UF/UF 295: Checks and Balances

So Trump wants to delay the election. Or so he tweeted out Thursday. Can he do that? Does he get to remain in office past 20 Jan with no election?

Both great questions and spoiler, both are a resounding No.

We’ll break it all down along with a top five list of our issues should Tony and I get in the race Trust me, these bitches don’t want us running.

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UF/UF 295: Checks and Balances



UF/UF 221: Vote Early, Vote Often

Well it’s finally here gang. Mid-term elections are upon us. This Tuesday, the 6th of November, Year of Our Lord 2018 is your chance to put up or shut up. I’m not saying you can’t complain if you don’t vote.  You’re an American, it’s your god given right to complain.  I’m just saying if you complain about current government but didn’t vote, I reserve the right to call you a jerk off.

So find your polling place, drive your happy ass down there, cast your vote, and then post your annoying little pic on Facebook with your I Voted sticker. Also don’t think for a second your little sticker is better than ours. The I Voted sticker in Tennessee is actually in the shape of the state.  Suck on that!

Happy election Day from the staff at UF/UF The Podcast!

(Not to be confused with UF/UF the Blog or UF/UF the Twitter account. We all know we’re better than those other two divisions of the UF/UF empire.)

UF/UF 221: Vote Early, Vote Often




We’re better! Go Vote!


Podcast Season 2 Episode 50: Down goes Cantor! Down goes Cantor!

Whoa nelly, take me home! I know enough to know I have seen too much!

Republican Majority Leader in the House of Representatives Eric Cantor loses his primary election against Republican Tea Party challenger David Brat. Yeah you read that right. The most powerful Republican in the House will no longer be in the House, no longer be the Majority Leader after getting pounded by an economics professor from Randolph-Macon College in Ashland Virginia.

The effects of this are yet to be seen. Is this the start of a run on establishment Republicans by the Tea Party? Has the Tea Party come back from the dead? Were they ever dead to begin with? Is this just another battle in the civil war raging inside the Republican Party? Is this good or bad for Republicans, Congress, the country? We’ll talk, you listen, then make up your own mind.

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 50: Down goes Cantor! Down goes Cantor!

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On to the tease…

Do you know this man?

Do you know this man?

David Brat orders a De-Cantor 

Nobody from nowhere that no one saw coming beats top House Republican. Sounds like Mr. Smith goes to Washington right? Has to be a movie script right? Wrong. David Brat, school teacher, spender of no money, takes down Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader in congress. Cantor’s internal polling people had him up by 34%. Cantor lost by 11%. Do the math, don’t do the math, that’s huge suckage on an epic scale.


Wasn't me bro!

Wasn’t me bro!

Hagel takes the Hill…

…alone. All alone. DoD Secretary Chuck Hagel testifies in congress over the Bergdahl incident. As we’ve seen over and over, the Administration is lacking in what you would call full throated support of one of it’s cabinet members. Hagel is not going down alone though. He made it clear who was calling the final shots and it wasn’t him.


Here we go again.

Here we go again.

Turn out the lights. The party is ….over?

Apparently not. The reports of the Tea Party demise was greatly exaggerated it seems. After not winning one primary election in early April, they win a big one last night. Taking down the Majority Leader was a big surprise, but really how much did the Tea Party have to do with that? They’re taking credit but Brat’s not crediting them very much. This story within the story may have legs. Stay tuned.


All that plus a second rendition of our new segment “Oh No You Didn’t!” Click the link and find out what the 50th episode of a podcast sounds like.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 50: Down goes Cantor! Down goes Cantor!

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 34: Smoke em if ya got em!

Welcome to one of the few bastions of freedom left in the world. Smokers welcome, for a while at least. Forget Wolf Blitzer, forget Hannity, forget Maddow. Take a seat, light up and enjoy a mellow podcast that brings you all you need to know about your world today.

Tune in or miss out!

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 34: Smoke em if ya got em!

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On to the tease…

CVS is doing what?

CVS is doing what?

CVS for your health

The big time pharmacy/convenience store announced it will no longer sell tobacco products of any kind. I get the sentiment, but I’m worried about the precident. How long until they stop carrying the Sham Wow is what I want to know.


Will Putin's showcase crash and burn?

Will Putin’s showcase crash and burn?

The Sochi Blues

What? A country that spent all its’s money on military and space programs & both programs went bankrupt, can’t get the infrastructure necessary to make ready for the Winter Olympiad? Do tell! To be blunt (haha) Sochi has been described as everything from a summer resort to a poor man’s Harlem.


Put up or shut up gang.

Put up or shut up gang.

Chris – say it isn’t so! 

Well it may not be so. Christie accusers are coming out of the woodwork claiming to have all kinds of evidence about bridgegate. Small problem, none of them can produce any of it. The Port Authority director taking all the heat, pic far left, claims to have big Chris dead to rights but won’t hand over evidence. Stop blowing smoke people.


All this plus a great Politicians of the Podcast segment!

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 34: Smoke em if ya got em!

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Podcast Season 2 Episode 29: New Year – Old News

We’re back! Welcome to season two of Unfiltered and Unfettered. Yeah Season Two. Let that sink in for a second. Not sure who made the career ending decision to green light our show for a second season, but God bless em!

A question for you, our faithful readers/listeners. Should we restart the clock on episode numbers or stay continuous. In other words should this be episode 1 of season two or should we just keep counting and call it episode 29? Answer in the comment section or e-mail us if you please.

OK let’s get to work.

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Episode 1 or 29: New Year – Old News

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On to the tease…


Ah fresh powder.
Ah, fresh powder.

Old Faithful – on skies.

Yeah our old buddy is back and he’s badder than ever. Kim Jong Un, fresh off grinding his uncle’s bones into a fine powder, uses that powder to open North Korea’s first ever ski resort. Open to the public too. Never let it be said he’s not a man of the people.


Don't let them forget. Ever.

Don’t let them forget. Ever.

Chew that bone Darrell

Rep. Issa, R CA, is not letting go of the Benghazi cover up. Call him a right wing nut job if you want, but he’s one of the few in government that seems at all concerned about how four Americans were left to die in our own embassy. That makes Darrell our Politician of the Podcast.


Jean Luc Picard - greatest of all time? (yes)

Jean Luc Picard – greatest of all time? (yes)

2013 – Politics of the Weird

UF/UF top five list of the weirdest things in politics for 2013. The Pres tops our geek list when he confused Star Wars and Star Trek. Truly an impeachable offense.




All that and more as the ball drops on a new year.

Listen here.

Episode 1 or 29: New Year – Old News

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do it






well go on and do it already




Let the games begin – Rand Paul fires the first shot for 2016.

It's on folks.

It’s on folks.

Well we were wrong. Tony and I had discussed on our podcast that the race for the White House would heat up in the late summer of 2014. That has been the norm. A straw poll event in Iowa in late August 2 years prior to the actual election is what normally kicks off the presidential race.

So for example, the election for the next President is in November of 2016. The straw poll/state fair type event in August of 2014 would usually start the festivities, meaning sniping, snarking, baiting, and berating by all the candidates running for their party’s nomination. So that’s a good 2 years and 3 months of campaigning in some form. However it appears the Rand Paul campaign has decided to get a jump start. Read what one of his operatives in New Hampshire, Andrew Demers, had to say about Congressmen Perter King (R) NY. The quote appeared in the New Hampshire Union Leader in an opinion column written by Demers himself.

“In New Hampshire, where two of the top three 2012 Republican presidential primary candidates were non-interventionists (and carried 40 percent of the vote total of the five major candidates), Rep. King will not have much luck with a message that even he admits most Republicans oppose.” Andrew Demers New Hampshire Union Leader 26 December 2013

King has been publicly contemplating a run at the White House in 2016 as well. I guess Paul is looking to stomp all the early challengers as quick as possible. Demers also used phrases like “King’s faction on the Republican party” and called King an interventionist because of King’s stance on Syria. Read the entire piece here: http://www.unionleader.com/article/20131227/OPINION02/131229497

This is a great sign for political geeks and junkies. I count myself among them. The first three buttons on my TV remote favorites list are C-Span, C-Span2 and C-Span3. And with good reason. As President Obama is term limited we should get twice the fun since both parties will be having meaningful primary elections.

Tell me you're not excited about this!

Tell me you’re not excited about this!

I mean it’s not unprecedented by any stretch. This won’t cause a lot of ripples for most people. But a shot like this, coming this early in the proceedings, indicates it’s gonna be a good brawl for the next two years. And this is just the Republicans. The Democrats haven’t even started trying to bring Hill-Dogg down yet.

I get that this may be a complete non-story for most of you. But I’m baking cookies and putting out a glass of milk, cause for me this is Christmas Eve all over again.

A very long Christmas Eve.

Happy campaign season!

Podcast Episode 22: Cruz, Christie & Crisis

Big show for you tonight.  A few new bits and some election results.

It was a busy week and we’ll try to cover all the news that’s fit to print.

Click the link or chose other options below and listen to this podcast, unless of course you hate being smart.

Episode 22: Cruz, Christie & Crisis

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44bo_header_smKnow Your Obama!

It’s the game show sure to be sweeping the country in weeks if not days. Listen to the quotes from any Obama press conference and try to guess what crisis he’s referring to. Fun for all ages. Tune in to see if Hupp can stump the rainman-like Linardo.



Ted on the down low

Ted on the down low

Cruz crushes Cuccenelli’s chances.

Ted is only R to campaign for Cuccenelli in the Virginia Gov race. Didn’t go so well as Va elects first governor from same party as sitting President in the states history.






"Yeah a #5 oh and a #6, supersized.  Gimmie a diet coke, gotta cut back a bit."

“Yeah a #5 oh and a #6, supersized. Gimmie a diet coke, gotta cut back a bit.”

Christie cruises, challenger crumbles.

Big Chris gets 60% of the vote over Dem challenger Barbra Buono.  He gives victory/running for president speech. Barb gives concession speech in which she blasts Dem party leadership for treason after leaving her high and dry to take on Christie alone.



All this and more on episode 22 of UF/UF. Don’t miss it!

Podcast Episode 22 Cruz, Christie & Crisis

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Dear Patriot…

Election-DayIt’s election day and that’s always a good day.

It’s only made better when you receive an email from the Virginia Republican Party that opens with “Dear Patriot…”

Sadly it’s all downhill from there.

I have been silent on this page for a while now.

It’s the lying.

And the deception.

And the cover ups.

And the lying to cover up the cover ups.

Then the blame because we don’t understand.

And then invariably more lying.

I have no words for what is going on in our government right now. Conservatives, liberals, tea partier’s, progressives, republican, democrat, is anyone telling the truth at this point?

I have been in the Jimmy Carter malaise for about 2 months now.  Read it here if you like: The Malaise Speech

Well this e-mail from Dennis Whitfield, chairman of the Republican Political Action Committee The Last Resistance, has snapped me out of my funk. I’ve been un-malaised, as it were.

Dennis has taken this opportunity of lies and deception by the President to fire of a ton of his own. Ya know because taking the high ground would be the smarter path.

Old Denny is still peddling the theory that liberals are engaging in voter fraud and will steal the Virginia Governors race if we don’t fight them. The President himself, according to Dennis, is leading the charge to beat Cuccinelli in an effort to save Obamacare. Not sure how he arrives at that conclusion. Apparently he needs exactly $9,857 immediately to get lawyers on the ground at the polling places to fight the surge in voter fraud perpetrated by liberals.

That last sentence is the main reason I left the Republican Party. They think we are all stupid. Folks if you think voter fraud occurs more than once in a millennia you should send your last $9,857 American dollars to Dennis right this minute. You two deserve each other.

Ken Cuccinelli will lose to liberal Terry McAullif in the VA Governors race because Ken endorsed the gov’t shutdown in a state overrun with government workers, had Ted Cruz speak at a Virginia fund raiser, is way more corrupt than McCauliff, and is dealing with the last Governor’s image; a republican caught in some shady business dealings.

But Dennis goes on in his email to say the liberals are bringing outside money to Virginia to steal the election. Hey Dennis, I live in Tennessee and have only had two established residences, Mays Landing NJ, and Knoxville TN. My money would be outside money. And newsflash Dennis, the White House is basically in Virginia, it’s certainly closer than Ted Cruz’s congressional district in Texas. So where is the outside money coming from again Denny?

Jesus Christ these guys are unbelievable.

My question is this, why are we wasting our time on people like Ken Cuccinelli and Ted Cruz. Neither man has the stones to do what’s right. For all their bluster they’ve done and will do nothing about any of the things they are flapping their gums about.

The President has been lying for three years about Obamacare. OK, he ain’t the first guy to do that. Thousands of families are missing loved ones because President Bush lied us into a war with Iraq. But this isn’t about equivalency or who did it first. President Obama was right when he said he would take no action against any member of the previous administration. Nothing to be gained in prosecuting the past.

But this isn’t the past. The current President has not only lied but he has used the power of his office to put pressure on Tea Party groups applying for tax status. Now we find he has used the extreme power of the White House to threaten insurance companies with extinction if they told us 80% of the country would lose their healthcare policy even though the President as late as this year was saying exactly the opposite.

Gang, lying is a part of politics. But on two occasions the President used his office to coerce/intimidate his political adversaries and private business. That’s against the law and as such grounds for impeachment.

Here is what will come of it: nothing. It’s not because Obama is a mastermind and the greatest villain of our age. Sadly it’s quite the opposite. No one will take this up because of the political price that will be paid. These so called old fashioned values conservatives are doing the math. No way they can get the votes for impeachment in the Senate. So they just drop it knowing it will cost them their chance at reelection if they don’t. Yeah for values.

Not sure what type of values those are, or where in the constitution it says to hold the President accountable unless it becomes politically dangerous to your continued employment in the Senate or House.

But hey, they’re the geniuses.

So here’s my advice to all y’all. Find someone with honor and principal but knows that governing is like marriage, compromise is a must. Support that person in their bid to get elected.

Don’t worry about the other guy. Win because your ideas are better, not because your smear machine is.

This system is still the greatest form of government in the world. It’ll continue to be as long as we work to make it so.

It’s election day.

Go vote.

Check back here for results. If you have a particular race you’re interested in put it in the comment section and we’ll get all the info for you.

OK, so now what: election observations and other things

Most of the time it’s easier to get a lay of the land after the dust settles.  It’s been a week and we should be able to see clearly, but that might not be the case this time.  But, we here at UNfiltered and UNfettered are committed to routing through and explaining all the facts, while making up the stuff we can’t figure out.  So here now are some observations of America’s political process in all it’s freedom loving glory.

In Rove we trust 

Man, if you weren’t watching the election results on Fox at the moment the election was called for the President, you missed a doozy.  Fox News’ election team was Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly on the main desk, with Chris Wallace, democratic strategist Joe Trippi, and The Wonder Boy Karl Rove, Bush 43s former chief of staff and campaign manager at the “Decison Desk”.  Rove and Trippi were dissecting the numbers as each state was called for it’s respective candidate.  Fox was the first network to call Ohio.  When they did, Kelley and Baier looked up and sheepishly and disbelievingly said, “well that means the President has won re-election.”  Easy guys, don’t pop a vessel.

The party started, everywhere, except in Rove Land.  Alert reader Laurie Halsey hit me through FaceBook to say, not so fast Junior, Romney team is not conceding Ohio.  She was right.  So I quick-like switched back to Fox just in time to see Rove going after Megyn Kelley and Brett Baier and their journalistic ethics for calling a state where so many votes had yet top be counted.  Rove wasn’t hysterical but his boiler was definitely reaching maximum pressure.

Oh, you expected results?!?

Rove doesn’t care who’s President.  In fact it’s now more lucrative for him if  a Democrat is in office. There-in lies the problem.  His super pac raised millions, boarding on billions, over the last four years to defeat the President and some Dem Senators.  None of that worked out for Rove or his super pac and he was clearly feeling the pressure of his big pocket donors.

A member of the Fox News production crew recorded some behind scenes audio with her iPhone.  This apparently occurred during commercial break and was not meant for public consumption.  Warning, Rove drops the F-bomb in the first seconds of the first audio clip.  Take a listen: Rove melts down and again, and again.

Turn those machines back on!

Hey I admit, I’m a Rove fan.  He’s normally a savant with this stuff, but on this night, for this election, he was galactically wrong.  Ah well, time to find a new savant.


Irony, it’s so….ironic

Hey, them polls, they ain’t so bad after all.  For the most part all the polls showing Obama ahead and disregarded by the Republicans as skewed and biased, turned out to be right.  A mathalete named Nate Silver predicted the President had a 91% chance of winning reelection.  He was figuratively crucified for that prediction.  He was right.  He has been very gracious, as you would expect from a number crunching nerd, and turned down late night talk show requests to come on and do an “Up Yours, I told you so” tour.  But let the word go forth from this day forward, mock mathaletes at your peril.

Hey Tony, you were right it was a voter fraud conspiracy…for Romney.  In the irony of ironies, voter fraud made a huge appearance in this election, for the other guys.  So far amidst numerous complaints and rumors lobbied by disbelieving conservatives, the only documented case of voter fraud occurred in Pennsylvania.  Turns out in several precincts in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, whenever a voter touched Obama’s name on the touch screen the vote would be registered to Romney.  About two hours of longs lines had voted before someone noticed the error.  It gets better.  The company making those particular machines has shareholders.  It’s biggest shareholder: Tagg Romney, son of Mitt.  Whoa Nellie, take me home I have seen enough to know I have seen too much.

It turned out to be a software glitch that swapped the sensors on the screen.  Really not a big deal and apparently easily fixable.  But after all that crybaby nonsense over the summer by conservatives pushing for new laws to tamp down the 5 total cases of voter fraud tilting our electoral process of millions of votes cast in 08, it’s more than a little funny the only case proven so far happened for republicans and not against them.

Black Panthers, party of two?  Yep that’s it, just two, and that’s them, Mikhail Muhammad and Bob, in their Sunday best.   These are the two causing all the voter intimidation around the country.  Girl Scouts selling cookies at my Kroger are more intimidating and pushy.

Vote for Obama or I’ll make you wear this beret!









Racism rears it’s ugly head.

Yes, racism is still alive and well in America.  I know because I was involved first hand. When the Knoxville New Sentinel asked for election stories over Twitter, I submitted a picture of Frank going into our polling place and remarked how easy it was, no lines, no waiting etc…  A woman took issue with that.  Well not just a woman, a member of Obama for America reelection campaign, Knoxville chapter.  Here is her response:

What does this even mean







Is she implying west Knox is all white and therefore would not have issues at the pooling place?  Is she saying, of course whites will vote Romney?  Who knows?  I suspect Judi is a half wit.

The sad part is when I called her out on her racist remark Judi had no clue what I was talking about.  She assumed because I was white and I lived in West Knoxville that I would vote for Romney.  Assumptions about a group of people based on their race and physical location; Webster’s could not have defined it better.  She had no idea, as most of my conservative friends and family will tell you, that I am a big Obama fan and have championed him for the last four years.  It was his dirty campaign that turned me off this year.  But I voted for and was extremely excited for his presidency in 08.

Judi, you and people like you are the reason this country is divided.  The promise of a President to be above all that silliness, to raise the level of discourse and bring everyone into the conversation, has been undone by small minded people like you who think because racism happened and still happens, it’s ok to return the favor against people you have never even laid eyes on and have absolutely no clue about.  Attach an idiotic, racist comment like that to a picture of my three year old son going to his first election Judi, really?

I, for one, am not burdened by inequality Judi.  I treat all equally regardless of race, religion, or gender.  To that end, if we ever cross paths in Knoxville Judi, and you look at my son crossed eyed, I will punch you dead in your mouth.

How’s that for irony.

Democracy in Knoxville: No people, no lines, no problem.

Chalk us up America.  Count us among the counted.







Frank and I went to our polling place, Bluegrass Elementary School in Knoxville TN, and got our democracy on.  We went around lunch time in hopes of seeing some people and waiting in line.  That would have at least given us someone to interview.  Alas, no joy. Joint was pretty empty.  Tennessee is an ID required state.  So that one extra stop to prove who I was caused the whole experience to last 3.6 minutes.

When we were leaving we ran into one volunteer working for Senator Becky Duncan Massey, running for re-election in the Tennessee 6th district.  So we talked to her.  She was neither a ball of energy, nor a font of knowledge.  Frank gave me the high sign to keep the questions simpler and more generic.  The young lady had “not seen very many people and the weather was turning out fine.”

That’s it.  She was spent.  She didn’t have to work too hard, we were voting for Massey anyway.  But I decided if she burned any more brain cells answering our questions she might not find her way home. That’s the hard hitting, deep political insight, we provide here at Unfiltered and Unfettered.  Be advised, had this lady come to my door two weeks ago, it only would have encouraged me to vote for Massey’s opponent.

So that was a total bust.  Next step, on to Kroger to get groceries/supplies for the impending armageddon based on tonights winner.

Here is a shot of Frank going into the polling place.

For freedom loving Americans everywhere!

Disregard that little sign above his head.  Frank did vote.  I moved the wheel and he hit the button when it got to a name he liked.  Sort of like Democracy Roulette. Surprisingly he liked Mitt Romney.  It makes him laugh when I say Mitt.   He also hit the big red button that casts the ballot once you’re done spreading freedom.  So my ballot is probably invalid.  But Frank liked it.

He thinks he’ll like democracy.


First polls close in an hour and a half.


Stay tuned.