UF/UF 288: Riots, riots, everywhere riots.

Lot going on this week.  Mostly riots. Lots of cow cookies being offered up by various politicians and party mouthpieces on various airwaves from both sides.  And when I say cow cookies I mean total bullshit.

The question of the day: will cynicism rein supreme as the Pope of the Podcast think?. Or can the dumb from the neck up American populace find a way to treat everyone the same as the Bully Opinionist believes? That debate starts now.

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UF/UF 288: Riots, riots, everywhere riots.



The good old days, when riots were done the right way.


UF/UF 282: My Corona…

If you’re old enough to get that musical reference in the podcast title, then ironically you’re old enough to die from it.

Sad twist of fate that.

Anywho, we talked all things virus and all things political intrigue. It looks like Bernie and his Bros will need to come to grips with another other sad twist of fate; being the front runner doesn’t mean they want you as their nominee.

Also tonight, mock headlines that make more sense that what you’re currently seeing on real news outlets.

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UF/UF 282: My Corona…



In other words, WASH YOUR GODDAMN HANDS!!!!


UF/UF 250! Happy Father’s Day

Two big things. It’s Father’s Day and it’s episode 250 at UF/UF the podcast!

Big milestones both. In this episode:

  • Trump says controversial stuff (does it really matter what?)
  • Bieber challenges Tom Cruise to a fight. Who ya got?
  • Tony will list all Democrat candidates not winning the presidency. (Spoiler – all of them)

So relax on this father’s day Sunday and enjoy UF/UF 250, free of charge.  On us.

UF/UF 250! Happy Father’s Day


trump cup

“It’s the greatest Father’s Day in history.” “No one does Father’s Day better than me, I’m telling you!”



UF/UF 240: Trump vs… well everyone.

The Prez is going full frontage. In other words he’s not fighting personal battles on one or two fronts, he’s fighting them on as many fronts as he can muster.

We’ll recap what we think are the three pivotal battles Trump is actively engaged in as we speak:

Trump v McCain  – Beating dead guys is never frutiful

Trump v Muller – We have Trump winning this on points

and of course our fav

Trump v Kelly Ann Conway v George Conway

If you’re wondering, George and Kelly are related, as in Husband and Wife.

Click the link and we’ll explain it all. Kind of.

UF/UF 240: Trump vs… well everyone




Yeah that’s George upper left.  Poor bastard.



UF/UF 233: Virginia is for Murderers?

To say Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has had a bad week is a colossal understatement. The same week in which Ralph said he approves of late term abortion but also approves killing the child should the mother go into premature labor before the baby could be aborted in the womb, a yearbook photo of Ralph and another gentleman from his school dressed in black face and a KKK robe surfaced.


My guess is Gov. Northam is the one in blackface. Be your own judge.

Side note – Government is back open because Pelosi spanked Trump’s ass.

Photo below for your judgment.

Podcast link below for your clickment.



UF/UF 233: Virginia is for Murderers?




Which one is Gov Northam? He ain’t sayin. And we understand why.


UF/UF 228: 2018 – The year that was.

It was a long year. It was a strange year. It was the year that was.

It was a year that saw a spike in earnings and a decrease in inflation. In 2018 more jobs were available than people who needed jobs. Both of those things haven’t happened in almost 30 years. The stock market hit 26,800 in trading, a first in history. Retirement accounts boomed, thanks in part to the record stock market.

So the question is… What the hell are y’all so mad about!?!?! There have been more marches and causes in 2018 then at any point in our history and that includes the American Revolution and the 1960s.

Well click the link and Hupp and I will  tell you why all of you are wrong and why you should be ecstatic.

Happy New Year!

UF/UF 228: 2018 – The year that was.



new year

Come at me 2019!


UF/UF 192: Please Stand By

Man let me tell you, disrespect your nerds at your own peril. We have been in the grip of some serious technical difficulties that may have been avoided had we shown our staff nerds some love. Well we’ve repented of our sins and are up and running again. Up and running with a new segment no less.

We’ll also retrace some of the issues we’ve missed in our two week technical hiatus. So sit back, click the link, and bask in the warmness of our newly repaired radio waves.


UF/UF 192: Please Stand By





Technical difficulties

Yeah this about sums it up.

UF/UF 172: Irma need you to settle down.

Strap in my friends. It’s about to get crazy. Out of control deadly fires in Los Angeles and parts of Montana, hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Katia are pounding the Atlantic sea board, and an 8.2 magnitude earth quake just hit Mexico.

Oh yeah, and Trump agreed to the Democrat’s deal about the debt ceiling, essentially pushing Republicans under the bus for the next election cycle. Trump actually hugged Chuck Schumer (D) NY and Nancy Pelosi (D) CA.

Are we in the end times? Are dogs lying down with cats? We’re the Mayans right?

Nope. Storms move in cycles, Mayans can’t count past 2012, and Trump is and always will be a liberal Democrat. We’ve been saying that since he started his run.

Just click. We’ll splain it all for you or Hupp will come fold your laundry.

UF/UF 172: Irma need you to settle down.

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You’re Welcome America!


Maybe if they were a real news station they could provide proper rain slickers to their employees. THIS IS CNN!


UF/UF 169: Trump’s Last Hope?


Help us Hope, you’re our only… well you get the idea.

Meet the new Communication Director in the Trump Administration. Hope Hicks is the next loyalist on the block.

Does she have what it takes to stick around? Will she get too much press and be bounced by dinner?

For those answers, a new segment called That’s Just Dumb, and a great Top 5 list, all you gotta do is click.

Oh by the way, Steve Bannon got fired just as we were taping. Apparently he no longer has hope.


UF/UF 169: Trump’s Last Hope?

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You’re Welcome America!


Lions, puppies, and babies

So a hunter killed a lion in Africa, and people are going crazy. Just to be clear, I’m not a fan of it. It does seem sad. During the day, I’ve seen it pasted all over the news and social media. People are outraged. They want to hurt this man. They want to destroy his career and ruin his life.


At least there’s outrage over your death, Cecil










Rough start, but you’ll be well taken care of now, little dude. They’ll probably do a news update on you in a year or two. Good luck.

Locally, an abandoned puppy was found outside of a thrift shop. The puppy, about a month old, was in pretty bad shape. The local news reported that they wanted to find this evil, terrible person who would leave this puppy in a cardboard box and abandon it. A local shelter has taken the puppy in, named it Francis, and it seems to be doing better. Locally, people are pretty angry about it.  I’m glad the puppy is doing well.




Back to Cecil, the lion. Let’s face it, people have never heard of this lion before this happened. He was on the front page of the CNN website. Even as I speak, it’s still the second header story on CNN. People are out of their minds over it, calling the hunter a “poor excuse for a human being” “A killer” and “Satan.” There are death threats, with celebrities throwing in their idiot two cents. Sharon Osbourne, wife of rocker Ozzy, (who once bit the head off of a live bat during a concert) said she “hoped that Palmer (the hunter) “loses his home, his practice and his money…”

Meanwhile, the barbarity of Planned Parenthood executives talking about fully-formed fetuses as if they are cuts of meat in a butcher shop doesn’t even get a notice. No story on CNN. No outrage on Facebook. No death threats. No wishes of loss of careers, or promises to “Put their head on a trophy wall.”

I watched the movie “300” in the theatre. I remember the scene where they showed the Spartans tossing the deformed babies over a cliff, because they only kept babies that had no deformities. I remember that people in the theatre gasped. I don’t know how we’re different. We don’t even give them that chance.


Sorry little baby. There will be no outrage over your death, only a few will weep for you

I don’t care what your opinion of abortion is. I don’t care about trimesters. I don’t care about the legality of how they got the tape. (in other instances, people never care about how recordings are made, except now). I don’t care about your politics. I don’t care if you want to make some argument about ‘choice.’ I don’t care what news channel you watch. Here’s what I know. It’s barbaric.

I think a couple of hundred years from now people will look back at abortion the same way we look back at slavery, in that, they’ll say “how could they not know that was wrong? How could they not know the terrible impact that practice was having on their society and the valuation of human life? How could they not know how truly barbaric that was.

Anyways, it made me cry today. That people would be outraged over a lion they never heard of and not give a fuck that babies’ limbs and organs are being butchered and sold like used parts. It’s like a Stephen King novel you don’t want to be in.

What kind of a fucking world do we live in.