UF/UF 219: Oh, no, Liz!

UF/UF 219: Oh, no, Liz!

Um,, you probably shouldn’t release results if they don’t support your allegation. No, Liz, you’re not.

And whatever you think of him, don’t try to out Trump Trump

The Dems can’t seem to keep from tripping on themselves as the mid-terms approach. For starters, stop calling everyone Nazis and Facists, and start acting civilized. It’d be something, at least.

Anyway, click and listen to the two most interesting people on the interweb.


Oh yea, memes are making us fat.

One of these is a Cherokee, one is not.

UF/UF 218: Liars, Morons and Jerks, Oh My!

Hard to even recap what we witnessed this past week. I would like to tell you the Republic for which we stand is in good shape but based on what we saw or representative government do this week that would be a bald face lie.

Is help on the way? Is there a reckoning on the horizon? Have our feeble and weak and stupid Senators only encouraged enemies to attacks us?

We report! You decide!

But you gotta click.

UF/UF 218: Liars & Morons & Jerks, Oh My!



3 blind mice

A liar, a jerk, and a moron.


UF/UF 217: Confirmation Consternation

EDITOR’S UPDATE: At the time of the taping of UF/UF 217 the Browns and Jets were about to take the field. We discussed this at length in 91 Seconds of Sports and the 5 Questions segments. After falling behind early to the Jets, rookie Baker Mayfield entered the game for the Browns and engineered their first victory in 2 years. 

You read that right. BROWNS WIN! BROWNS WIN!

Carry on.

Liberals see doomsday on the horizon. Conservatives sense victory and possible chance to overturn Roe v Wade finally.  It’s she said/he said time in the Senate conformation hearings for Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee.

Does he get confirmed? Does she derail the Republicans march toward a conservative court for the next 40 years? Does it matter what really happened 36 years ago at a high-school party where all parties were, by their own admission, drunk as to cloud their memories?

We report you decide!

UF/UF 217: Confirmation Consternation





Is there still a seat for Kavanaugh?


UF/UF 216: Hardcore Melania

Our First Lady, after what some calla bit of an absence from the public eye has come out blasting. She torpedoed the NYT Op Ed author, who still remains anonymous.  And now she’s headed to Africa on a humanitarian trip.

Could the First Lady bring some sanity and order back to Trump’s White House. We hope so. And for what it’s worth, our money is always on smart and sexy. Melania has that covered and then some.

Click and be edified.

UF/UF 216: Hardcore Melania





Not the President we deserve, but the President we need. Melania 2020!

UF/UF 215: Supreme Asshattery

Not much to say is there?  I mean it’s just getting crazy.  The crazy is getting crazy. From tell all books to op eds to protesters to idiot Senators from NJ, this week’s episode has it all. And we’ll sort it out for you.

All you gotta do is click the link.

You’re welcome America.

UF/UF 215: Supreme Asshattery


A crazy biscuit, slathered with crazy butter, wrapped in crazy bacon. Enjoy.

UF/UF 214: The Death of Decency.

What happened? More to the point, when did it happen?  When did common decency become a weakness?  When did treating your adversary with respect make you a traitor?  When did getting your jollies become more important than protecting the children of God’s church on earth?

Not sure we have any answers for you today, but we have opinions. Click if you want to hear them.

UF/UF 214: The Death of Decency.




The blood of the innocents shall not be cleansed from his hands.


Senator John McCain

No podcast this weekend for various reasons. So I apologize if you came here searching out the 213th episode of UF/UF the Podcast. But we do have something to say this weekend. I’m taking liberty here in speaking for Tony as he is currently out of pocket.

As a political satire site we take shots at a lot of people.  As a site and authors who try to bring out the idiocy and smarts of every political side, we’ve taken shots at just about everyone in the arena.  But please don’t confuse that as lack of respect for the women and men who have the stones to step into the arena.

John McCain

American Hero – John McCain

Senator John McCain had the stones and then some. That cat has been serving his country since he graduated High School. Graduating from the the Naval Academy and then flying the A4 Sky Raider in Vietnam, surviving the deadly fires on the Aircraft Carrier USS Forestall, shot down, captured and then surviving the Hanoi Hilton as a POW of the North Vietnamese, is quite the display of stonage.

The fact that he followed that career up with voluntarily entering US Politics on the national stage, lasting in Washington (aka Sodom and Gomorrah),  as long as he did was just McCain’s way of showing off.

I was lucky enough to meet Senator McCain in a ballroom in Indianapolis in 1992. He was the keynote speaker at the Air Force Sargent’s Association national convention.  I was one of 13 Senior Airman being interviewed for Airman of the Year. He took the time to greet each one of us 13 nominees with a handshake and kind words. You got the feeling he was sincerely proud of us. My first meeting with a national political figure. Meeting him was/is a lifetime memory.

It’s no secret Tony and I are political junkies and we have been since before we met in 2000. So meeting Senator McCain in ’92’ was huge for me. But what I remember more about Senator McCain was the way he conducted himself during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

The main clip that gets all the play is McCain taking the mic from a disheveled woman at one of his rallies. She said Obama was an Arab. McCain grabbed the mic and defended Obama saying he was a decent family man, an American who McCain just had fundamental differences with. But what really struck me was two other interactions with the Obama campaign.

The first was on the night Obama beat the Clinton and secured the Democratic Nomination. The McCain campaign ran it’s first national ad. And it was a congratulatory add for Obama. The ad praised the young Senator for winning his party’s nomination. It was, to say the least, unprecedented. In other words it was Mavericky.

Then again on election night, McCain came out to concede, the election decided. He would not be President. He lost soundly to America’s first black President. And had been his norm, McCain took the honorable road. He conceded and congratulated and thanked President Elect Obama. As if that wasn’t enough, he further legitimized the Obama Presidency by urging his own constituents to get behind the new President, my president, as he said.

Saying “He’s my President.” was the most important thing John McCain did that night. The peaceful transition of power is a hallmark of American politics. But the division of American politics had really picked up steam with that election. John was doing his best to halt that division. That’s what a patriot does. Country before Party was his campaign slogan in ’08’.

And it was apt.

Senator John McCain – Patriot

Blue Skies John.


Captain John McCain USS Forestall