonight Tony unleashes an impersonation that will blow your mind.

Take a click and then take a listen.

UF/UF 189: Shutdown, what shutdown?





Bernie or Tony – We report, you decide!






Podcast Episode 21: A tangled web.

“O, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott had no idea he was talking about Obamacare, but he nailed it.

Tonight we breakdown all things healthcare.gov.

Click the link or chose other options below and listen to this podcast, unless of course you hate prosperity.

Episode 21: A Tangled Web:

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Can Obama escape the web of his own doing?

Can Obama escape the web of his own doing?

Web Slinger’s Delight

Intentional or not, the disaster that is the health care web site has a lot of people asking if the President knew how bad things were before the roll out of Obamacare. If he did not, then why not? If he did, why not delay?




Who has two thumbs and is an old douche...

Who has two thumbs and is an old douche… We report, you decide!

Father of the Frankenstein? 

Karl Rove and John McCain have been on the offensive AGAINST the Tea Party lately. But does the guy who spiraled up the tea party that gave us Christine O’Donnell and the guy who almost made Sarah Palin Vice President have a right to attack the very thing they asked for?



Good for some - not so good for others.

Good for some – not so good for others.

Shutdown Splashdown

The Government shutdown probably won’t effect the 2016 Presidential race, but 2014 Senate seats and 2013 Governor races are definitely in play. Find out who wins and who loses in our new segment Rising and Falling.





All this and more on episode 21 of UF/UF. Don’t miss it!

Podcast Episode 21: A Tangled Web:

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