UF/UF 126: I’ll come running….

All ya got to do is call…

Not for nothing but I told you people years ago John Kerry was not suited for this job and would make Hillary look like the greatest Secretary of State in the history of the Republic.  Next time maybe you’ll listen. Well big John is lamenting the state of American politics as embarrassing. Let that soak in. John Kerry says American politics is embarrassing. John Kerry.

When this guy thinks you're a douche, guess what, you are a douche.

When this guy thinks you’re a douche, guess what, you are a douche.

Ain’t it good to know you got a friend.

And it is us. Tony, me, the crew at UF/UF. We are your friends.  And as such we have authored the next episode of UF/UF The Podcast. Click the link for Episode 126: I’ll Come Running

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Oh and we talked about Trump and some other people too.  Just click the link already.

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Hey Trump Protesters – Get. Off. The. Damn. Road!

Look man, I can’t stand the guy. Those shirts and stickers going around about Missing W will quickly be replaced by shirts saying Missing O yet? if Trump were to become President. Yeah they will. Trust me on this.

However, as much as I fear for the republic should Trump become the president, I fear more for it if protesters can block free speech. In other words, “Hey you dopes, get off the damn road. This is America. People are allowed to speak freely no matter your disagreement with them!”

Thank a Trump protester for this.

Thank a Trump protester for this.

Believe it or not, Trump becoming president is the system working. Protesters being allowed to block a highway and keep Trump supporters from getting to the rally, and keeping other people from getting to places like, oh I don’t know, the doctor, food shopping, or home to their bed, is not the system. That’s the other guy’s system. That’s the system that leads to less freedom, less America.

Sound familiar. It should. It’s the very thing Trump protesters accuse him of trying to do. They irony! It stings!

Want more irony. Buckle up. Blocking his supporters from Trump rallies only creates more Trump supporters. Sound familiar? It should. The radical left in this country has been singing this song about Guantanamo Bay prison for almost 8 years. Their theory, holding terrorists without charging them, will only create more terrorists.

Now hold on to your toupes Trumpites. I am in no way comparing you all to terrorists. I’m merely pointing out the hypocrisy of radical people in this country. For the last 7 or so years the Tea Party filled that slot. Now the left have stepped up in a big way. That giant lilly white orb is their collective ass (assi?) hanging out.

Ok only two more ironies to kick out. Hang tough.

Good work. Dopes.

Good work. Dopes.

Chris Christie was practically castrated and his presidential run blunted because he blocked a bridge in Jersey to effect payback on a non-supportive mayor. An old man died in an ambulance because said ambulance could not get to the hospital, instead being stuck in a traffic jam. Sound familiar? It should.

Yesterday several people were tweeting or facebooking that they were stuck in traffic in the burning hot Arizona dessert. One unfortunate lady was coming home from the hospital after a surgical procedure just wanting to get to her bed. How are these folks any better than Chris Christie, the same man they were howling about when the bridge story made the papers?

Last one.

If Trump protesters get Trump out of the race, they succeed. That is if succeeding means to fail miserably. All polls around the country show Hillary whooping Trumps ass from Concord to Carlsbad. The one guy she’s not beating in the polls is Ted Cruz. She loses to him by 5 or 6 points. Almost in the margin I grant you, but still she would be trailing Cruz.  So if you hippies somehow get Trump to quit, your girl loses, most likely. If he stays in, your girl sweeps to victory.

Let’s not even talk about the scores of undecideds stuck on the road in Arizona you just pushed to Trump’s side of the ticket. Pure genius.

So one question Trump protesters. Whose side are you are on anyway? While your head explodes contemplating that, please for the love of God and country and freedom…



UF/UF 124: The Trumpen-ing

Yeah, it’s all Trump all the time around here these days. From having to cancel rallies from threats of violence to claiming there will be riots if he’s not given the nomination even if he falls short of the required delegates, Donald Hairpiece is just filling our windscreen.

So click the link had here our very different takes on The Donald and his rise. One thing we do agree on, it will be Trump-tastic no matter the outcome.

UF/UF 124: The Trumpen-ing

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All hail...

All hail…

UF/UF 123: If the Mitt fits…

Wow. I mean just wow. Just when you thought you’d seen it all out steps Mitt Romney. In a speech at the University of Utah Mitt came out firing. It was stunning actually. My reaction was much like a lot of people who voted for him in 2012. Where was this against President Obama? Oh well. No point crying over spilled milk. The primaries are heating up. With non-participants like Mitt jumping into the fray it should be a blast all summer.

Click the link to hear our breakdown.

UF/UF 123: If the Mitt fits…

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The happy couple in happier times.

The happy couple in happier times.

UF/UF 123: If the Mitt fits…

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UF/UF 122: Go Time in the Palmetto State!

Well gang, we are on the precipice. Over the edge we peer in hopes a leviathan isn’t waiting to devour us. But we all know he’s there. Trump has already bested the pope, can any of us escape him? Tonight we talk primaries. And tonight is the First in the South Primary. South Carolina could be a watershed moment for the Republican party. Will it be? If you want the answer for that you gotta click.

UF/UF 122: Go Time in the Palmetto State!

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May not be Happy Faces after tonight.

May not be Smiling Faces after tonight.


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UF/UF 122: Go Time in the Palmetto State!


Did Ben Carson really lie about West Point…. and does it really matter?

UF/UF Technical Editor’s Note: Due to unforeseen technical difficulties Episode 113 of UF/UF The Podcast will not be heard tonight. The result of that is an upgrade to our equipment and a revamp of our studio. Check back next week, right here for the next installment of UF/UF The Podcast! I promise it will be some sort of tacular. Not necessarily spooktacular but a form of tacular none the less.

So some earth shattering news today. And no, it’s not that fact I’m actually writing a political article again, although that is a bit surprising. Today Ben Carson’s campaign admitted Carson’s story in his bio Gifted Hands about being offered a full scholarship to West Point was fabricated.

So here’s a spoiler alert. No shit Sherlock. Anyone with a passing interest in the military knows the service academies don’t give out full scholarships. A member of Congress or a prominent military leader can submit you for appointment. If your appointment is accepted then you are in, at no charge, for a full four year education after which you will serve a minimum of 6 years in the active military branch you chose.

At issue here is Carson’s story that after meeting with General Westmorland in 69 as a 17 year old he was offered a full scholarship. Obviously that’s not the case. But what could just as easily be the case is after meeting Westmorland the General said “Hey Ben, (who was the highest ranking Jr ROTC cadet in Detroit at that time with the grades to match), apply to West Point, I’ll vouch for your appointment.” Honestly folks is could have been that simple. The parsing of words in that report today about Ben lying is painful and tedious.

In the spirit of full disclosure let me say I do not like Ben Carson one bit. I have no doubt he’s one of the most gifted Surgeon’s of our time but that doesn’t make him smart in all things or qualify him to be a leader. I’m a big fan of Carly Fiorina for she has the exact things Carson does not. Having said all that, do I think Ben Carson is a liar?

God no. That’s ridiculous on it’s face.

Point to me a 17 year old in 1969 that could correctly explain the admission process to the service academies. Show me a congressman right now who could explain it. Hell the Air Force Academy didn’t graduate it’s first class until ’59’, a mere ten years prior to this event. Are we really down to parsing out sentences and phrases uttered before a person had the right to vote or drink and then recalled some 45 years later, as a litmus test for their worthiness? Really? Not a world I want to live in or elect a president from.

Look gang I don’t think Carson should be President, but not because of that. This line of thinking is how the President was reelected in a landslide with 22% unemployment. People nuttier than a fruitcake wasted good air time on stupid crap like birth certificates and whether or not Obama is a Muslim. Instead of focusing on President Obama’s support for late term abortion, policies that made the horrible Bush economy worse, using a department of the government as a political weapon against his adversaries – IRS v The Tea Party anyone?

If Carson is to be brought down it should be because he is in fact unworthy to lead. Not because he misrepresented some facts about an event that means absolutely nothing that happened 46 years ago.

Now some of this stuff he’s been saying the past few months on the other hand….

Since slavery Ben, really? Really?

Since slavery Ben, really? Really?


Re-Decision 2016! Over before it started.

I'm out! Good luck Jeb.

I’m out! Good luck Jeb.

Big time announcement on the Hugh Hewitt show today. Mitt Romney, a few bad breaks away from the White House in 2012, declared today he is not running for President. Like most things with politics these days this announcement begs more questions than it answers.

Like, why Mitt why?

To his credit, I guess, Mitt says it’s time for other leaders to emerge from the party. This is a refrain my podcast partner, Hupp, has been singing for a long time now. He, and Mitt, are right. But that brings us to the next question. Who will emerge? Can they unify the party? Can they do it fast enough for November 2016?

Mitt was the front runner in all polls taken so far with respect to the Republican nominee. Granted it’s January of 2015 but you know this stuff can never start too early. That aside, who’s it gonna be? Jeb Bush was next in all polls so obviously it’s him. Or is it? My gut says Bush is about to feel the same pinch as Romney did.

Oh the leader emerging line from Romney is good and believable but I also have to believe the harder core conservatives beating Mitt about the head and face for the last two months factored into the decision. Well Bush is a less richer version than Romney. Is the far right machine recalibrating to take out W’s bro? Even though Jeb has street-cred with Latinos I would still bet he’ll find himself in the cross hairs of the Tea Party set.

Mitt was actually performing a service for Jeb. But now that Mitt has tapped out, Jeb is center stage.

The rest of the republican line-up is unremarkable to me. I’m a Rand Paul fan but I’m having a hard time seeing his path to the convention in August of 2016. As we talked about on the podcast a few weeks ago, Huckabee just muddles the water, as does Ben Carson, Santorum, Palin, Trump, and now Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who officially announced yesterday. An unnamed republican strategist thinks this could benefit Marco Rubio of Florida more than anyone.

So as the Tea Party burns so called Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) at the steak in their quest for a pure heart to lead the party, they may unknowingly clear a path for Rubio. This is a Tea Party candidate that has been dubbed a witch RINO by the people who elected him in Florida, and by Tea Partiers nation wide. Rubio does have Latino connections, albeit a rough history on immigration bills, but this is where January of 2015 is a plus. Long way to November of 16. Rubio could easily shake that immigration bill flip flopping off by then. The question is does he have the political moxie to actually do it? Time will tell.

People will be chirping about Chris Christie, but I feel confident his bridge has closed and he’s probably the next so called RINO for the fire anyway.

So we have our first real big test for the Republicans in the race for the White House in 2016. Mitt has kicked the ball back into the arena. Who’s gonna pick it up next?

The bigger question: When they lose to Hill-dogg in November, does Mitt get the blame?