UF/UF 299: Where have you gone Kim Kardashian?

Noooo! Say it isn’t so Kim. Sadly 2020 claims another victim. Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) is no more. Paris Hilton, who owns that tidy little franchise, has pulled the plug.

By the way did you know Paris Hilton is 40? 40! When the hell did that happen?

All that deep discussion and more tonight on UF/UF The Podcast, Epidsode 299.

UF/UF 299: Where have you gone Kim Kardashian?


BYE BYE Beautiful People

2 comments on “UF/UF 299: Where have you gone Kim Kardashian?

  1. duffy says:

    I just took a long road trip and listened to several podcasts to entertain myself. It appeared as though BLM is a common theme in several discussions. I’m wondering if you are aware of BLM and what they say they are about.

    – Two of the three founders proclaim to be trained Marxists. Patrisse Cullors and Alica Garza are the two proclaimed Marxists. Ms. Cullors is a staunch supporter of Joanne Chesimar who murdered a NJSP Trooper in the early 70’s. Chesimar was part of the domestic terrorist group, Black Liberation Army. Joanne Chesimar (Assata Shakur) is an idol and source of inspiration for Patrisse Cullors (founder of BLM).

    ‘we are trained marxists” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgEUbSzOTZ8

    “Patrisse Cullors advocating Joanne Chesimar (Assata Shakur)”

    -BLM’s own web page under “What we believe” advocates for the destruction of the nuclear family (mother/father/children) . If you read their wording you’ll find they use the word “comrades” in their statements. Their words have a communal ring if you’re looking. They aren’t hiding their thoughts. Search the internet for Ms. Cullors advocating for Marxism. These are the BLM founders.


    “Thousand Currents” provides financial support to BLM as their money source. Thousand Currents has a convicted, Communist domestic terrorist as one of their Vice Chairman, Susan Rosenberg. She belonged to the May19 Communist Organization and is suspected in assisting in the escape of “Joanne Chesimar” after her conviction of murdering the NJSP Trooper. Susan Rosenberg was given a long prison term, but was pardoned by President Bill Clinton. Rosenberg was convicted of possession hundreds of pounds of dynamite and a machine gun.

    Thousand Currents web page, scroll to the bottom for Ms. Rosenberg:


    This is Susan Rosenberg: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Rosenberg

    It doesn’t hurt to just look around, Fran knows my issues with Joanne Chesimar (from my father). I thought these types of people were in the past, but it seems they continue their objectives. They’ve never been so close as they are today.

    • fmlinardo says:

      Duff you get we’re just entertaining ourselves right? Second I doubt you ever heard either one of ever say we supported BLM. My issue is and always has been people who just paint every protester as BM because they don’t think people should be able to protest or don’t protest the “right way”. Which is just idiotic. The logic that every protester is BLM or every protester is a rioter is too easily turned into every cop is a murderer. Neither one of those statements is true. Lastly if you’re taking us as serious news or whatever, don’t. We’re just two old dudes who like to argue with each other and mock people. And we do it for free.

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