About – The other guy

Originally born and raised in Mays Landing NJ, I now live in Knoxville TN with my wife Tracy and 3yr old Frank, and now 6 month old Anne Marie.

I’m opinionated, mouthy, and a political junkie. I’m an Italian, Catholic from South Jersey with 5 sisters and 2 brothers, all but one older than me, so I am a battle tested debater and enjoy the dodge and parry.

You have thoughts, I want to read them.  Tell me what you think.  Be prepared to defend yourself.  Don’t bring weak crap, i.e. talking points, repeating what you hear on FOX or MSNBC , you get the idea.  If Hupp doesn’t smack you down I will.

One comment on “About – The other guy

  1. joy says:

    J’aime bien vos écrits, pleins de malice , sur le dos de la société.Je pense que vos racines italiennes ne sont pas étrangères à tout ceci ..Vos photos de famille le prouvent ..Continuez .

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