UF/UF 182: We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

It was just that kind of week my friends. So much going on in every facet of society. Flynn is testifying, Congress is giving us a tax break on our private jets, Tennessee is showing the world how not to make a hire, and our favorite Kim is splodin nukes and causin quakes.

How do we keep it all straight. Well that’s the easy part.  Just click and we clear it all up. You’re welcome America.

UF/UF 182: We’re gonna need a bigger boat.



No see, what had happe… Yeah but he… I mean Flynn said… Yes those were my tweets but…



UF/UF 151: Captain Chaos

Starting to get chaotic at 1600 Pennsylvanian Ave. Is this the beginning of the end? Why did Flynn resign as NSA chief? Will the whole thing start to unravel? How are the Russians involved? Is this the end of the Republic? Or is this just Donald John Trump’s wheelhouse?

All good questions with no good answers.  But we make up some solid mediocre answers. Click the link to hear them.

UF/UF 151: Captain Chaos

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You are welcome America!

Oh Captain my Captain! (not my captain)

Oh Captain my Captain! (not my captain)