Bob Woodward was on point


I’m feeling very uncomfortable

Back in Episode 4 of “Unfiltered and Unfettered, the podcast” Fran and I talked about the story concerning Bob Woodward and how he felt threatened by the Whitehouse and their treatment of reporters (didn’t listen? Shame on you) when he was reporting on the sequester.

We played a clip from Bob Woodward’s conversation with CNN shill Wolf Blitzer. The interview clip is even more startling in consideration of the recent Department of Justice scandal concerning spying on reporters and the treatment of James Rosen.  If you’d like to hear the clip, tune in to “Unfiltered and Unfettered episode 10,” out next week, and we’ll play it.

Well, I’m wondering what Bob really knew at the time. I’m thinking he may have known more than he was telling. I wonder if Wolf will have him back on the show, and if so, if he would downplay  the nature of the threats that had been leveled at Woodward like he did the first time. Wolf, you’re such a tool.

Bob Woodward used the term “threatened” and then sort of backed off the term. I wonder about that. Of course, back in February, the Huffington Post, liberal rag and Obama supporter, made light of the threat as well.

It’s been widely reported that the way this administration has dealt with reporters is different from any other. This case, much like Benghazi and the IRS scandal, is only beginning to unravel.