I’m a retired vet, runner, dude, blues guitar fan, amateur philosophizer and Harley rider. 

I enjoy writing and the discourse of opinions. Name-calling can sometimes be fun, but it doesn’t get us anywhere. Have a point, make a point. Sometimes it seems we’ve reached a 140-character shallow society. Sound bites should be left for the shallow, unfortunate few who make their living on television and in politics. Cmon, can’t we just talk about things? Have we abandoned any attempt at intellect?


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  1. Kevin D. says:

    I’ve been listening to you guys for a while now. It makes the time on the treadmill go by faster at the gym! When you guys talk about the topic of immigration and the wall I’d like to suggest you consider a less talked about (actually not a all) reason for all the hype. It’s about the votes. The Democrats want more voters and the people crossing the border will almost certainly side with them. Playing the long game, the Dems are eyeing another amnesty like 1986. What else can the Country do with millions and millions of illegal immigrants? The government is NEVER getting rid of them (Dems know it!) so what do you do? For every year both sides sit in this immigration stalemate more people continue to cross the border. It will pay for the Dems to keep pushing it off. They win by stonewalling any change and they win in the future when it HAS to be addressed. Win/win.

    Tell Fran Duff from Atlantic County said hello.

  2. Kevin D says:


    Here you go, just found this. Dems pushing to let illegal immigrants to vote.

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