UF/UF 303 Rudy goes Toobin

Is it weird in here? Did it just get weird?

Did 2 TV lawyers just get busted for handling their junk on some sort of video device?

Yes. Yes they did. In a season of crazy we should not be surprised, but here we are. But I mean really who among us hasn’t wanted to rub one out during a business plan meeting because we thought the camera’s were off? Lookin at you Toobin. Figuratively I mean.

Then we have poor Rudy. America’s mayor duped by a foreign reporter, who is a total unit by the way so good for the Rud-meister, into coming back to her room after an interview. There we find poor Rudy on the bed on his back like a turtle caught out in the heat of the sun unable to right himself. Well might as well stick my hand down my pants.

Again I ask, who among us…

Click the link and we’ll answer that question.

UF/UF 303 Rudy goes Toobin


I was adjusting my shirt! – Sure Jan, sure.

UF/UF 298: It’s on now!

Apparently the Democratic nominee for President, and friend of the show, might finally be listening to us. Well not the part about not running in the first place, but the part about “Yo man you better start doing some pressers.”

At the time of our taping Big Joe, (as we call him), was doing an actual press conference with questions and everything. Fox aired the whole thing in it’s entirety, risking the back lash of th4e current President. That’s how rare these Biden pressers are.

I’m sure he had a lot to say. I really have no clue as we did not listen. He seemed angry and it appears he got through it without forgetting where he was or, more importantly, who he was.

The battle for the White House may have actually started in earnest today. We’ll see.

We talked about other stuff too. Click man, just click.

UF/UF 298: It’s on now!



During the Old Republic, before the Dark Times.


UF/UF 292: The Conveniently Woke

Nothing gets me going, or gets the discussion going, more than the wishy washy among us. You know the type.

The same people who pick and choose their Christianity and when to apply it are just as bad as this new group; the Conveniently Woke.

This is a group of people who feign social media outrage over one issue, but then use that issue to batter the very people they are supposed to be now supporting.

Look no further than Lady Antebellum, a country group who have decided to change their name to simply Lady A. They are so conscious of how the name may hurt blacks that the members of the group are willing to sue the pants off a black lady who already has the name Lady A to show their wokeness. A name, by the way, Anita White has used for over 20 years, long before it was cool to be rich, white, and show your wokeness to the plight of black Americans.

Yeah, I know, it hurts the brain. Well click the link and we’ll make some sense of it or we’ll disparage and mock it. Either way, you’ll feel better. Tony promises.

UF/UF 292: The Conveniently Woke



Lady Antebellum Sue Black Singer Lady A Over Rights to Her Name ...
We will show our wokeness even if we have to sue every Aunt Jemima in this damn country! Murica! – Lady Antebellum (probably)

UF/UF 280: Barr none

The attorney general of the United States ask the President “DJT, cut me some slack with the tweets, you’re making things difficult.”

Meanwhile, Uncle Joe calls young, sweet Madison ” A lying, dog faced pony soldier.” No, we don’t know exactly what that means, except that Biden still needs help.

All this and signals from outer space and a grass-man sighting in Ohio, cmon, how can you not listen?




I just want to slap you in the back of the head.

UF/UF272 Blobs in Washington

No, I’m not talking about the Dems. There was a mysterious ‘blob’ approaching D.C. seen on radar this week No one’s sure what it was.

We talk about this and more on this week’s edition of UF/UF the podcast. The Pope is on load management, but we got an admirable sub sitting in. Plus, Cows with VR goggles. God help us.

Cows with VR goggles. God help us.

UF/UF 270 The struggle is real

In Rural Uganda, it’s a real life “Planet of the Apes.” Chimpanzees habitat is being infringed upon, and they ain’t having it. Terrifying, but we’ll give you the details.

Meanwhile, if the impeachment hearings were a football game, the dems are “rumbling, stumbling, bumbling.” So far they’ve called three witnesses that aint witnessed anything. And they keep looking for a reason.

And in other news, it’s not nice to yank off some ones helmet and swing it at them, but, one of us hates the Steelers anyway…so….

All that and more stuff you need to hear.

Just listen.

Impeachment? It’s like three monkeys with a football, if you get my drift.

UF/UF 267: Emolument Green

The US Constitution is a pesky little document.  Pesky that is, if you give a crap about what it says.

FOX News of all people started the charge of calling out the President for his scheduling the G7 Summit at his Doral golf course resort in Florida in direct violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. That’s the part the keeps elected officials from profiting from heir office and accepting gifts from foreign governments.

See the problem?

The President has backed off very quickly which is highly unusual and should say how serious this situation got.  That sound you hear is the Dems Impeachment train picking up speed.

Click the link, and we’ll break it all down including how to say the word Emoluments.

UF/UF 267: Emolument Green




Yep this part right here is the problem. There that should fix it!





UF/UF 263: Oh….no, Canada

Oh Canada, just another liberal hypocrite caught wearing black fa….no, brown fa…..no, just make up. Nothing to see, here, folks. Trudeau’s not even sure how many of these types of pictures are out there. Justin, maybe just think about it a little before you call leaders of other countries racists.

We discuss this and other important topics.

Listen, discuss, and come back next week.


Just some good clean fun

UF/UF 262: Licking His Chops


Former VP and friend of UF/UF The Podcast Joe Biden is hitting his debate stride. In the latest iteration of the Democratic Presidential Candidate clown car, Uncle Joe did the most Uncle Joey-est thing.

So frothy did VP Biden become in trying to get off a zippy retort, his choopers came loose. Yep you read that right. His false teeth almost came out of his mouth. If not for a quick acting tongue maneuver, those pearly whites would have hit the debate floor.

Crisis averted… for now.

Click and be edified. You’re welcome.

UF/UF 262: Licking His Chops


bidens teeth

Fixodent and forget it Joe. Come on man.






The worst hard time?

It’s one of those “If we don’t learn from history we’re bound to repeat it” clever phrases people like to say, but it never really means anything. If they were clearing out large territories of Virginian forest to build a factory, or lay a pipeline, protestors would be up there polluting the environment in defense of the land like they did in Standing Rock for a pipeline…all good, but you know, this is for a solar farm, so just hack that forest down and screw the wildlife.

Anyone ever hear of the dust bowl? Not an expert, just puts me in mind of it.

By the way, if you’ve never read “The Worst Hard Time” drop a few bucks and give it a read. Makes you appreciate your big screen. And you know, all that history repeating itself stuff. Don’t screw with progress, that’s what they thought.