Uf/UF 165: Octopussy

From Russia with Love

 Or something like that. Just when you thought Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale weren’t real. Well, the Trump administration can’t shake the Russia stuff because, well, this time it’s actually their fault. Hey, just grab em by the Octopussy. The bigger question is; why would you need to go to Russia to get dirt on Hillary? Also, there’s a few things aggravating us here at UF/UF. We clear the air. Take heed.

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vell, hello Jr., how are you dahlink? Vee should talk, yes?

UF/UF 160 Media Meltdown

UF/UF 160 Media Meltdown


This week, we will look at the journalistic concept of “I hate you, but hey, I can still be fair.”  Yea, maybe not so much. Listen for yourself.

Man down! The Pope had commitments this week and the Bully goes solo.  It’s not the same but I did what I could.

Who’s bungling what?

I just don’t know how a robber as dumb as the one the murdered Seth Rich (in what the authorities call a ‘bungled robbery’) is smart enough to elude the authorities for over a year. But hey, just call me crazy.   

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Well, at least they love each other.

UF/UF 153: The New Normal

President Trump delivers his first speech to the joint session. He behaved himself and delivered a good speech with some special moments. When Van Johnson says “that’s when he became the president” you know he did something right. The democrats counter-attack with more accusations. Jeff Sessions says (in your best Steve Martin voice), “well reeee-cuuuuuse meeeeah.” I linked it below for you juniors. Because we do more.

Plus, we discuss the disaster of Lake Titicaca. Giggle all you want, but its real and it’s a disaster. But, not our disaster, so who cares, right?

And RIP to Bill Paxton.

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RIP Hudson.


Twas the Night Before an Election Christmas

Twas the Night Before an Election Christmas


‘Twas the night of the election, when all thro’ the land
All the people were stirring, with a scotch in their hand,
The votes were being counted in polling places with care,
In hopes that a new president soon would be there;
The democrats were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of bloated programs danced in their heads

And Hillary in in her ‘kerchief, and Bill in his cap,
They’d just settled down and thought, we’ll win this, it’s a snap!‌
When into the night there arose such a clatter,
Voters sprang from their beds to see what was the matter.
Away to their big screens they flew like a flash,
Grabbed the remote, punched the on button in a dash.
The screens they lit up with a news-worthy glow,
Giving high-def luster to what result would show,
When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
But a new president, not who they expected, oh dear,
With their cheers falling silent, they felt like a chump,
They knew in a moment, it was Donald J. Trump.
More rapid than eagles his nominees they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:
“Now Sessions, now Carson, now Mattis and Ross,
“On Kelly, on Price, on Chao and Devoss;
“To the top of the cabinet! To the top of the wall!
“Now dash away! Dash away! Get confirmed all!”
As liberals before micro-aggressions would fly,
When they lose an election, they bitch, moan and cry,

So up to Trump Tower the nominees they flew,
With the sleigh full of ideas‍—‌and Ivanka, too:
And then in a twinkling, I heard on the roof,
The prancing and pawing of a communist hoof.
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
Down the chimney came Vladimir Putin, with a bound:
He was dressed all in fur, except for his chest,
He told the Trumpster, “pick Tillerson,” he’s the best,
The Donald had a bundle of people in his tower,
And he loved the attention, and enjoyed the power,
His eyes‍—‌how they twinkled! His visitors so merry,
They were happy coming in, Romney left a little wary,
Madow’s mouth was drawn up like a bow,
She cried like a baby, stuck her head in the snow,
The threat of the electors dems held tight in their teeth,
And the idea encircled their heads like a wreath.
They tried to show a bold front, and said “the ruskies hacked our mail,”
And Preibus laughed when he heard it, and said “you’ll never prevail”
Reince was named chief of staff, a jolly republican elf,
And I laugh’d when I saw him in spite of myself;
A wink of Kellyanne’s eye and a twist of her head
Soon let me know I had nothing to dread.
On a thank-you tour, Trump went straight to his work,
And tweeted a lot, sometimes like a jerk,
To appear at Trump Tower, even Kanye arose,
and stopped on his way out, striking a pose.
The Donald sprung to his plane, to Trump Air gave a whistle,
And away they all flew, like the down of a thistle:
But I heard Alec exclaim, ere he disappeared from sight‍—‌



I want you…for Christmas

UFUF 140: The Missing

UFUF 140 – The missing


It could be intelligence, but I’m really talking about us. We’ve been gone for a while and we’re still gone. But the Bully Opinionist  takes the mantle to fill the space. I’ll talk about the decrepit state of politics in our country, and ask some vital questions.

Conspiracy? Young men are dying in the upper Midwest and Northeast, and they didn’t accidentally drown, no matter what the authorities tell you. If you’re young, male, white, and out drinking in that geographical area, take care.


Researchers have found ‘intelligent’ signals from 234 different planets. If you have some kind of alien intelligence, send it down, we need it.

Whatever it is, you heard it here first.


Nadia’s story



On June 21st, in front of the U.S Senate Homeland Security Committee, a young lady named Nadia Murad Basee Taho  testified before the Senate Homeland Security Committee about her experiences as a young Yazidi at the hands of ISIS.

I’ve linked it below. I’ll put some excerpts in this post, but you need to read the whole thing yourself.

Here’s  the first excerpt.

Unlike others attacked, the Yazidis were denied a third choice – the ability to pay Jeziyah or leave.

Daesh said we were not “People of the Book” – essentially authorizing our men to be killed, our women and children to be enslaved, our property to be confiscated. We were powerless.

More than 3,000 Yazidi men, women and children were killed in two weeks. Hundreds of disabled and elderly that could not escape were slaughtered. Tens of thousands of Yazidi watched in a 75-mile march from Mount Sinjar without water with many getting killed along the way.

Daesh killed my mother and six brothers in one day.

Meanwhile, our esteemed Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in a speech about the Orlando shootings, said “people often act out of more than one motivation,” and Mateen’s true motive “may never be known.”

Here’s Nadia in her testimony: (I added the emphasis)

The Yazidis are experiencing holocaust anew. We suffer a human brutality, murder, sex slavery, and forced displacement.

I have seen Daesh, I have lived under their barbaric rule, I well know the Daesh intention. And they make it clear in their statements.

Daesh intends to rule and destroy the whole world.

The attack on Orlando was so motivated. San Bernardino was so motivated. I send condolences to the families and friends of all victims. There will be more.  

Orlando will be repeated if the world doesn’t put an end such terrorism. There is no sanctuary. With today’s weapons and bioterror, no place is safe for anyone!  Daesh is powerful. And it has been helped.  

In the same Senate hearing, Subhi Nahas, a Syrian refugee and a gay man, testified this:

My personal story mirrors the stories of many other LGBT individuals, but I am one of the few fortunate refugees who has been accepted for resettlement in the United States.  I fled from my country because an organized group of militants threatened me solely because they perceived me as gay.


While ISIS is in the public eye as the most notorious extremist group in Syria and Iraq, it may come as a surprise that their methodology –when it comes to the treatment of LGBT people– is similar to many other groups, including governments themselves. Government regimes in the region prescribe, at the least, harsh punishments for LGBT residents, and, at the worst, the death penalty.  There is no haven for LGBT people in Syria, even for young gay men that ISIS uses as sex slave.

And yet, our Attorney General is struggling to understanding the motive. I can only assume that as the AG, she is an intelligent woman and not a dumbass, and that the remaining option is that she’s an agenda driven liar. A not unfamiliar circumstance in this administration (It was a video, remember).

Loretta Lynch went on to say that the most effective response to terrorism “is love.”


I am one of thousands of Yazidi girls that were taken captive by the so-called Islamic State. I had a normal life before August 3rd 2014. I lived with my mother and siblings in peace. Our people go back thousands of years in the heartland of Mesopotamia where civilization was first started.

I was going to high school; I had dreams like every girl in the world.

I wanted to become a teacher and build a family.

My community of about half million people never harmed anyone. We lived in peace with Muslims, Christians and other groups, religious or no.

But our peaceful ways did not save us. The Islamic State militants attacked us in Sinjar with the clear intention to destroy the Yazidi people as a distinctive, non-Muslim religious group.

The Yazidis were given a choice: convert or die.

Apparently, “Love” did not work for young Nadia or the Yazidi people.

Lynch, please take a minute to read some of the testimony going on in the Senate. Your deception treats people like morons.

I hope some of those grand-standing idiots sitting on their dumb-asses in the house took a couple of minutes to download and read some of this testimony.

My last excerpt from young Nadia:

I am sad that the world doesn’t focus on bringing such genocidal perpetrators to accountability. It’s painful to me as a survivor to see a world that turns away, averting its eyes, ignoring the worst crimes.

Some are old enough to remember what happened in Germany and other places. The civilized world did not act until it was too late.

The Yazidis are experiencing holocaust anew. We suffer a human brutality, murder, sex slavery, and forced displacement.

I have seen Daesh, I have lived under their barbaric rule, I well know the Daesh intention. And they make it clear in their statements.

Daesh intends to rule and destroy the whole world.

But Loretta Lynch may never know the motive.

I’m not sure how much longer the world can endure this administration.

When the Genocide Convention was passed by the United Nations in 1948, the world said “Never Again.”

I’m always cynical when people say “If we don’t learn from history we’re bound to repeat it.”

Please, read the testimonies for yourself.


Please don’t tell me that’s all you’ve got, Mr. President

I listened to the President’s speech today. Here’s the four things I took from it.

  • We’re ramping up on ISIS
  • Gun control of assault weapons
  • I’m tired of being told I won’t say “Islamic Terrorism”
  • Don’t elect Donald Trump

What a shame that you make a tragedy into political talking points. Here’s what I think. I remember about 18 months ago, when, in your words, you said “ISIS is the JV squad, they’re nothing to worry about.” So, forgive me if I don’t trust a word you say about the subject, because the facts show you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Now, about the assault weapons control. It’s not beyond my realm of thinking to think that if someone is on a no fly list, they shouldn’t be able to buy an assault weapon. In spite of my conservative friends, I don’t think it’s unreasonable. Yet, when that’s your only talking point…..France has some of the strictest gun controls. Belgium has strict gun laws. Did you hear about what happened there? Nobody screamed “ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN” because they already have that.

It’s a political talking point.

So please, after 7 ½ years of being President, with, supposedly, the best and brightest available to you, please don’t tell me that “assault weapons ban” is all you’ve got after 50 of our American citizens have been gunned down. 100 shot.

Please don’t tell me that’s all you’ve got. I mean, I know that it is, but it’s frightening.

Could you at least give me, let’s say, a “five point plan?” Three point plan? This is a complex problem. Please tell me you’ve thought about this and you and your geniuses could come up with something other than a gun ban?

Just an aside, read this, and then check out the referenced article.


Suicide Attacks

“Unlike what people usually think, last year was not exceptionally ‘wild’ as regards suicide attacks. There were far fewer attacks than in 2014, although the number of fatalities remained almost the same — 4,370 people killed in 2015 as compared with 4,400 people the year before.”

Which means, “To put it another way, the terror attacks are more deadly.”

Schweitzer elaborates: “As far as the number of suicide attackers, there were roughly 735 in 2015 as compared with 937 the previous year. As regards the ratio of suicide attackers to terror attacks, there were almost two suicide attackers per terror attack in 2014, and the statistic for 2015 is not too far from that either.”

“The largest increase for the year was in Africa,” Schweitzer says, “with 122 suicide attacks in 2015 as compared with 32 terror attacks in 2014. The responsible party is Wilayat Gharb Ifriqiyya, the Islamic State’s West African group, formerly known as Boko Haram and Ansaru, which joined IS last March. In 2015, 96 suicide attacks took place in Nigeria, 13 in Cameroon, eight in Chad and five in Niger.


Read it yourself.  Thousands and thousands of innocent people murdered. Not one mention of an assault rifle. You know, not to make a point or anything.

As far as the “Islamic Terrorism” or “Islamic Extremism” thing, and what you call it, yea, it matters. It’s like saying that a guy that held up a Quick Mart on a Friday night to buy a bottle gin is the same as the Mafia because “Well, they both broke the law.” See, those are not the same. Yes, understanding the difference might indicate you have an approach or know how to combat it. It would signal to the world that you know what you’re talking about, which we know is not true. I understand that it’s not your ideology, but you’re wrong.

Ironically, you’re going to get Donald Trump elected.