UF/UF 229: She’s Baaaaaack!

Nancy is back. And she’s badder than ever. And we mean bad in a bad way not bad in a good way.  The Democrats have decided to weigh themselves down with Nut Job Nancy once again.

Tony and I can only do so much.  At some point these people will have to start helping themselves.

Click and be educated.  You’re welcome.

UF/UF 229: She’s Baaaaaack!




Creepy factor set to Stun!





Kerry, (the new Gore), climate change, and dinosaur flatulence

kerry windsurf

Kerry taking advantage of climate change winds

Speaking to students in Jakarta, John Kerry said that people who dismiss climate change are members of the “flat earth society” and that they are simply “burying their heads in the sand.” He also said that climate change ranks among the world’s most serious problems, such as disease outbreaks, poverty, terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

So, while we’ve got a meltdown in the Ukraine, a degenerating situation in Venezuela, innocent women and children being murdered in Syria, the Secretary of State, who should be thinking about these issues,  is in Jakarta comparing climate change with these situations. Seriously. Essentially, he compared climate change to women and children being murdered.

I’m not a climate change denier, and neither am I an alarmist. Also, I have no “Eco-guilt” simply because I’m a human being. With a little research, I’ve found out that there are many factors involved in climate change. I’m no expert, but I believe the earth has seen climate change before. It was called the Ice Age. They made a movie about it. I didn’t watch the sequels, but I liked that little squirrel.


Can you imagine?

Anyway, too bad the democrats weren’t around to stop it then. I’ll bet those Brontosaurus’s had a lot of flatulence. How about a Tyrannosaurus Rex, with his diet? Can you imagine the greenhouse gasses?

So, why, then? Why approach the issue from this alarmist state rather than from a simple, common sense approach? Maybe try to be a little pragmatic and get something done.  Politics, that’s why.

The democrats are in a bad way. Obamacare, the economy, their non-existent foreign policy, and Obama’s approval numbers are down. Members of his own party have publicly stated they are distancing themselves from him. They are running out of issues to stake a claim on. Mid-term elections are coming up. But they can still prove the Republicans are ignorant Neanderthals if they can place them on the other side of climate change.

Meanwhile, real issues are happening in parts of the world that the Secretary of State should be interested in.  Fat chance. Quit burying your head in the sand and do your damn job.

kerry flatulence

Is that dinosaur flatulence? I’ll put a stop to that!



Climate change (T-Rex was a republican)

Ok, so I’m concerned about climate change. I’m more concerned about the politics of climate change.

I guess what started this post was when I went to a site called “campus reform,” and saw a video in which a college kid essentially blames “Republicans and big oil” for climate change. As if he didn’t drive there in a car. It’s a standard line, though. You know, conservatives don’t care and liberals drive a Prius.

The next paragraph is a short, un-researched perspective on climate change (The crack UFUF research team is off for the 4th).


Global cooling of the 70’s

In the seventies the concern was “global cooling” and magazines like Popular Science wrote articles about the “New Ice Age.”  After Al Gore was unable to get elected president, he went into major depression, gained 40 pounds, then had someone write a book about “global warming” and toured around doing a presentation on it. Liberals everywhere were horrified. Some even cashed in their stock portfolios and partied hard, thinking that a rogue glacier would be leveling their place in the Hamptons any day. Their lack of faith in the stock market due to their thought that it was the end of the world was at least partially responsible for the market downturn and eventual recession.

Alright, silliness aside, global warming has now turned into climate change.  The people who were so convinced that global warming was happening now don’t what to call it that. You know, broaden the terms and it reduces your chances of being wrong. Of course the climate’s changing, I suppose it has been since the earth started.

The kid who made the remark about republicans and big oil was holding a sign that said “It’s time to cut carbon fuels.” I mean, if you’re some shrill college kid horrified about carbon footprints, get rid of your own. The ramifications are enormous. Judging by an average lifespan, a twenty-year old college kid could save the planet 45-55 years of their crying, whining, wet-nosed little carbon footprint.

Latest census data estimates the population of the United States at 313 million, of which about 29%, or approximately 90 million, identify themselves as republican. Latest estimates put the world’s population 6.974 billion. So listen, college boy, might want to pull up your panties and go talk to the Chinese.

Another kid said “The sun produces enough energy in a day to power the planet without fossil fuels.” Hey kid, put down the damn sign and get busy. You’re in college. Or, just do what you’re probably going to do, become an accountant, wait for a conservative capitalist to figure it out and then whine like a baby over the money they’re making on it. Because, that’s what you’re doing now.

Look, for the time being, we all live here, could we not all just take a reasonable approach without reducing it to us versus them? You know, agree not to trash the place while recognizing that we all live here and need to use available resources to our benefit? No, because opposite sides of the fence might actually have to come to  some agreement on something.

Perhaps the kid had never learned about the first ice age. I think that was climate change too.  I don’t think big oil companies were around then, so I guess that dinosaurs were republicans.

Unfortunately, even our science has become politicized.

In the meantime, I wish they’d make up their minds, I’ve got wardrobe decisions to make. Hey, I recycle, I compost, I don’t litter. Let’s just be clear, though. I’m never jamming my ass into a Prius.

Here’s a current article in Forbes magazine about “Global cooling.”


Campus Reform


Our most dangerous military threat… Waterworld…and uh, North Korea


First North Korea threatened the United States with nuclear missiles, saying it could carry out nuclear strikes against the United States. Then, they  tore up the armistice created at the end of the Korean war, in addition to not answering the  “hotline” with South Korea. Last week, Pyongyang said it planned to terminate its military phone with the United States (CNN). To sum up, North Korea has always done a lot of sabre rattling, but it looks like they are really trying to up the game.

Sounds like North Korea may present a real danger, eh? Nope.

Admiral Locklear, America’s top military officer in charge of tracking hostilities with North Korea, said over the weekend in an interview in the Boston Globe (Interview) that climate change was the biggest long-term security threat in the Pacific region.

He’s not joking, just in case you’re wondering.

Well, dammit. I just get confused. See, I grew up in the 1970’s and we were all so concerned about global cooling then.  They discredit it now, but they talked about it then. Even made the covers of a few magazines. That’s right, click and read about it here (global cooling). See, the big hazard then was all the food sources were going to be reduced because of shortened growing seasons. If you grew up in Northern Ohio like I did, the whole global cooling thing made a lot of sense. It was cold. A lot.

But then comes Al Gore, and we’ve got our global warming, right there.  Except now, we’re not really sure, so we just call it climate change. What Admiral Locklear’s talking about is global warming. I guess it’s good for him, with the rising seas, at least he’s in a boat. Shirley, better get a pontoon boat or a houseboat, California’s going down.


Admiral, I think you’ve watched too many reruns of “Waterworld.”  Hey, I agree, it was a flop at the box office but I still enjoy it once in a while on cable. But I don’t think the worlds going to look like that for at least a couple years. So, I’d just like my Admirals and Generals to stick with military strategy and stuff. Stick to thinking about North Korea, China, etc. Leave the social issues and the climate change to the scholars, and, you know, good old Al.

Okay, back to the subject, with all the sabre rattlin, you’d think the Admiral would be talking about that. Maybe somebody better call Dennis Rodman and get him over there, settle down his little “friend for life.” Maybe Dennis can take him out for a little Vodka cran, let him relax a little. Before global warming destroys his country.