UF/UF 170: Is it Racist to be Racist?

Racist to be racist? Hey man that’s a good a question as any in these galatically stupid times. How else would you describe a citizenry that violently attacks a violent  hate group in the name of love, moves to tear down civil war statues, remove announcers with civil war sounding names, and send a college mascot from California to the glue factory because the horse bears the same name Robert E Lee’s horse did in 1866?

Oh yeah and Hurricane Harvey is a racist prick apparently.

I’m not really sure galatically stupid even covers it. I’m now actively praying Hupp’s internet connected fridge begins the AI/Machine uprising as I welcome the stability that will bring.

Click and listen, after that you’re on your own.

UF/UF 170: Is it Racist to be Racist?



Yeah, yeah I see the resemblance now.