UF/UF 303 Rudy goes Toobin

Is it weird in here? Did it just get weird?

Did 2 TV lawyers just get busted for handling their junk on some sort of video device?

Yes. Yes they did. In a season of crazy we should not be surprised, but here we are. But I mean really who among us hasn’t wanted to rub one out during a business plan meeting because we thought the camera’s were off? Lookin at you Toobin. Figuratively I mean.

Then we have poor Rudy. America’s mayor duped by a foreign reporter, who is a total unit by the way so good for the Rud-meister, into coming back to her room after an interview. There we find poor Rudy on the bed on his back like a turtle caught out in the heat of the sun unable to right himself. Well might as well stick my hand down my pants.

Again I ask, who among us…

Click the link and we’ll answer that question.

UF/UF 303 Rudy goes Toobin


I was adjusting my shirt! – Sure Jan, sure.

One comment on “UF/UF 303 Rudy goes Toobin

  1. Great podcast guys! Lots of material for you generated daily courtesy of this “political process”.
    Glad you are staying healthy and keeping us entertained and informed! Stay strong!

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