UF/UF 237: Feel The Bern

He’s back folks. Yep our less than favorite old man senator form Vermont is back and he’s running for President.  It’s so bad for the Democrats right now, late night comedians aren’t even making fun of him.

But rest assured, we will. Listen ot our take on Bernie Sanders and see for yourself.  Also vote in the UF/UF Poll.

Who sounds more like Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders or Tony Hupp?

Click the link now.


UF/UF 237: Feel The Bern


People will die!

UF/UF 232: It’s a Raid!

Editor’s Note: This podcast taped just prior to the President announcing he had signed a three week Continuing Resolution to re-open the government without funding for his wall. We’ll have plenty to say on the subject in the next episode of UF/UF The Podcast.


UF/UF 232: It’s a Raid!



6am on a Friday. A light mist settles on the lawn. FBI in SWAT style gear, armed to the teeth, quietly roll up to the target house.  Suddenly a spot light brighter than the sun drowns the front of the residence as the SWAT dudes fan out, weapons at the ready, and rush the front entrance.

The door opens slowly as the warriors brace for combat. Finally the target appears. All those years of training and sacrifice have lead to this very moment. The moment when they risk life and limb to apprehend…


… this guy.



Yep, this guy.

UF/UF 191: Everybody loves a parade!

Great Kim Jong Il’s ghost! A parade? With tanks and missiles and goose stepping troops?!? Hell yeah, sign us up. On second thought… Click the link and hear what two 20 year vets have to say about a military parade in DC on July 4th. Spoiler – it’s bullshit. But the conversation is fun so click anyway.

Come for the parade stay for the theater. UF/UF playhouse rides again! Tune in as Tony and Fran put voice to the lovers e-mails between two amorous FBI agents. You can’t live without hearing this. Trust me.


UF/UF 191: Everybody loves a parade!



Well maybe this parade…

UF/UF 190: Memo-gate!

We haven’t had a good gate in a while. Thankfully Memo-gate has saved the day. Of course it comes at the expense of a civil war in the Trump administration. But hey what’s a little dust up between the two major law enforcement branches and the executive branch? As my people used to say, every once in a while you gotta go to the mattresses.

Click. We’ll explain it.

UF/UF 190: Memo-gate!




Of course you didn’t.


UF/UF 139: To Boldly Go

Fitting this podcast comes out the very day Star Trek premiered it’s very first episode so long ago. Why? Well we find out today that Nano-tube technology is being perfected, thus providing the infrastructure necessary for machines to take over. I for one welcome it. With machines and complex communication nets required to maintain their dominance comes massive amounts of air conditioning.

That’s right you heard it here first. The HVAC industry will become the greatest department in the new machine run government. Can’t wait.

Also, Hillary’s staff destroyed 14 of her Blackberries and iPads, using hammers. But that’s not important.

Until then, click and listen. You’re welcome.

UF/UF 139: To Boldly Go

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Blackberry, iPad what difference does it make now!

Blackberry, iPad what difference does it make now!


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UF/UF 134: The Rule of Law

Timing is everything. We went off the air just before the murder of 5 police officers in Dallas took place. If you’re looking for commentary on that, this episode is not it.

We went on the air just as the State Department announced it was re-opening it’s own internal investigation into Secretary Clinton and her illegal e-mail server.

In UF/UF 134 we roast the ridiculousness that is the FBI, DOJ, and the lack of rule of law when it comes to Secretary Clinton.

Check back next week for our thoughts on Dallas and the State Department. Until then click the link and listen to two non-lawyers try to understand the FBI and Dept of Justice.

UF/UF 134: The Rule of Law


End of Watch

End of Watch