Podcast Episode 20: The Anniversary.

Big show for you tonight.  We take a look back at the previous podcasts, review some of our favorite punching bags, and punch a few new ones.  

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Podcast Episode 20: The Anniversary. 


They use to call me Crazy Joe, now they call me... ah...ah... Hey who wants ice cream?

They use to call me Crazy Joe, now they call me… ah…ah… Hey who wants ice cream?

 We miss our Crazy Uncle Joe

Ever since we here at UF/UF made Joe a star the administration put him in a closet with a pitcher of Manhattans and a copy of Guns & Ammo. Here’s to the day Joe breaks out and runs for President.  




Who's in charge in North Korea?  We report - you decide!

Who’s in charge in North Korea? We report – you decide!

Kim Jong WTF…

The Great Successor has been MIA since we brought him out into the light on our UF/UF podcasts. Will the youthful dictator come out to play again or has he been secretly replaced with The Worm?




Who's in charge in the Republican Party.  We report - you decide!

Who’s in charge in the Republican Party. We report – you decide!

A star crashes in Texas 

As fast as he vaulted to the stratosphere, Ted Cruz has fallen as fast if not faster. Three weeks removed from the great Filibuster of ’13, Cruz was relegated to marching with Palin under a Confederate Flag and doing a presser while his party leader was making a speech on the floor of the senate.  



All this and more on the great 20th Episode of UF/UF. Don’t miss it!

Podcast Episode 20: The Anniversary. 

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Podcast Episode 19: Shutdown Smack-Down!

Big show for you tonight.  We are hittin the House at UF/UF for episode 19, as we take on our governments’ inability to get things done.

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Episode 19: Shutdown Smack-Down!

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On to the tease.

2 horsemen short of an apocalypse

2 horsemen short of an apocalypse

Harry being Harry

Senate Majority Leader Harry Ried, (D, NV) makes major gaff, stating there is no reason to fund kids cancer research if we can’t fund other areas of gov’t. A truckload of backlash ensues Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.



Ted on the down low

Ted on the down low

Ted being Ted

Senator Ted Cruz, (R, TX) fresh from his historic filibuster gets caught having secret meetings with House Republicans.  Cruz urged them to go AGAINST Speaker John Boehner, (R, OH).  Is Cruz at the center of the Republican Civil War? We report, you decide!



Envelope never had a chance.

Envelope never had a chance.

T-Nak being T-Nak

The great one uses his amazing powers to divines some universal truths.  Plus we have the greatest envelopes this side of Office Max.

All that plus former Press Secretary Dana Perino believes all doctors in U.S. are white, english speaking, males.  Shhh don’t tell her over 300 languages are spoken in America.


Episode 19: Shutdown Smack-Down!

Don’t miss out!

Mini-cast Episode 18a: Fili… not so fast-Buster

The Bully Opinionist and the Pope of the Podcast are coming to you on a weekly basis. Through the magic of bandwidth and internet access, we bring you the Mini-cast.  That’s right, the Mini-cast; a quick hit version of the UF/UF Podcast.

Now you get Tony and Fran on a weekly basis.  No story will go uncovered, no fact will fall through the cracks, and no mocking opportunity will be left un-mocked.

Click the link and enjoy a shortened version of the Big Show.

Mini-cast Episode 18a: Fili… not so fast Buster

Senator Ted Cruz: Winning the battles may cost him the war.

So the fight against Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, has shifted into a new gear.

Senator Ted Cruz Speaks At The Heritage Action Defund Obamacare Town Hall

Senator Ted Cruz Speaks At The Heritage Action Defund Obamacare Town Hall

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas is the new face of Defund Obamacare and he has put a charge into the movement.  To most it appears he may be the best chance to defund Obamacare once and for all. He’s been on a summer long nationwide tour to rally the American people to his argument.  And he’s been winning.

Now it looks as if his efforts have arrived at the precipice. The House of Representative have again voted to defund the ACA.  42 votes so far, but number 42 is different.  This time the ACA was tied to the budget.  The bill was worded in such a way that allowed Republicans to vote to defund the ACA while approving the continuing resolution to keep the government running.

This means R’s can defund the ACA and not take the blame for shutting down the government.  Or so they think.

The bill is now in the Senate and Cruz is on the floor as I type, (3:13pm est) speaking to an empty senate chamber.  The cloture vote is Wednesday; meaning the vote to end discussion on the bill.  Cruz is attempting a filibuster to delay the cloture vote in the Democratically controlled chamber. Procedure is not on his side.  A lot of Republicans are not on his side.  Hence the empty chamber right now as Cruz makes his last ditch effort to sway his party to unite over the defunding of the ACA and block the vote at the same time.

Cruz claims he will speak until he’s no longer able to stand.   Mike Lee, Republican Senator for Utah has interrupted for a very long question.  In fact Lee’s question is going on 10 minutes now. Lee is a co-sponsor of the summer long defund tour.  This filibuster appears to be a tag team effort.  God I love C-Span.

Cruz believes his cause is righteous and his methods are just.

Here is why he is wrong.

If Ted Cruz succeeds in blocking the vote, or swaying enough Ds to his cause to win the vote outright, he’ll win his battle.  And then he’ll promptly lose the war.

The President will veto the bill and the government will shut down. Obama will blame the Republicans and Ted Cruz for playing games with the budget. In fact getting the House Republicans to tie the budget resolution to the ACA has already set the Republicans up to take the blame for the government shut down.

Guess what?

The Republicans will get blamed for the shut down. Facts will not matter.  They will be blamed for crucial agencies shutting down.  They will get blamed for Social Security checks not going out.  Yeah, they still send paper checks in the mail if that was your next question.

A lot of Republicans believe likewise and are worried about Cruz.  Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate Minority Leader is urging Cruz to step back and has said tying the ACA to the continuing budget resolution to the ACA was a bad idea. More telling, Senator John Cornyn of Texas, has said the same as Mitch McConnell.

So what?  Big deal if R’s take the hit for the shut down.  Well the only way to truly get rid of Obamacare is to win the White-house, change the numbers in the Senate, win elections.  It’s the only way.

The make up of the current House and Senate leave no procedural options available to get rid of the bill.  And believe me the bill needs to be gotten rid of.  It’s a giant bucket of bad. So blaming R’s for shutting government down will impede Republican efforts to win elections.  At least that’s what McConnell and other establishment Repubs say.  I’ve heard some hard core conservative pundits say the same.

Mike Lee’s “question” for Cruz is approaching 15 minutes.

One gentleman on Fox said the ACA is already being defeated just by it’s implementation. He’s right.  The bill is so badly written and has been so badly executed, so many deadlines have been missed, so many exemptions have been granted, so many companies have eliminated 40hr employees to avoid penalties under Obamacare.  By 2016 any Republican candidate for President need only hammer home how his opponent supported Obamacare and the election might very well be theirs. So shutting down the government might derail gains made against Obamacare.

What are Democrats saying?  Nothing.  They are on the sideline as Tea Party members of the Senate battle the establishment of the Republican Party in the Senate.  Why should they speak? Republicans are once again loading the gun in a effort to blow off their own feet as we approach mid-term elections.

Mike Lee, in his now 18 minute question just said, “A law has become less, and less popular as time has gone on.. and less and less something the American people support.” The look on his face and the halt in his voice clearly show he just realized he made McConnell and Cornyn’s case for NOT filibustering, for not tying the budget resolution to the defund Obamacare bill.

In other words Lee just laid out why Cruz should just shut up, let the bill do it’s damage, and let the Rs go out and win some elections beating Ds over the head with it.  But now it seems Republicans will have to get over their civl war and answer for why they shut the government down.  That was not Lee’s intention.

The Republicans have been here before.  In 1996 President Clinton vetoed a budget bill that triggered a government shut down.

Republicans, led by the Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, tried to lay the blame rightly on the White House doorstep.

Ask current CNN talk show host Newt Gingrich how that worked out.

Hush Ted, Hush.

Podcast Episode 4: As the Worm Turns

Another great show for you tonight.  Episode 4: As the Worm Turns goes all over the map to bring you the hottest stories from the political, societal, and cultural corners of life and then explains them all.  Take a look at some of the topics we hit tonight.

Now it's a party!

Now it’s a party!


Kim Jong Un gets nukes and now a visit from The Worm. Un tells Dennis Rodman to pass Obama his digits and have BO call him, maybe.





Senator Rand Paul (R) Kentucky

Senator Rand Paul (R) Kentucky

Paul gets randy

Rand Paul starts a filibuster 7 hours before we recorded this podcast.  He went 13 hours.  He didn’t read phone books folks.  Paul talked Presidents’ drone program policy for 13 hours. Even at 13 hours of standing and talking he was 5 hours shy of the top five filibuster times.

Better luck next time bro.




Jean Luc Picard - greatest of all time? (yes)

Jean Luc Picard – greatest of all time? (yes)

President he is.  Sci-fi geek he is not.

President crosses streams between Star Wars and Star Trek.  Jean Luc weighs in.

Is the President a Vulcan or a Jedi?  We report, you decide.








Nightmare on Pintail Rd?

Hupp sees a phantom in his dreams – Guess which one





These stories and more in tonight’s Podcast.

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Unfiltered and Unfettered: The World Explained by Us – The Podcast: Episode 4 As the Worm Turns