Podcast Episode 11: Stop the ride I want to get off!

Episode 11: Stop the ride, I want to get off! 

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What happened to the paradise Obama promised?

We were promised this:





Instead we got this:

Rome is burning

Rome is burning


Even Nero wouldn’t fiddle while all these scandals were burning.









Hero or Criminal?

Hero or Criminal?

Snowden starts an avalanche.

Leaks info to The Guardian detailing US Intel Agency collecting all data on all calls in US all the time.  Obama Admin gonna need a bigger shovel, it’s getting deep.





Did he do the right thing?  Is he a hero, as some have said?  Take our poll and let us know what you think.



The unintentional comedy will be epic.

The unintentional comedy will be epic.

Trump makes the big board!

This will be pure awesome sauce. Please run hairpiece, please run!






All this and more on

Episode 11: Stop the ride, I want to get off.  

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Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

ATTENTION ALL VERIZON PHONE USERS:  The National Security Agency(NSA) has been cataloging your phone calls.  ALL. OF. THEM.

The best guess so far has the collection of all Verizon phone activity in the United States starting the day after the police captured the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect.

Again, Not. Making. This. Up.

Bush tested, Obama Approved!

This is not a joke and I am not making this up.

Read here: NSA Collecting millions of Americans phone records daily.

To say it’s been a tough month for the President would be an understatement.  It would also be completely illogical.  It’s not like he’s having bad luck or catching bad breaks.  He is being tripped up by snares of his own making.  Obama is also reshaping National Security policy and his legacy in the mean time.  My guess is by December he’ll be wishing someone reignites the birth certificate scandal.

Of course the defense being offered up by a lot of progressives and liberals for all this – Bush did it too.

No he didn’t.  Not like this.  Not to this magnitude. Obama passed Nixon and Bush three scandals ago.

Let me count the ways.

The spying scandals are mounting.  First it was the illegal collection of AP reporter’s phone and email data.  The legality of this is still in question.

Then the FBI and DoJ began the same invasive surveillance on FOX news reporter James Rosen because he, get this, reported on a story.  They eventually tagged Rosen as a co-conspiritor in the leak of sensitive national defense information and named him a flight risk.  That means Rosen cannot leave the country.  What was the big story he broke that got him in hot water?  Well, it seems Rosen got confirmation from 2 sources in the State Department that Kim Jong Un would respond with more nuclear testing if the UN Security Council passed another meaningless resolution.   Now some people have called out Rosen because he said in his story that the State Department official or contractor, learned this info from “sources inside North Korea.”  The theory being Rosen may have jeopardized some sources, even putting their lives in danger.

Guess what soft, liberal media, if you’re a spy inside North Korea, your life is in danger every minute you take a breath.   Rosen’s obscure use of the word “sources” isn’t going to ID anyone or amp up the threat any more than it already is.  North Korea only advertises what they want us to see.  Any story about other events in NK would obviously come from sources within the country.  This seems like a veiled scare tactic attempt by the Obama Administration to intimidate and now try and prosecute a reporter who just happens to work at a network that skewers Obama on a minute by minute basis.

All this in the name of National Security.  If they can make us believe that Rosen violated NSA policy and endangered people then they can get our passively implied permission to do things like, oh I don’t know, collect all cell phone data in the US without a warrant, hell without probable cause.  Just because they want it.   All in the name of National Security.

But I digress.  Moving on.  After the Rosen story broke, a story pops up that the IRS has been targeting Tea Party groups who apply for tax exempt status.  By targeting I mean, asking what their religious affiliation is, asking for donor and member lists, asking for the political affiliations of the leaders of said organizations, delaying applications for three years and counting, etc…   The list of questions is pages and pages long and are questions police can’t even ask criminals without a lawyer present.   It was impossible to get tax exempt status in this country from 2009 to 2012 if the name of your organization had words like freedom, take back america, prosperity, and the like.

Again liberals dismissed this as a rogue office in Cincinnati doing this on their own. Basically giving us the “These are not the drones you’re looking for.  Move along, move along” routine.  Turns out it’s not just the Cincy office.  Turns out several offices have been doing this since long before the last election.  You know the one.  The election where the President got reelected in a landslide with a 23 million people still out of work.  Also turns out that the director of the IRS, a Bush appointee, made 157 trips to the White House oddly enough during the exact time of this targeting tea party business.

How far do you have to go back to find a director of the IRS visiting the WH that many times?  All the way to the start of the organization, then add all of them together and they still get no where near 150 visits.  The last dude in charge of the IRS, who by the way was there during the mushroom cloud of the financial meltdown, visited the WH a grand total of 1 time, once, one, uno.  And it was a perfunctory visit for a photo op.

And still were told there is nothing to see here.  Move along, move the hell along.

A few weeks ago we saw the woman in charge of the branch of the IRS doing these invasive stall tactics, Lois Lerner, exercise her 5th amendment rights and refuse to answer any questions during a congressional hearing.  I said then she was smart because her own administration was coming to lock her up.  No need to hand it to them by incriminating herself.

Boy was I wrong.  Turns out old Lois has a past, and her past conflicts with the administrations’ story that it was some rogue field agents who decided on their own to bring down the tea party.

Whoops.  That lie just blew up.

In 1996 Lerner accused Al Salvi, a Republican State Representative from Illinois who was challenging then Democratic Congressman Dick Durbin for the open Senate seat in Illinois, with election fraud.  Lerner was head of the enforcement division of the Federal Elections Commission at the time.  Her accusation stemmed from an accounting error Salvi made on a personal loan to his campaign.  He broke no law, committed no violation. When he tried to explain this to Lerner she said “We’ll drop the case if you promise to never run for elected office again.”  Yeah, in case you are wondering, that’s illegal.  Salvi asked her to put that in writing and smartly Lerner did not.  So Salvi decided to proceed with the court case, and he won.  But he was so tied up in this legal issue, the FEC had his money tied up, he was unable to campaign effectively and Durbin won the Senate seat.

Flash forward to 2010.  Now Senator Dick Durbin (D) Illinois, sends a letter to Lerner asking her to target conservative groups who apply for tax exempt status prior to the run up for the mid-term elections.  Yeah, that’s not legal and certainly not ethical.

And still we are told to move along, nothing to see here.

Then we’re told anyone who thinks there is a conspiracy is just a conspiracy nutjob.  This isn’t coming from some liberal dope on MSNBC, but from the President and his spokesman.

Then the pice-de-resistance. During the congressional hearing into the IRS scandal, the tea party groups came foreword to testify.  The line of questioning from the democratic congressmen was not to be believed.  At one point Rep Jim McDermott says this is all their fault for applying for tax exempt status in the first place.

Watch this, you have to see to believe.


Read: Salvi vs Lerner & Durbin

More on Lerner  

Watch: Salvi himself explains what happened in 1996 

And still we’re told to move along, nothing to freaking see here.

effattlogoNow we find out that the President obtained a special writ that allows the NSA to collect all phone data, from everyone.  Currently only Verizon customers have been targeted.  And let me reiterate, all Verizon customers have had their phone data and phone conversation data collected, no matter if you’re a terror risk or not.  All customers from April 25th on.  So yeah, that means currently if you use Verizon and you make a call, the time, date, to who, duration, who disconnected first, all that is being collected by the NSA.

iPhones can’t be far behind.

While all this goes on, no one has been held accountable for the deaths of an American Ambassador and his security team in Benghazi and the Administration’s cover up of the mistakes and willful disregard that led to their deaths.

In the name of National Security I will now await the collection of my iPhone data by the NSA.

Hey NSA dudes, if you get into my LinkedIn app, can you tell me what my password is?

Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along.

Podcast Episode 10: It’s a magic number.

Yeah man, 10 episodes.  Hard to believe.  To celebrate our 10 episodes and 5 months on the air we have some special features tonight, including a little Red Hot Chili Peppers video to us help celebrate.

The news has been fast and furious to say the least.  Listen to our take here

Episode 10: It’s a magic number 

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Here’s a taste of the magical 10th episode.

Funny, but I weep for society.

Funny, but I weep for society.

Weiner’s in!

Disgraced NY Congressman Anthony Weiner is running for NY City Mayor. Already dodging questions about how many more crotch shots might be floating in the web -o-sphere.  Can a 2016 run be far behind?


The unintentional comedy will be epic.

The unintentional comedy will be epic.

The Donald: Dropping coin, checking temps.

Trump spends 1 mil on presidential exploratory committee.  How awesome would that be.  Will America say “your hired!”   Probably not but presidential races can always use a good carnival barker.  Lets hope he stays in to the convention.



Ok, so, ah, 2nd term off to a bit of a rough start.

Ok, so, ah, 2nd term off to a bit of a rough start.

Benghazi, IRS, AP Reporters, James Rosen: Where will it all end?

The President is in the hurt box for his second term.  All, I believe, of his own doing.  The serious question is will he still be President by the end of it.  We report, you decide!


We may have to air once a week to keep up with the scandals.  It’s getting serious folks. And by that I mean we are moving closer and closer to resignation talk.

As always listen for yourself and make your own call.

Episode 10: It’s a magic number

Let’s hear what you have to say.

Do it in the comment section below or the show’s email: theunmail@yahoo.com

Who are you and what did you do with our congress?

Shhh... or I'll introduce to some of my little friends.

Shhh… or I’ll introduce to some of my little friends.

What a difference a crisis makes.

As some of you may know I am a C-Spanaholic.  There are three glorious channels now.  The Senate is on C-Span, the House on C-Span 2, and any special committee meeting usually ends up on C-Span 3.  Zero commercials.  It’s freaking awesome.  Well, that might be an over-statement, but probably not.

Anyway, it was on C-Span 3 that our body of ineptitude, aka the Senate, showcased their inability to ask one meaningful or probing question during the throw down with Hillary Clinton over the events in Benghazi.  She then dashed over to C-Span 2 for a round with the gang who couldn’t shoot straight, aka the House of Representatives.  The regaled her with equal doses of false praise and righteous indignation.  I leave you to figure out which side dispensed which meaningless emotion.

S0 it was really for some amusing lunch theater that I turned on C-Span 3 to catch Congressman Darrell Issa (R) California, chair a bi-partisan committee meeting which would be looking into the IRS scandal Tony and I talked about on the last podcast.

At first I thought I had turned on the wrong channel.  Can’t be, it’s programed into my favorites.  Maybe a solar flare was messing with the channel lineup.  Whatever was going on, I could not find the usual clown car of American Politics that is our representative body.  Instead what I saw, what I heard, was representative after representative, republican and democrat, asking cogent, probing questions; civil in tone, laced with verbiage for quality follow up questions.

So stunned, I almost choked on my sarsaparilla, almost spat out my mint julep.

It really was hard to believe.  Especially given their history of mucking up things like this. I can only imagine they all watched the tape of Hill-Dogg kicking their asses up and down the Capital Building steps during the Benghazi hearings and they decided to bring their A games.  And truly they did.

When Lois Lerner, the director of the branch of the IRS accused of targeting groups because of political affiliation, decided to invoke her 5th amendment rights and not answer questions, Rep. Issa simply dismissed her.  And that was the right play even though his colleagues thought otherwise.  Issa had the former IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman in his sights as well as J. Russell George, the Treasury inspector general.  Those boys didn’t take the fifth, they just took a beating.  Issa didn’t need Lerner.  No reason to cause a lot of drama by forcing her to take the fifth to every single question for the cameras.  Thats what a lot of republicans wanted.  It looks like Issa is just after the truth. That’s smarts you can play with.  That’s how championships are won my friend.

Let me tell you neither IRS man had a friend in that room.  No democrat came to the rescue, no liberal would argue for them.  Elijah Cummings, (D) Maryland, actually scolded the two men, treated them like school children in the principals office.

James Rosen and the hit squad warrant, aka FBI.

James Rosen and the hit squad warrant, aka FBI.

This bodes bad for the President.  We are way past birth certificates and Reverend Wright.  The IRS investigation is just getting fired up, then the mater of the Department of Justice gathering the personal information, e-mails, texts, contacts, of a handful of Associated Press reporters.

Then comes the bizarre issue of the DoJ doing surveillance on and tagging as a flight risk, one James Rosen from FOX News.  It seems Rosen is being hounded by the Obama administration for doing his job.  In other words he reported on a story about North Korea and cited his sources in the State Department.  He may be charged with espionage or aiding and abetting espionage.  It truly is absurd.  And when I say hounded I mean having search warrants executed on his home and work computers, confiscation of his e-mails, etc…, being followed, not allowed to leave the country.   This isn’t just a threatening feeling like Bob Woodward had a few months back, this is an outright threat and harassment against a reporter who works for a network that criticizes Obama most of the time.

In other words this looks bad.  Now taken separately the Associated Press and the Rosen thing wouldn’t be a big deal, mostly because the American public tends to loathe reporters just slightly less than they do lawyers.  However add them to the IRS targeting Tea Party organizations and you have what looks like for all the world to be a political hit squad operating at the behest of the President.

What does this have to do with the aforementioned congress and their surprisingly good job during the start of the IRS investigation?  Good question.

As Tony mentioned in the last podcast, Nixon didn’t really order the break in at the Watergate building, but he failed to react fast enough there-by implying more involvement than may have been true.

Obama has not failed to react, he appears to be saying, “So what?”  Much like Nixon, it seems Obama has created this atmosphere in his administration that causes high level officials to believe the full weight of the federal government is there to be used against political enemies.

This is worse than Watergate.

And it appears the Senate and the House of Representatives have found their stride when it comes to investigative hearings and questioning.  They also taste blood in the water.

Obama better hope the good old Congress, the one that can’t even ask a simple question without stammering through meaningless diatribe, comes back soon.

That gang I saw doing the IRS investigation hearing will make Obama cry for his momma.

Take a good look O.  This might be you in a month.

Take a good look O. This might be you in a month.

Podcast Episode 9: Benghazi, Ben-lyin, & Ben-spyin

Really, really big show tonight – hear that in Ed Sullivan’s voice and it works nicely.  Yes, google Ed Sullivan.

Man I’m not sure we’ll even get to everything tonight.  We are creeping up to the edge of a very big cliff, and when I say we, I mean the President and his administration.

You absolutely have to listen.

Click Here: 

Podcast Episode 9: Benghazi, Ben-lyin, Ben-spyin

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OK on to the teaser.

There are 3 more graves just like Amb Stevens'.  Don't lose focus.

There are 3 more graves just like Amb Stevens’. Don’t lose focus.

Benghazi heats up again.

Whistle blowers are coming forward in droves now.  Not just disgruntled State Department employees, but current CIA operatives and admin folk.  2016 is a long way off but Hil-Dogg may be damaged goods after this.

I'd love to stay, but I got a thing

I’d love to stay, but I got a thing

White House Press Secretary’s Ben-Lyin

Jay Carney, WH Press Sec, gets caught in not one but two bold face lies in a matter of minutes in a press conference about Benghazi, the IRS, and the case of the O Administration collecting info on Associated Press reporters.  It seems the White house press corp has decided to take the gloves off.  Hmmm… I wonder what caused their change of pace all of a sudden?  Oh yeah it was because the ….

Can't improve on this.

Can’t improve on this.

…President’s Ben-Spyin

Obama administration caught using the Department of Justice to spy on reporters from the Associated Press. On the same day this story breaks, it quietly gets out that Vladimir Putin has a “US Diplomat”/CIA agent in custody, embarrasses him on Russian television, and kicks him out of the country.  Ryan Christopher Fogle was nabbed after trying to recruit a Russian into the CIA.  Too bad for Ryan that Russian was an undercover Secret Service agent.

All this plus a lively, and I do mean lively, debate on wether the Government has overstepped their bounds in the sexual education of our children.

You absolutely have to listen.

Click Here: 

Podcast Episode 9: Benghazi, Ben-lyin, & Ben-spyin

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Hill-Dog on the Hill: Benghazi, Biden, and Bobby 2016!

Editor’s note – This is a running commentary of Secretary Clinton’s testimony about Benghazi  interspersed with a breakdown and analysis of the politics of key players and events.

70 and 37.  The only numbers you need to know.  Those are percentages.  70% percent is Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (aka HRC, aka Hill-dogg) favorability rating at Secretary of State.  Today.  That number is from a poll done on 23 January 2013.  For political junkies and nerds like me the other number is more telling.  37% is Hill-dogg’s favorability rating amongst current Republican members of the House and Senate in DC.  Trust me gang, that is unbelievably high.  Think about the last 4 years.  She’s not been attacked by conservatives and republicans very much if at all.

She is currently, as I type, testifying on Capitol Hill about the Benghazi disaster.  She was supposed to testify over a month ago.  She fainted, had a concussion and was hospitalized the week of her scheduled testimony.  Several conservatives took to the airwaves to rail about Hill-dogg ducking congress, about how she mysteriously developed Benghazi fever. That charge was advanced on Fox News (color me shocked) by former UN Ambassador/Fox News contributor nut job, John Bolton.  The line was then adopted on a lot of Fox programs by a lot of “expert pundits.”  Oddly not a single Senator or Congressman from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would go on Fox and repeat that line.

That in part is due to the leadership of that Committee, John Kerry(D) MA and Bob Corker(R) TN are true gentlemen and statesmen.  And they ain’t dumb.  A week after Hill-Dog went into the hospital it was discovered she had a blood clot in her head.  No apology from Fox, Bolton, et al.  Of course why would they, one is a psycho, the other the megaphone through which psychos find a willing audience.

So Hill-dog is sitting in front of Senators and Congress getting grilled.  Well, getting grilled by Republicans.  Democrats are doing nothing but heaping praise on her.  That’s a horrible mistake.  Hill-dogg needs to answer tough questions, she can answer tough questions.  She’s most likely the smartest person in the current government.  The ridiculous platitudes from the Democratic side of this committee are cringe worthy.  Hill-dogg is tough, she can take it.  America needs all of you to be tough.  Ask a damn question Barbra Boxer.  By the way Hill-dogg is a term of endearment and related to her toughness and determination.  Barbra Boxer (D) CA, is just a mutt, stealing from her constituents.

Hill-dogg ain’t shying away from this either.  Her opening statement might as well be her bumper sticker in 2016.  “It was my responsibility. This is personal.”  Look I’m a fan of the President, but I can’t remember too many times where he has uttered that statement. Hill-dog was saying it the day after it happened.  She is still saying it today.

Hill-dogg gettin her testimony on

Hill-dogg gettin her testimony on

However the responsibility she is referring to is the attack and the death of Americans at an US Embassy.  They were her people, it was her responsibility.  She is not and should not take responsibility for the debacle of the quasi cover-up/disinformation strategy perpetrated by the current administration when they sent UN Ambassador Susan Rice on the Sunday shows to tell a very smart population with access to Al Gore’s internet, the attack was just a protest not a terror attack.

Hard to type now as I watch Senator Marco Rubio (R) FL, ask questions.  He’s trying to be tough but he is scared shitless.   He’s working so hard to be respectful and not anger the Hill-dogg.  He knows he’s talking to the reason he won’t be President in 2016.

Which brings us to Vice President Joe Biden (aka crazy uncle Joe).  Anyone watching c-span 3 late night before the inauguration heard crazy Joe had attended Iowa’s Inaugural Ball Planning Committee meeting.  He also invited the head of the committee from New Hampshire to the Inaugural luncheon.  Iowa and New Hampshire, hmmm…. I know they are important but I can’t quite….Oh yeah they are the first two states to vote in the primary in 2016.  The winner of those traditionally goes on to win the nomination of their party.  Joe may be crazy but he ain’t stupid either.  He’s running for President.  He knows he’s got a tough road to the nomination.  He knows he needs to get out in front quick.  He knows Hill-dogg is wildly popular.

After seeing Hill-dogg’s 70% favorability, 37% among republicans, he now knows he has no chance at the nomination should she choose to run.

Senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson (R) tries to slap Hill-dogg on a minor point that has no relevance and Ron Johnson paid the price.  The committee co-chairman Senator Corker (R) TN, saved Johnson from himself. Hill-dog was actually yelling at him.

If I was Corker I would have said to them ahead of time to ask questions boys but keep it civil.  No one is winning an election today.  Johnson was trying to make points not find truth and he has a fresh Hill-dogg hand print on his face for his trouble.

Now Jeff Flake (R) AZ, is asking questions.  Another statesman showing the chamber how to ask hard, insightful questions while not being a schmuck.  Looking at you Senator Ron Johnson.

So Crazy Joe is done really.  Which is sad because it would have been fun to see him go the distance.  The unintentional comedy would have been epic.  But he has nothing to offer the Hill-dogg.  Truly no one on the Democrat’s side of the ticket has much for her. It’s her nomination if she wants it.

And that brings us to her challenger.  Governor Bobby Jindal  of Louisiana is my early pick for the Republican nomination.  If he decides to go for it, he should win the nomination and if he does he’ll beat Hill-dogg head to head.  She is the smartest person in the government right now.  He will be if he becomes President.  Google him smart people, but here is a snippet of his bio.

Bobby Jindal at the White House

Bobby Jindal and his wife at the White House

Piyush “Bobby” Jindal is an American politician and the 55th and current Governor of Louisiana. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to immigrants from India, Jindal studied biology and public policy at Brown University from 1988 to 1991

Ok John McCain (R) AZ is up now.  He is on the attack.  Hill-doggs response will be interesting here.  McCain and Ambassador Stevens, Killed at Benghazi, were close friends. McCain and Clinton are friends as well, but he is attacking her, calling her answers not believable.  I have to agree with him on this point, the questions and platitudes up to now have been much about scoring points and a waste of time, not getting at the truth. McCain’s questions are being delivered with snark and old man attitude but they go right to the heart of the matter.

Hill-dogg is staggered, leaning on the ropes!  McCain is landing some old man jabs!  First questions she did not directly answer.

McCain backs off.  Senator Dick Durbin (D) Illinois is now embarrassing himself by wondering why we have not had a hearing on the WMD’s never found in Iraq.  I get his point.  A war was fought on a lie.  Thousands of our brothers and sisters died over what is now widely considered an illegal action by the Bush Administration.  However, Durbin is only trying to give Hill-dogg top cover right now.  Still no effort to get to the truth of the current situation by most democrats and some republicans on this committee.

By my score only McCain and Jeff Flake, both R’s from AZ, have asked any relevant questions.

Rand Paul (R) KY, is up now.  He is railing like a, forgive me, a catholic school girl in a playground fight. By the way he is running for the Republican nomination for President in 2016.  Jindal will make him cry in the first debate.  He’s Congressman Ron Paul’s (R) TX kid and believes private business’s should be allowed to keep blacks out if they want to. It’s all you need to know about Rand Paul.  Read Rand Paul on civil rights

Her testimony is almost over.  Now the Hill-dogg walks over to the House side and faces more questions.  Lets hope Congressmen and Women are better at this then our Senators are.

Hey I can hope right.

Watch Hill-dogg go at it with the Congress on C-span around 2pm eastern today.

Jindal 2016!