Podcast Episode 2: The Drone Wars

Attack of the Drones!

Attack of the Drones!

Well, who would have thought we’d still be on the air for a 2nd episode?  I guess the old adage rings true, money talks.

Great episode for you today.  As you’ll come to find out we are all over the map, so if you don’t like something, keep listening I bet we hit on your favorite topic.

Episode two covers everything from the Super Bowl to the NJ Senator Menendez prostitute scandal, a possible civil war in the republican party, and all points in between.

The main topic tonight is the President’s drone war, plus Tony lands our first interview with a very high level government official.

It's party time! Rove style.

It’s party time! Rove style.

If you have topic suggestions or questions or if you just want to pick a fight with us over something we said, email us at theunmail@yahoo.com.

So for your listening pleasure just click the link and enjoy.

Episode 2: The Drone Wars