UF/UF 322: When Johnny Comes Marchin Home

It’s over. After 20 years, finally and officially over.

The war in Afghanistan is done. In what no one will recognize as a truly bi-partisan effort, President Biden officially ended the war and set the date for the troops to come home. Paying off on a promise President Trump made during his campaign in 2016 and set in motion in 2020.

As 24 and 22 year veterans ourselves, of course Hupp and I are biased and all in favor.

Presidents Bush and Obama both made threats/promises to get the troops back but it was Presidents Trump and then Biden who managed to actually get it done.

This is clearly not getting nearly the play it deserves. Go figure. Neither side can manage to turn it into a political missile to fire at the other so of course no lip service from the “media”.

Not a problem. As per usual, Tony and I will carry the water for those so called professionals who have long since forgotten what professionalism means.

UF/UF 322: When Johnny Comes Marchin Home

Coming home. Finally.

UF/UF 321: 60 Minutes to Irrelevance

This one is hard to believe really. I grew up on 60 Minutes, and Andy Rooney, and the original crew of respected journalists.

And it took all of 60 seconds to undo 53 years of solid programming. They owned the slot after the NFL late game Sundays on CBS.

Now they own the same moniker as most media, conservative or liberal, liars.

Click as we parse out the sad tale of a once respected news source.

UF/UF 321: 60 Minutes to Irrelevance

Couch it however you want, they lied to create news.

UF/UF 320: The Speaker Speaks!

So yeah former Speaker of the House John Boehner wrote a book. And drank. And drank some more. Then wrote some more. And it’s glorious. This will for sure be on the UF/UF Top 10 reading list for 2021.

Anyone who drunkenly cusses out Ted Cruz in his memoir is automatically my new favorite author.

Hinter Biden and Congressman Mat Gaetz have PR issues. Like real issues. Like probably going to jail issues.

Baseball takes a social stand. We’ll tell you why they messed up big time.

All that and more on the Easter episode of UF/UF The Podcast.

Click the link you little bunny.

UF/UF 320: The Speaker Speaks!

Coolness personified.

UF/UF 319: Oh No Cuomos!?!

It couldn’t get worse for the NY Governor could it?

Hell yeah it can. And he’s more than willing to make it worse for himself. Oh Andrew, why do you have to be the way you are? Turns out his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, is in on it; taking special benefits for himself and his family.

Also tonight! Friend of the podcast Joe Biden, AKA The President, does his first press conference. Cringe worthy at times, decent at others. Tony and I break it all down for you.

So click it baby!

The link that is…

UF/UF 319: Oh No Cuomo!?!

Two Cuomos, one crime family.

UF/UF 318: What’s in a number?

Fun with numbers. It was one of those weeks folks. And it started bad from the jump.

For future reference we are on episode 318. For some reason our lazy intern keeps sliding in a 217 or a 213 here and there. Rest assured she’ll be dealt with. Also be assured no matter the number, the product is as good as always.

Speaking of numbers…

How many times did President Biden trip up the stairs in one go? That would be three. How many times was it replayed on FOX News? That would be eleventy billion. How many times did MSNBC show Trump and Pence tripping the same way? Well it’s more than the other number, but I’ve run out of catchy names for it.

On the plus side of the numbers issue, and in line with our continuing effort to be more positive this year…

That’s 57 year old Kathy Jacobs below, who appeared at an open call for older models for Sports Illustrated’s swim suit edition. We here at UF/UF the Podcast applaud their choice and believe firmly in beauty being in the eye of the beholder. We behold her to be stunning.


Not a fan of numbers? No worry. The only number you need to know is 1. As in how many clicks you need to hear Tony and I break all this bullshit down in episode 318.

UF/UF 318: What’s in a number?

UF/UF 217: Time to go Cuomo

As if the case against NY Governor Andrew Cuomo wasn’t bad enough, now both NY Democrats in the Senate are calling for his ouster. Senators Kristi Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer have told Cuomo it’s time to go. Andrew’s response: I ain’t going nowhere.

So yeah that should make for a fun summer as more sexual assault/harassment victims come forward to accuse the embattled Governor. Stay tuned.

Also tonight, Tucker Carlson goes after pregnant women in the military and it goes exactly how you’d expect. So slide FOX NEWS into the “We no longer back the military” column. Definitely stay tuned on this one.

All that and more on tonight’s episode of UF/UF The Podcast.

But you gotta click.

UF/UF 217: Time to go Cuomo


President Biden declines to call for Gov. Cuomo to resign, awaits probe
So the exit is this way then?

UF/UF 316: We Are Not Alone!

Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield answers the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe. Reporting on his Instagram feed that he and his wife, and a shit ton of other Texans, saw a UFO near their home in Texas. While not a Browns fan like Hupp, I am a Mayfield fan. I believe him and I await our alien overlords.

There is a different kind of alien invasion is on the horizon and no one wants to talk about it. Thousands of unaccompanied kids are reportedly moving towards the US southern border to find a new home in the land of the free. The last time Biden was in the government as VP the administration dropped off thousands of unaccompanied kids to various health departments in various states in the middle of the night.

How will now President Biden handle this seemingly similar issue?

You gotta click, if for no other reason than to hear Hupp threaten Aliens for trying to abduct his QB.

UF/UF 316: We Are Not Alone!


Give me back my quarterback!

UF/UF 314: We’ll always have Mars

The Rover has landed, the Rover has landed. During the live taping of the podcast today the Rover landed on the Martian surface in spectacular fashion. Not only did we get live, color video, but we got sound as well. An amazing achievement.

We talk about that and more on today’s edition of UF/UF The Podcast.

But you gotta click.

UF/UF 314: We’ll always have Mars


Behold! The first live shots from the Martian planet!

Sorry we thought that was Mars, it’s actually Jersey.

UF/UF 213: What’d We Miss?

A little impromptu hiatus for the team of UF/UF The Podcast. We’re back now and trying to catch up.

Annnnnd it looks like we picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. What in the hell have you people been doing while we were away!?!

The impeachment is still going? The virus is still going. You dumbasses said it’d be gone by November 6th. Or was it Jan 20th? No matter. And what the hell is with wearing 2 masks? Is that a thing?

Anyway click the link and listen as Tony and I get our sea legs and try to unravel the goings on.

UF/UF 213: What’d We Miss?


AOC survives Trump’s coup attempt. A Festivus miracle!

Where credit is due.

A rare political post from me. And likely a “hot take” as the kids say. Meaning my thoughts might not fit your narrative or the popular narrative. Trust me when I tell you I do not care already.

Be advised I could fill the first three pages of this with disclaimers. However I’ll only give you one.

I am not a fan of Trump, McConnell, and am luker than luke warm on Pence. Didn’t vote for any of them and will never vote for any of them who remain after this cycle.

Having said that, a common theme being repeated on Inauguration Day by the crowing political pundits on the largely liberal media outlets, is rankling me a bit. I could point fingers at several and they deserve it, but Jake Tapper of CNN is the guy who has me at the keyboard waxing political. I like Jake. He’s very military friendly, he’s from Phila, and a huge Eagles fan.

But today, Jake, my IGGLES brother, you were wrong. You were wrong, so very wrong in your negative assessment of Vice President Pence and Senator Mitch McConnell.

Is it right to criticize the conduct of a lot of republicans who cowered from Trump for fear of getting a threatening tweet. Absolutely. Does Mike Pence shoulder some of the blame for what happened over the days and weeks leading up to and following the election this past November? Sure does.

However, when Trump let his hordes off the chain and set them upon the seat of our Democracy, set them upon the certifying of the free and fair election, set them upon the the next 3 people in the Presidential line of succession, set them upon his own Vice President with the intent to hang him, both Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell stood up and led.

I’m not sure people realize how close our democracy came to being dealt a fatal blow. I’m not sure people understand how dangerous a situation that coup attempt was. Coups are no less dangerous because they fail. The crowd was shouting, Hang Pence Hang Pence. A god damn gallows was built on the capitol grounds to do just that.

Let me tell you something, George Patton and Norman Schwarzkopf were son of a bitches both, but they stepped up at the moment of truth. The capitol was full of people who stepped up when Trump’s hounds got to the door of democracy.

As the traitors were storming the Capitol, military veterans who serve in the House and Senate did their thing. Shielding, helping, comforting, and at one point offering to take the weapon from a Capitol police officer, who seemed overwhelmed. The congressman from Colorado, a former special ops officer, was more than willing to engage in the battel to defend our House.

And when that dust settled it was Pence and McConnell who suggested, actually demanded that the Senate and House resume the count to certify the vote, knowing full well they would: 1. work to 4 or 5am to finish and 2. finishing meant certifying Joe Biden as President and unseating their own party member currently in the White House. Regardless of the rally cry over the last few years, republican leadership was choosing country over party.

They deserve big credit for that.

When the Senators emerged and resumed the count it was Mike Pence who set the tone. Pence’s three minute speech, bringing the Senate floor back to order, even as several senators were still scared to death as evidenced by body language and looks on their faces, not only brought calm to the floor, but sent a strong message out from that chamber.

Today was a dark day in the history of the United States Capitol. But thanks to the swift efforts of U.S. Capitol Police, federal, state and local law enforcement, the violence was quelled. The Capitol is secured, and the people’s work continues.

Leading, for the good of the Republic.

We condemn the violence that took place here in the strongest possible terms. We grieve the loss of life in these hallowed halls, as well as the injuries suffered by those who defended our Capitol today. And we will always be grateful to the men and women who stayed at their posts to defend this historic place.

To those who wreaked havoc in our Capitol today, you did not win. Violence never wins. Freedom wins. And this is still the people’s house. And as we reconvene in this chamber, the world will again witness the resilience and strength of our democracy, for even in the wake of unprecedented violence and vandalism at this Capitol, the elected representatives of the people of the United States have assembled again on the very same day to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

So may God bless the lost, the injured and the heroes forged on this day. May God bless all who serve here and those who protect this place. And may god bless the United States of America.

Let’s get back to work.

History won’t record it, but with 14 days left in the Trump administration, for all practical purposes, Mike Pence became the President. He didn’t shrink away, he didn’t defer to his boss, who just tried to have him killed. He stood up. He took charge. His stern speech reassured not only the American public, but bucked up a lot of the senators and congressmen and women in that chamber who were clearly shocked and dismayed at what they had just witnessed.

Yeah people it can happen here. We just saw it live.

Likewise Mitch McConnell offered words of reassurance before getting back to work.

“We are going to finish exactly what we started. … And we will certify the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Criminal behavior will never dominate the United States Congress. The unhinged crowd tried to disrupt our democracy. They failed.”

That quick but determined speech was important. Important not only to America but again important and reassuring to his colleges right there on the Senate floor. It’s what leaders do.

I don’t care what people think of those dudes. I don’t care what petty political squabbles they’ve engaged in. I don’t care if he votes to convict or not in Trump’s up coming impeachment trial. Jake and the obviously giddy news outlets were and are still wrong to condemn these two men today. When America needed them, when our representative leadership needed them, when the real rubber was meeting the real road, when their own lives were in danger for the very decisions they were making that night, Pence and McConnell stepped up.

It’s not unreasonable to say we might not have had an inauguration today if not for the fortitude of these two choosing country over party.

They held the line, they chose democracy.

They finished the people’s business.