Need some “genetic material?”….. Try Craigslist

So the state of Kansas is pursuing a man, William Marotta, for child support.  Marotta gave his sperm to a  lesbian couple who wanted a baby.  When one of the women lost her job and her partner filed for support, the state wanted to know who the donor was and the woman was evidently compelled to give up the name of the man. You can read the story in the Kansas City Star.

This all started when Marotta responded to a Craigslist add seeking a sperm donor.  Yes, you read that correctly, a Craigslist add. For a sperm donor. The couple and the man signed an agreement releasing him from responsibility of parental rights. In a television interview, the donor said he was just “donating genetic material.”  The man’s lawyer, Hannah Schroller, told the Kansas City Star that her client believed he was “a sperm donor and not a parent.” The agreement also stipulated that he would be paid “fifty dollars per semen donation” which he later decided not to take. (This really has no relevance to the story, but, you know…)

The State’s argument is that because the artificial insemination was not handled by a doctor, as required by state law, the contract is not valid and he is liable as the father.

Yea, I’m holding back on this one. Let me see, what lessons can we learn here? Well, probably that it’s never just “genetic material,” and that one should be cautious when giving your sperm away, by Craigslist add or otherwise. It’s a lesson all young men should learn. I’m sure when he was working up the ol’ “donation” he never dreamed he’d be in this mess. Another thing, whenever there’s a baby, there’s always a pair of testicles involved.  Whatever you may think I’m trying to infer from that statement, it’s biology, I’m just pointing it out. Learned it in a book when I was about 10.

I certainly don’t know what to conclude from a legal standpoint. They had a baby and now they’re asking state help to support it.  Not particularly an unusual situation in our country. However, they are asking the state for help, but they didn’t follow state law. He is the biological father. Marotta, did however, sign an affidavit that he had no reason to believe the procedure wouldn’t be performed by a medical professional.  Ok, but that puzzles me, I mean, they advertised on Craigslist, dude.

There’s another lesson here.  That technology comes with no moral code. I’m not making an argument against artificial insemination. I’m simply stating that technology gives us the ability to do almost anything these days. The problem is that technology only tells us what we can or can’t do, not what we should or shouldn’t do. Whether we’re talking about getting a boob job, a nose job, getting things added that we weren’t born with, things removed that we were born with, or getting rid of an unborn baby we don’t want, all technology tells us is yes we can or no we can’t. The government doesn’t provide moral code, only rules for engagement. Break them and pay a fine. Neither of these, technology or the government, says “have you thought about how this will impact society.” Have you thought about how this will impact the way your society is in the long term?  No they don’t. Religion gives us moral code, but we’ve decided that we can’t allow that in the public sphere. You know, stuff like the “Ten Commandments.” Wouldn’t want to put that up where anyone would see it.

Anyway, another signpost of our society, you can make your own conclusions. I have two conclusions; A: That life is like a Quentin Tarrantino movie more that I can figure, and; B: The genie got out of the bottle, opened pandora’s box, and they’ve had a baby. We’re just trying to figure out who’s going to pay for it.  Ultimately, we all will.